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Ashish Agrawal

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Looking through the window-sill,

I can see the clouds drifting,

The mountain ranges hugging the sky,

And the water rushing through the rocks.

The beauty of nature is endless -

healing breath.

And passing river lets out a busky giggle,

Oh, what a lovely place this is!

Tiger and leeches stealthy move,

And tango over the slippery rocks,

The thorny shrubs and precarious slopes,

A shivering body but destined mind.

The constant rain drains away the pain,

And you think of the only goal,

The near and dear far away from the mind,

Amidst my men but a lonely soul.

The simple joy of life is here,

In sharing heat and pain of the cold,

Lofty mountains and frail humans,

With nerves of steel and heart of gold.

Conquering these mountains is a great joy,

You come back with an enviable pride,

That you have seen life in the races,

And a satisfaction of serving the land.

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