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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

If You Cut A Tree

If You Cut A Tree

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Copyright © by Nikhil Parekh

All rights reserved. No Part of this book publications may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, Electronic, Mechanical, Photocopying, Recording, Print or otherwise, without prior permission of Copyright owner and Author, Nikhil Parekh.

About The Poetry Book

This compilation of natural poems is a tribute to infinite elements of Mother Nature in its most glorious form. Each poetic stanza brings out the eternal beauty of the 'Natural Habitat' and proves time and again, that wildlife and nature are the two most quintessential parts of Gods celestial earth. The more Man devastates his own environment to quench his cannibalistic desire, the more he treads on the path to ultimate ruination. Be it an inconspicuous mosquito/leaf/seed or a gigantic human form/tree- by killing either you're committing the greatest sin, because for the Creator every form of life-whether tiny or Herculean is pricelessly equal. One effusively brilliant poem after another, Parekh creates awareness in our burgeoning youth to conserve and protect untamed Environment/Wildlife. The poet exhorts everyone to be blessed with every richness of this planet by letting Nature and Wildlife spawn, just the way it did when the Lord had created this earth millions of years ago.

This book aims at disseminating the message of environment and wildlife conservation in each of its verse which are interwoven with the splendor and sparkle of God's bountiful chapters of creation. Whilst unceasingly describing the naturally panoramic beauty of this Universe-the poems within urge the innocent child in each one of us to come forward, help save the environment. And at the same time be a princely slave of its wonderfully ravishing fragrance, which makes you realize our true mission and roots in life.

























24. 100% NATURAL












































Different Poems


The squirrels suddenly commenced to boisterously

gallivant through the branches; jubilantly diffusing

into a festoon of uninhibitedly ecstatic sounds,

The rivers suddenly increased their pace a trifle;

ardently clashing against the resplendently glittering

rocks that confronted them in their way,

The roses suddenly came back to vibrant life after the

sullen day; triumphantly radiating an unsurpassable

ocean of unassailably mesmerizing scent,

And a cradle of voluptuously crimson clouds suddenly

embellished the sky; enveloping its fathomlessly

barren periphery with stupendously spell binding color and grace,

O! Yes; your guess was as good as anybody else’s on

this gargantuan planet; the truculent tyranny of heat

was soon about to disappear into the aisles of

nothingness; it was soon going to thunderously rain.


The sparrows suddenly started to ebulliently whistle;

euphorically deluging every cranny of this fathomless

atmosphere with an everlasting entrenchment of

fantastically enamoring sounds,

The kangaroos suddenly sprinted in air like never

before; ecstatically racing through the unfathomably

timeless wilderness; with the astronomically

indefatigable enthrallment of Mother nature in their stride,

The eggs suddenly hatched into the most fabulously

beautiful of fledglings; permeating the fabric of the

gloomy air around with an unrelenting volley of

divinely new born life and sound,

And a blanket of gorgeously titillating clouds

suddenly enlightened the sky; majestically painting

its empty belly with streaks of poignantly

compassionate and everlasting empathy,

O! Yes; your guess was as good as anybody else’s on

this boundless planet; the salacious whiplash of

acrimonious heat was soon about to wholesomely

abnegate; it was soon going to indefatigably rain.


The lions suddenly pumped their fur an extravagant

trifle; victoriously parading through the insatiably

untamed outgrowths of; euphoric scarlet and green,

The bells in the sacrosanct temple suddenly started to

incessantly ring; casting a spell of impregnably

mystical incantation; upon every religion; caste; and

alike; heavenly alike,

The shadows suddenly started to mischievously flirt

with the vividly life-yielding ground; merrily

jingling even as the serene tranquility of dusk was a

overwhelmingly far-fetched cry,

And an unconquerable cistern of enchantingly vibrant

clouds suddenly perpetuated the sky from all sides;

irrevocably crowning it as a royal prince of all times,

O! Yes; your guess was as good as anybody else’s on

this endless planet; all satanically impeding sweat

was soon about to evaporate till times beyond infinite

infinity; it was soon going to miraculously rain.


