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Hishita Lakhani

Drama Inspirational


Hishita Lakhani

Drama Inspirational

Life Changed And How ...

Life Changed And How ...

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This is the year we didn't see coming,

In our busy hectic schedules, we were all continuously running,

Rushing to reach our goals and travel often to live life to its fullest,

Little did we know we could no longer be tourists ...

Life suddenly changed overnight without us having a clue,

It started to teach us so many things we never realized we had to,

We have had to develop a new level of patience and understanding,

To overcome each day with positivity and notwithstanding...

There have been good days and bad days while we all have been home,

Sometimes we took it with a smile, sometimes we were torn,

We learnt to increase our faith in God and prayed that things will soon be okay,

We began to face all hurdles courageously, no matter what was thrown our way...

It made us value our family and friends even more than before,

We realized life is too short and threw away all grudges out that door,

We tried to shower as much love and light to everyone around,

We learnt that no matter our status today, in the end, we are all buried in the same ground...

No more comparisons and no more jealousy between one another,

All we could think of was standing tall to help one another,

I sincerely hope all the lessons we learnt recently stay with us forever,

The virus might be temporary but it has surely brought all of us together !!

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