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Watching you thump your feet harder,

My heart had pounded at first and then came the storm of palpitation.

Never had I known you for this wrath,

To me, it never had shown up.

Neither have you touch me with those burning hands,

At times though your happy emotions did melt.

So apart you as well as I is and was,

We don't have that licence to either mollify or be outrageous

The farthest from my memories preserved,has witnessed you embarrassed,

Your head pliant,how do you masquerade that extent?

My accusations had pulled out the hidden urn of your anger somewhat filled,

But I had urged for the answers.

You were a town apart,

Yet for me to feel your blood boiling was an ease.

Your vocabulary,

Had been tested.

For all the empathy abused,

I shriek because you had it owned.

You had imparted the colors,

The joy filled.

If synchronicity ever plays again,

I shall rather say,"I know not this lad,excuse me,make my way."

In the eyes of witnesses,

You have no sins.

Not even I am fervent,

For your alibis and punishments.

We shared no dalliance,

No infinity going bonds.

Some promises were there,

I forgot to have those written in a paper for attestations.


From my behalf we shall be just two passers-by.

To be more precise I await the day,

When to converse even would be just a piece of casual hay.

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