The peacocks suddenly unveiled their feathers a

wholesomely profound blossom; disseminating a wave of

ravishing excitement in even the most infinitesimally

deadened particle in the lugubrious atmosphere,

The bees suddenly started to melodiously sing and

dance; Omnisciently replenishing many a traumatically

agonizing heart; with a mountain of incomprehensibly

unending sweetness,

The snakes suddenly forgot to horrifically bite;

sensuously intermingling for times immemorial; with the last rays of the setting Sun,

And a panoramically exotic canvas of enigmatic clouds

suddenly enshrouded the Herculean sky; impregnably

clinging to it like the ultimate seductress of its

impoverished life,

O! Yes; your guess was as good as anybody else’s on

this timeless planet; the mercilessly decimating

battlefield of belligerent heat was soon about to

crumble like a pack of cards; it was soon going to

perpetually rain.


Infinite bodies had pathetically shriveled into

nothingness; as blistering rays of the Sun unsparingly

blazed left; right and profuse center,

Whirlpools of obnoxiously debilitating sweat oozed

from umpteenth arenas of the body; as boundless scores

of innocuous organisms; reeled under the vicious

onslaught of sweltering heat,

Fathomless kilometers of panoramically lush green

land; now disdainfully metamorphosed into torturously

slithering and lambasted deserts,

Pristine flakes of spell binding snow perched

delectably on the mountaintops; now abominably melted

in meek submission; under the ferocious inferno of the simmering afternoon,

The boisterously vivacious branches of the mystical

forests; now bore a sullenly barren look; as the

leaves mercilessly crackled under the outrageously

fuming Sun,

Unfathomable hordes of innocuously philandering

cattle; were now rendered to disgustingly hollow

skeletons of sordid dilapidation; as the soil

penuriously scorched everything in conceivable


The corporate tycoon now looked like an insane lunatic

with bloodshot eyes; as the most spell bindingly

impeccable of his shirt; was now enveloped in

abhorrent pools of grime and sweat,

The most tenaciously resilient of abodes now creaked

an inconspicuous trifle; cursing till beyond realms of

eternal eternity; as the wave of summer horrendously

augmented its acrid propensity,

The most voluptuous nimble and enchanting soles; now

barbarically bled at all quarters; as the earth on

which they holistically transgressed; had now

transformed itself into insidiously torching charcoal,

Denizens sluggishly snubbed each other in truculent

exasperation; as diabolical rays of the unrelenting

Sun; austerely pulverized their dormitories of

exotically bountiful fantasy,

The most majestic of lions in the inscrutable jungle;

dastardly retreated into their caves; unbelievably

forgiving their prey; as the treacherously unruly heat

took firm roots into their fur,

Children wholesomely forgot their innocently

replenishing smiles; as the day progressed more

tyrannically than ever; putting hideously crippling

brakes on even the most infinitesimal of their


The newly wedded relinquished all desire to love; as

the only thing that they were remorsefully overwhelmed

with; was the adversely admonishing and severely

reprimanding light of the midday Sun,

All anecdotes of irrefutably sparkling honesty; now

converted into the graveyard of blatantly manipulative

lies; as entities staggered more brutally than ever

under the salaciously whipping carpet of ominous summer,

The squirrels and kangaroos now transgressed as slow

as the pot-bellied tortoise; feeling the

preposterously invidious heat horrifically hamper

their otherwise; astoundingly vivacious reflexes,

Resplendent river levels had dramatically reduced;

with an unsurpassable army of crabs; snakes and ants;

frantically scurrying out of the mud every now and

again; as the earth cooked like an unstoppable volcano inside,

The most lightening paced of rambunctious spiders now

sat dolorously in one corner of their den; wholesomely

fatigued in the onerously persevering heat; to

ecstatically reconstruct their broken webs,

Fireballs of sensuously drifting and timelessly

exhilarating breath; now seemed as frantically last

bid to enter the gory corpse; in a valiantly vain

attempt to elope from the tumultuous heat,

The passionately palpitating beats of the immortal heart; were slowly losing their fervency; too exhausted in pumping blood for the pugnaciously sapped and burnt body; rather than pulsate for the spirit of unassailable love,

And if there was ever an invincibly singleton solution

to all of the above; then it was nothing but the most

pricelessly proliferating form of the ALMIGHTY LORD ;



