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Lokanath Rath

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Lokanath Rath

Classics Inspirational Others

My Yesteryears.....

My Yesteryears.....

2 mins 162 2 mins 162

When I think of My Yesteryears,

Which had some ups and downs with cheers,

Which had some tragedy some fears,

Which had some good and bad things to hear,

Which were funny, open and all of ours,

We spend time freely with each others,

We sang and danced madly together,

Some of us were crazy and legpullers,

We played and fought to be the winners,

We used to sit in the class together,

We listened carefully to our teachers,

Some of us were punished by the head master,

Some tried to skip and ran away from his anger,

But we used to have one of us as our monitor,

He tried to calm us down as a well wisher,

Many a time we cheated him, don't remember,

He felt ashamed and complained to the class teacher,

Then we were been asked questions to answer,

Some had told the truth and some lied with fear,

This had made us to hate him till the class is over,

We had planned to teach him a lesson with our anger,

We rushed out of the class with the plan together,

But still thinking how and when with the wonder,

We were standing in a group outside in a corner,

Then suddenly felt the drops of cool rain water,

We heard the sound of the big thunder,

Then we got wet with the rain's heavy sowers,

We started enjoying it with cheers,

Then we could feel there was no anger,

We saw dancing with us our class monitor,

We all hold each others hand like friends for ever,

No pains, no complain, no criticise were there,

We were the friends, made for each other,

Now we had grown up and getting older,

Now we lost the free time and have the fear,

Sometimes we now cry with pains and tears,

We have everything, but missed some friends dear,

And we are counting our days with prayers,

May I get back to My Yesteryears !!!!!!!!!

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