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You are the greatest painter that ever lived.

You live a 'normal' life doing a 9-5 job

All you can think of when you wake up is what you are going to paint tonight

All you can think of when you are doing your monotonous job is which paint to use to make it come to life

All you can think of while you are eating or while you are traveling is what method to follow or what method to unfollow

While the world is busy with small talks you are thinking of making your art breathe

You live alone, though the world is filled with creatures like you

You barely question the way of life or why society is so messed up

Because all you do is think about how to make your art a masterpiece

You skip your meals

You dress weird

You forget to do your hair

You become invisible in the crowd

You don't buy stuff but when you do its canvas paint and brushes

When you get back home at 6

You strip yourself

Walking around with nothing but paint and brushes

Scratching and pulling your hair in the process

Screaming at times or being as quiet as any human can be

You are lost in time and space with that brush of yours

With every movement and every dip

You can feel your soul dancing and rejoicing

You are crying smiling jumping around at the same time

Every stoke is pumping you with more and more and more adrenaline in your system

You become the poet the actor the singer the musician the philosopher and what not

After hours and hours of soul liberating performance

You see that you have created the greatest art of all

No da vinci or van gogh or savador dali's work come close to it

All you do now is sit and admire

Gaze into it like your life depended on it

You turn into a rock

You weep like a child witnessing a marvel no human has ever seen

You can feel your body giving up on you

Sunrise is just few hours away

You created something while the whole world was asleep

You brought something to life while everyone was still dreaming

A small voice inside you says you are the greatest

And after all the processes come to an end

You have a choice

Wake up few hours later and offer your art to the world

Make people feel what you felt

Get all the attention and the money you could ever imagine

Live in the form of a chemical in the minds of three living generations

Getting your name written in the history of human progress


You light ,your marvelous piece on fire

Seeing it all turning into a smoke

Canvas turning into a cremation ground

As life leaves the flesh behind

Completing the journey of nothingness to nothingness

Fom origins to the very end

Living and breathing and nothing less

Finding your art becoming and unbecoming right in front of your eyes

Living your art like your life

Moment by moment

Thought to action to thought to action

No purpose and no destination

Only one journey after an other

Only one process after an other

You light your creation on fire

Pleasing your caveman instincts

You light your creation on fire

A brave thing you could ever do

Then you hit the sack

Wake up to an alarm

Just like any woman

And the cycle continues

Can you be that painter?

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