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In My Halcyon Days

In My Halcyon Days

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It was under the plough ago,

Nigh and front of my house,

And in my halcyon days;

All morning I was walking…

Through the paddy field,

On the nature strip with a pail,

Behind me my loved doggie,

I feel the coldness of his nose,

On my calf every time I was moving!


I was tingling with the chilly,

on my bare calf ‘n hands,

When I happened to set my foot …

In and through the fronts;

Were made a bed for the dews!


When the glittering dews reflecting

The crepuscular firmament …

Seemed as the eyes of an inamorata,

Longing for the zephyr’s love!

The wench greets me o’er the other end,

By the stile, selling milk!


Oh, what a nature…

So filled with the noise of birds, frogs, cocks

And the flapping wings of hens;

God has given us!!!

No worries, no heaviness on my heart;

But, all in my halcyon days.

Now, I am far from the days and place…

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