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Bhavya Govil



Bhavya Govil


No, Not That

No, Not That

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"Read, read, read," they told her.

"Yes, yes," she nodded,

And resolved to find a book.

"No, no. Stop now," they frowned.

"Yes, yes," she agreed,

And stood up.

"Play the piano," they urged.

"Yes, okay," she smiled.

And her little fingers danced to a pretty tune.

"Stop, and tend to the garden," they said.

"Yes, yes," she went out;

Got her hands and gown all muddy.

"Tsk Tsk," they hissed.

"Yes, sorry," she sadly said,

And brushed the dirt off.

"Sing, sing," they asked.

"Yes, sure," and she sang.

The notes hung limp in the air.

"Not good," they shook their heads.

"Yes, I know," she said, eyes full,

And walked slowly out.

"No, come back. Dance," they ordered.

"Yes, okay, " and she started to move.

Slow, fast, and faster.

"Not so fast. Not so slow," they disapproved.

"Yes, sorry," she stopped and looked,

Wondering what they meant.

"Do this. No, that," they said.

"Yes, yes, yes," she just huffed,

And soon fell to her knees.

"No, no. Get up," they shook their heads again.

"Yes, please," she whispered.

But she had no strength.

"Be what you want to be," they advised.

But when she rose from the embers,

"No, not that," they simply said.

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