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DevaDas Menon



DevaDas Menon




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Mother your love has no definition,

Your love cannot be diluted, for it,

Encompasses the vastness of the skies,

The depths of the oceans, it has no borders

No limits, I cannot measure the sincerity,

Of your love, or your emotions towards

Your children, unbelievable in its intensity.

My mind goes back to my childhood years,

A small sneeze you would be at my side;

A worried frown creasing your forehead.

You would be a Doctor fussing over me,

I would be late, you would be awake.

Many nights have passed mother, waiting.

Your relief on seeing me, and the universal question,you have had your food?

I would go to bed not bothered to ask.

You had your food mother.

I sometimes forget, you too are human.

You too have feelings, you too cry,

You too have pain, you too can fall sick,

I have taken you for granted.

I cannot care for you as you cared for me,

For dear mother your love is eternal.

Thanking you would make me a stranger,

Gratitude would make me an outsider,

Mother your love for your children,

Is omnipotent,omnipresent, and omniscient.

A thankless job, you do it with a smile.

My search for a visible God, Dear mother,

Begins and ends at your threshold.

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