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Malyashree Chatterjee

Classics Fantasy


Malyashree Chatterjee

Classics Fantasy

Just Another Sleepless Night

Just Another Sleepless Night

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Here's to another sleepless night

When I start to pen down my feelings

Instead of bottling up my emotions;

Not with the ink of love this time

But staining the paper venting the achromatic agony in my mind. 

Here's to seeking a way to calm down myself, 

Probably it might help to free my mind and soul overcoming this frustration. 

Here's to the restless hours fighting with the overflowing messy thoughts

While sleep evades and ditches me;

Cause my mind commences ruminating over problems yet to solve, 

Of bogus decisions that welcomes a new everlasting regret, 

Of unhealed trauma I can't talk about to anyone. 

Here's to the times these vague thoughts feel heavier than my eyelids. 

Being struck by dread and endless questions in the dark hours of the night;

Trembling with the turbulence of fears and anxiety, 

As I think for how long I need to keep using distractions striving desperately to escape the walls of affliction. 

And hoping to actually be as happy as I pretend to be. 

Here's to one more sleepless night spent with those tears of whimper and a numb heart

When eyes couldn't quench the thirst of a desiccated mind. 

Apart from the negativity consuming me, 

A distinct voice in my head winds all these down as it utters "Let time heal the pain and let the bitter memories fade."

Here's to rejuvenating the heart in turmoil with renewed hope; but in vain

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