In The Dustbowl

In The Dustbowl

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Came to the dustbowl, against the wishes

in bondage to the supernatural.

Saw the beast of burden,

Chill wind of grinded faces,

Sickening my heart and no succour anywhere,

Fading out the halcyon days,

Woe and visceral pain,

Sprouting out the grim reapers

Aching for care, I begged for….

She smiled on me, in the hours of need,

Void of any hitch.

Has become a mentor,

Helped me to light my darken path,

Made me feel so special.

You are there to solace me,

Each words you spoke,

Are becoming a sleet of calm,

Deep into my heart.

I have forgotten everything,

I should pass with you.

Though you seemed far from me,

I can feel your smile.

Cannot imagine who I w’d be,

If I have not met you.

I feel your presence deep into …

Though you refused, and the distance takes its toll,

I still stand in my path, for thy love,

since you are the one, drained all my pains.

I will not be unhappy ever more...

Since I have got a friend like you !!

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