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Ganeev Kapoor




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You will now be transported to

A land new

Ruthless tyrant’s fairies small

Here, you can find them all

Here Ice creams, cakes and pizzas talk

And tables, chairs and cutlery walk

Here pixies elves and goblins sing

And there’s an Evil Queen and clever king

Here Snow White has a latest tab

And Cinderella has a chemistry lab

Here Rapunzel stars in a show

Called “long hair on the go”

Here Harry Potter is a fighter

And Hermione Granger is a writer

Here Charlie Bucket is a footballer

And Willy Wonka is a prank caller

Here kindness is seen everywhere

And bravery is also there

Here helping people is a rule

And not following it means an extra day in school

There’s not a character in this land I Don’t know

There’s Moana, Elsa ,Hulk ,Superman and so and so

The whole story of this place goes as I planned

And this amazing place known as MY DREAM LAND

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