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Drama Inspirational



Drama Inspirational

Magic's All Around Me!

Magic's All Around Me!

2 mins 216 2 mins 216

Sometimes I feel so alone,

 I ask myself ‘How you wanna feel?’

 That is the answer I don’t have today.

 So I leave everything and head home 

To my imagination world. 

To my imagination world,

 Where I am like free bird, just have to sing

 Where I do not have to think about what others think

 So, I take my crown and my diamond ring

 Get dressed up all over in pink

 I go to my palace in my magic cart,

 Sing and dance with all my heart

 I can see the magic all round me, it makes me feel,

 That if I can be the Queen of my world of reel

, Then who can stop me from getting my dream?

 So, I open my eyes back to reality

 And ask myself again – ‘How you really wanna feel?’

 Now I know what the answer is

 So, I take my bag and my phone

 Get dressed up with all my pride 

I get out of my house and move on

 To face the world, head on!

 Now no one can stop me to get what I want, 

No one can tell me, ‘Oh! You’re such a bore.’

 Now that I know my heart’s desire

 I will rise high up and above

 And with my power, set the ground on fire.

 Then I will see again that – 

Magic’s all around me, it will make me feel

 That I am not only the Queen of my world of reel,

 I am the one who is unstoppable

 And can get whatever she dreams 


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