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Open the hidden chest from Heart as a door,

like a forest to every bird,

as a host to a dear guest.

And let all hearts into your heart

from four sides of the world

and all the winds, and the all rains and the storms!

And you Love everything

like of the most beautiful gift

Because, man is a rich who loves

and is a rich man who receives.

Let the Man inside you

let recognizes the sorrow of man,

stray dogs and homeless.

And Loves as the river loves

her coasts and her passengers,

and the earth loves the roots of the plants

and river loves the bottom of


Open hidden chest from the bottom of the heart

and share the joys of love,

and shares a smile and Happiness

like confetti - heart flakes.

Let the light shine like a lantern,

like a starry sky!

And with the Peace of the heart, light up the anxious,

comfort the unfortunate, help the poor

and shares love with one's neighbor, nature

even with yourself!

Let the planet laugh and sing;

you got it all for free

so give it for free…

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