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Sasmita Patanaik

Abstract Inspirational


Sasmita Patanaik

Abstract Inspirational

Live For Now

Live For Now

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The same roads, but feels different today,

Where there was no space to walk, no one is walking on that today;

The same Sun is rising and dawning,

From within four boundaries People are now watching;

Sky is breathing a fresh air today,

As the human made vehicles are out of way;

Nature is at its best appearance today,

Noises pollutions are now far far way;

Animal, birds are fearless today,

As if the obstacles are resting in the cage;

Human heart beats are audible in air,

Deep silence n serenity now have been paid off;

Quarantine now teaching a lesson of life,

To do whatsoever to be alive;

Love nature, love the family,

Love them whom you have taken for granted,

Before the time slips out of hand like silky sand,

Relish and live the moment as if this is the ultimate end;

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