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Dalia Choudhury

Abstract Romance Inspirational


Dalia Choudhury

Abstract Romance Inspirational

Lit Me

Lit Me

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My tryst with literature is like two lovers who never became one but meet every day!

Every day, I fix a rendezvous with Literature, every day we come close but our love doesn't consummate because our love is platonic.

 Literature never ditches me because "He" is with me in my most difficult times. I use him as a paper to jot down my feelings with the pen of my emotions, especially, about my pains and sorrows; he never complains!

I rant, I crib, I nag, but he's shrewd!

He never complains about my complaints. And this is what every girl wants,

A good listener, who is essentially dumb but not deaf.

He is a giver to me but I'm an "Indian-giver" to him.

He has given me his 26 alphabets and rhetorical tropes to express myself

but although I couldn't give him anything,

I tried to craft his unpolished alphabets in my writings.

I use permutations and combinations with his alphabets

To express my feelings, thoughts, emotions, opinions.

He is a "good listener" and that is what every girl wants.

I didn't have the opportunity to delve deep into his bosom

As I had an affair with Economics

But nevertheless,

We meet every day secretly with our purest form of love.

For, higher the odds, more sublime is love!

One day, I hope to find both of us 'together'

In the "platonic museum" of words!!!

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