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Amit Kumar

Drama Inspirational


Amit Kumar

Drama Inspirational

Learning When Life Is Dry

Learning When Life Is Dry

2 mins

I only count the mistakes of living for my past life

I was so foolish to know that I am doing the same mistakes all the time

As the outcomes are not instant, my life was not so influenced by the mistakes

In the name of passionate living, my choices were selective and aggressive

In the name of focused working, I was so focused in my work that a sharp ray of laser cuts my heart unnoticed,

I never realised the pain as no blood strain comes out,

I only count my success and success, nothing else

I only happy and excited if my desires are fulfilled

My desires are selective and not covering all spectrums of life

Relationships are not my priority

The wheels of life moving without stopping a single moment

Life reaches to the last phase silently and slowly without any sound of the bell

Now my eyes are wide open and I am very much wiser by experiencing the journey of life

I could realise how I wasted my precious time of life not by enjoying the real test of living

I'm still learning every moment, now my so-called passion is not restricting me 

My desires are not holding me 

I am really now a good learner

My knowledge of living life is enriched but no use

It's like knowledge without action

What I should do with this knowledge,  

May I share with my next generation as they may also do similar mistakes

But what about their passion and desire, who will handle those rich test of living life when someone is young

I only pray for a blessing from God, to allow my brain to hold the memory of this life to next life

I should have the power to activate my old memories in my next birth,

I could live life like a wiser person and enjoy fullest

But my God is in doubt whether there is any past life, who knows.

Life is a precious gift from God 

Let us pray,

All should know the art of living from childhood with gratitude and love,

Living by activating micro sensitivity of the inner sense

Living life with an innocent attitude

Living with humanity

God bless to all

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