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Praneetha Gutta



Praneetha Gutta


My Dear Heartbeat

My Dear Heartbeat

1 min 214 1 min 214

I want to tell you that you have become my addiction

Which I can't get over any time sooner.

Though I want to convey all my emotions

To my heart's real Owner

I am always left speechless

Wondering how you conquered me effortless

I knew that you can never be mine

I knew that the only place where we can be together is in my dreams

I knew that but who will convince my heart to resign

As it always screams

Taking me completely under its influence

Craving for your presence.

And this one is to my heart

Which never fails

To recognize the heat

When the only man I love the most is around.

And is not ready to accept anything

Other than that it belongs to you forever and ever.

Dedicated to my Heartbeat Mahi(M.S. Dhoni)

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