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Shivangi Sansu



Shivangi Sansu




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A beautiful life, 

Don't say where, how. 

No one knows about it, 

No one knows where it is. 

Its start with a beautiful place, 

In mothers worm

And then the struggle, 

Of nine months. 

Finally, it comes to a very bad world, 

Filled with hard struggles. 

Then the beautiful age of childhood, 

No tension, no tension, 

No homework, no studies. 

But finally, it ends. 

And tensed age of teenage, 

With high pressure of studies, 

Career, job, and whatnot. 

Finally, it also ends 

With a hard age of life, 

An adult age. 

Where the pressure of work

And a better life is much.

But it also ends with a happy age, 

An old age. 

Life is much beautiful if we enjoy it,  

In a graceful manner. 

After facing four stages of life, 

No one knows what is life.

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