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Anukriti Soni



Anukriti Soni




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How could I forget that,

The fire that was burning me,

No flames, not even a single light,

The fire was within me.

An outrage of emotions,

Guilt, anger, anxiety, irritation,

the monster that emerged from me,

was standing with his lusty eyes,

It was ready to eat me.

In that very moment,

I was the victim,

But I was the criminal myself.

My sharp nails

Engraved my skin,

Only to see the drops of blood flowing,

Yet nowhere near to satisfaction.

As if nothing was enough,

Nothing was sufficient.

What shall I do,

Shall I hide myself,

Shall I kill myself,

There was no end to this sea of rage.

In the very moment,

All my love for him crushed,

I wanted to curb the arms,

That embraced him,

I wanted to end both of them,

Finish all to ashes.

How stupid was I,

I called the feeling love,

The love which is about giving,

But even his smiling eyes,

Were not able to melt me inside,

My eyes flushed to see the warmth between their skin where I wanted mine to be.

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