An infinitesimal fraction accentuated was the tip of

the flamboyantly towering hill; pompously soaring

towards the Omnipotently golden Sun,

An inconspicuous fraction accentuated was the salt

entrapped in the ravishingly undulating waves;

simmering in poignantly untamed desire; as the froth

emphatically clashed against the marvelous rocks,

A capricious fraction accentuated were the blades of

perennial grass; overwhelmingly encapsulated with

coats of effusively profuse green and a tantalizingly

enthralling carpet of scintillating dewdrops,

A transient fraction accentuated were the clouds in

the fathomlessly ebullient sky; extravagantly

enveloped with shades of embellished scarlet and

streaks of voluptuously thunderous lightening,

An ethereal fraction accentuated were the philosophers

in the classroom; tumultuously over-doing their acts

of portraying an unfathomably unending repertoire of

human emotions,

A fugitive fraction accentuated were the roses in the

blissful meadows; indefatigably blooming to caress the

walls of eternal paradise; profoundly enticing the

mischievously philandering bees for a quick kiss,

A diminutive fraction accentuated were the speeches of

the manipulative politicians; spuriously promising the

masses of things; they perhaps might not be able to

ever witness even in an infinite more lifetimes,

A mercurial fraction accentuated was the melting of

the incomprehensibly mammoth iceberg; at times

deliberating wailing as the Sun caressed it an instant

longer; with its compassionately magical rays,

An ephemeral fraction accentuated was the painting of

the sensuously romantic artist; intransigently

overwhelming even the most tiniest iota of the barren

canvas; with vibrantly loquacious color,

A parsimonious fraction accentuated was the

scintillating shark’s tail; bombastically flashing

every now and again in rustically volatile frostiness,

An evanescent fraction accentuated was the regally

soaring eagle in the sky; shamelessly exhibiting its

mesmerizing wings a trifle more than necessary; and

more unabashedly as each second unfurled into a

wholesome minute,

A tiny fraction accentuated was the exhilaratingly

dancing peacock; at times stretching its feathers

beyond the dormitories of comfort; just to replenish

and rejoice in the wonderfully glorious rain,

A minute fraction accentuated was the song of the

melodiously enchanting nightingale; leaving its

ecstatically relentless reverberations even centuries

unprecedented even after; it emanated its first voice,

A miniature fraction accentuated was the animated leap

of the boisterous frogs; incessantly bouncing in the

sleazily stray monsoon ponds; throughout the fabric of

the exotically divine night,

A bizarre fraction accentuated were the parties of the

disconcertingly dissatisfied business tycoons;

baselessly blowing quintessentially precious moments

of veritably vital life; in meaningless wisps of cigar

smoke and wine,

An insipid fraction accentuated was the stride of the

sluggishly languishing tortoise; as it took

imperceptibly marathon hours on the trot; to even

sprout its neck out of its obdurately motionless shell,

A non-existent fraction accentuated was the march of

the victoriously exuberant soldiers; tirelessly

brandishing their unflinching brawn and sword; to

realms beyond infinite infinity,

An indecipherable fraction accentuated was the

frequency of unconquerably timeless breath; at moments

inadvertently expunging out with truculently volatile

ferocity; to release the inner most chords of the bereaved soul,

But immortally natural; uninhibitedly priceless;

invincibly Omniscient; was their eternally gratifying

love; as each beat of their heart kept on rhythmically

bonding with all philanthropically benign; as each

beat of their heart bountifully coalesced into a

symbiotic journey of oneness; which lasted for an

endless more lifetimes.


The day swelteringly blazed in the tyranny of

unrelentingly acrimonious heat; disdainfully simmering

with abominably intolerable harshness,

While an unfathomable pearl of majestic enchantment;

was the entrenchment of the fabulously titillating and

frosty night.

The day relentlessly scorched even the most minuscule

of entity that came in the trajectory of its vicious

swirl; charring blissful angels into a pool of

unbearably smoldering perspiration,

While a resplendently melodious festoon of enigmatic

voices; was the fabric of the sensuously enamoring and

voluptuous night.

The day hideously burnt fathomless islands of

poignantly nubile skin; invidiously tanning even the

most impeccably scintillating patches of princely white,

While a maelstrom of unendingly romantic titillation;

a world of eternally tranquil freedom; was the

bedsheet of the miraculously everlasting night.

