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Abstract Inspirational



Abstract Inspirational



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So much it is LOO(c)K Down upon

As they say coz it's LU(o)CK down

I heard a thing so distinctly though

The year 2020 is unLUCKY so

Not the same thoughts I share

What's Luck What's unLuck??

What's Lock What's unLock??

What's Down What's up(app)??

Come on give me a break!!!

We scream right away

Only that this year

Nature said it straight

Yes we got that long long time

With SELF and Knife

Family, kids and work a while

Movies and games and laughter for miles

Monotonous as we get with work

So with k(NO)w work

CHANGE is the only PERMANENT thing

That's what is constant

How much you want to cook n(W)ow

How much with the family will you hook n(W)ow

How much what's up on Wats app will you send n(W)ow

How much Facebooking, Instagramming and twittering will you do n(W)ow

Time to peep within and look around

While you were just looking you got to see now

It's been Months, so?

You are at home, so?

No fun, no party, boring it is, so?

Adopt, evolve and revolve is the New Mantra

Darwin's theory- Survival of the fittest

Why blame why claim?

Just live relive - learn to unlearn learn

Depression recession calculation

How sad no satisfaction

When you fall you rise

When you fail you succeed

When you have luxuries you care least

Testing times are nowhere

With bare minimum

Challenge is to survive and to succeed NOW!

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