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Lover's Plea: Break-up Or Stay

Lover's Plea: Break-up Or Stay

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U know Mr. Mean..

I have never been..

So hopeless and sad

And not even so mad..

Over someone in this world..

Around you, I have swirled..

But now my tired eyes..

Have come to realise..

There is no ray of hope..

No way for us to elope..

You have many things to do..

Than to only be my beau..

Coz you don't have any time for me..

The way I want : I cannot be..

You never promise me the moon or stars..

You never talk of any plan that's ours..

Future seems so dark to me..

Its all alone in solitary..!!

When there's nothing we can do ahead..

Why don't you look for better things instead..

Just walk away now.. like you're gonna do someday..

The pain will be alike .. but I will get time to display..

The misery I am gonna go through..

When I am not gonna be with YOU..

My heart will CRY.. eyes.. will be sobbing too,

I will yearn for you.. longing to be with you..

My mind will crash, when love-filled memories will flash..

There will be a clash: Your sympathy and the backlash..

Love is tough, but its the best feel..

Your presence is enough, just to heal..

My tired heart & my weary eyes..

My ups and downs, my lows and highs..

So with you here along with me..

Teach me how life is gonna be..

Without you near me so close and around ..

My life will be shattered on the ground..

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