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Vivek Gupta



Vivek Gupta




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There is no such love, 

That can be gauged as much, 

The love as a mother bestows. 

In every action, her love surfaces and always shows. 

As I think of you mum, 

My eyes are numb, 

As perturbation outshines my happy emotions. 

The fear that you may go apart, 

tears and parts me. 

How do I say, 

Don't have words to convey, 

How much really I owe you. 

Even if I am blessed with several births, 

Will never be able to convey and thrust, 

How much I love you! 

My only request to God Almighty - The Great, 

Never impart me the fret, 

The threat of she not around. 

I am so much in urge for the love unbound. 

She must be hail and hearty

O Lord - each day, then is a party, 

Her presence around pleases me. 

There is an unexplained melody and charm

That every day encourages me. 

O, mum! O, mother! 

There is no one other, the way you are! 

So bountiful, so relentless, 

With sacrifices so selfless. 

Love you mother! 

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