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Josephine Leshiini

Abstract Tragedy


Josephine Leshiini

Abstract Tragedy

Phases Of Breaking

Phases Of Breaking

2 mins 452 2 mins 452

The Darkness is encroaching the fine line you drew on the window.

Hope runs dry as you lick the last drop of alcohol of your lips.

Heart determined to break loose from your rib cage

And abandon you before the damage report sinks in.

You know the drill.

You know all too well.

"This is the last time", you mutter to yourself, but you don't even believe a single word you just said.

The phase where your mouth feeds lies to your heart like it is morphine.

Anything to make the pain tolerable.

But they are words, after all.

Words are the parasites that lurk in the dark parts of your soul.

And they have the habit of gnawing through every defense you've built,

With the stop sign that reads 


They scratch and claw at everything in sight

Carving spells on bones to be remembered.

As soon as your feet can balance the weight of new lies and unshed tears

Then begins the phase where you run around town kissing bottles and mouths

Headfirst into a series of regrets,

And making the worst decisions of life sitting at a bar.

The days you spent watching your demons enact plays of cliffs and ledges and blood.

The nights you sat waiting till the hour's angels didn't dare to fly.

You have watched the sunrise more times than anyone probably should.

And then you begin to believe the memories of those days

Where the end always leads to the beginning of something new

And you know the pain is inevitable even if you don't open the door to charming strangers.

And one day you learn to smile again.

No one ever told you.

But many couldn't live to tell.

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