The day propelled insanely ominous abuse; as the

unsparing heat of the ferociously truculent Sun

brutally asphyxiated priceless reserves of liquid from

the; pathetically staggering body,

While a garland of profoundly heartwarming

graciousness; seductively placating the thirst of one

and all handsomely alike; was the ravishingly queenly

aroma of the marvelously embellished night.

The day was horrendously indescribable; with the

mercury soaring literally out of the thermometer;

barbarically torching boundless kilometers of celestial

land and atmosphere,

While an unsurpassable stream of tantalizing

effervescence; was the wave of the ebulliently dancing

and charismatic night.

The day was ungainly traumatic; with diabolical chains

of gorily boiling heat diabolically jeopardizing the

lives of all those innocuously harmonious,

While a gloriously bountiful cushion of amiable

togetherness; a cistern of spell binding empathy; was

the profusely compassionate inferno of the regale


The day was a stagnantly debilitating pond of sordid

perspiration; as every organism on this planet

inevitably broke into despicable sweat; under the

blistering cauldron of ever-augmenting heat,

While a nimbly obeisant salutation to the Almighty

Lord; an incantation of fascinating timelessness; was

the effusively chirping garden of the vivaciously

phlegmatic night.

The day was an unavoidable nightmare that every entity

on this colossal Universe had to live through;

manipulatively struggling amidst the hostile horde of

bloodsucking wolves to earn their quintessential livelihood,

While a ubiquitous ocean of philanthropic brotherhood;

a magical river in which all uninhibitedly melanged

irrespective of caste; creed or spurious color; was

the mesmerizing intoxication of the wonderfully

moonlit night.

And a derogatorily devilish betrayer was the

unprecedentedly flaming day; insidiously snapping even

the most celestial of relationships; as lambasting

heat triggered tempers to disconcertingly flare,

While an unassailably grandiloquent smile of

friendship; an immortally unshakable bond of divine

love; a harbinger of peace and serenely humanitarian

friendship; was the invincible sky of the gorgeously

heavenly night.


You might ferociously abuse it for being monotonously

threadbare; disdainfully infiltrating the whites of

your eye; with the truculently blowing winds,

You might indignantly kick at it in your times of

inexplicable frustration; at times profusely wounding

it with the uncouthly cold-blooded tip; of your spurious shoes,

You might heinously spit on its shades of

compassionate brown; barbarically trampling it left

right and center; to insanely diffuse the abominable

tensions circumventing your brain,

You might place its value as capriciously invidious specks of grit and stone; hardly ever casting even the most fugitive of glance towards its poignantly amiable periphery,

But remember; irrespective of your caste; creed;

color; blood or race; you all will inevitably blend

with its sacrosanct belly after abnegating your last

breath; such was the power of unassailably Omnipotent

and bountiful mud.


You might ominously abhor the fact that it lay abreast your dwelling; proving a remorsefully indigent mismatch to your pillars and porch of stupendously embellished gold,

You might acridly puke out your food in utterly

shocking disbelief; on the pretentiously worthless

pretext of it harboring ungainly dust,

You might treacherously stab it with unrelentingly salacious strokes of your gleaming knife; frantically searching for surreptitious canopies of pricelessly glittering gold,

You might propagate it as being lugubriously

meaningless; fretfully stagnating in dustbins of

forlorn isolation for centuries unprecedented,

But remember; irrespective of your caste; creed;

color; blood or race; you all will inevitably blend

with its sacrosanct belly after abnegating your last

breath; such was the power of immortally Omniscient

and spell binding mud.


You might ruthlessly mold it into fathomless sizes and shapes; just to flex the muscles of your irascibly blood soaked palms,

You might relentlessly castigate it for its despicably

impoverished demeanor; drive your cars like an untamed

prince over its innocuously wailing contours,

You might sleazily sell it to the most derogatorily manipulative strangers; inundate your pockets with scintillating silver; while bulldozers tyrannically razed it to construct edifices that sailed haughtily towards blue sky,

You might lackadaisically dump all your decaying feces

from your abode into its silken carpet; laughing every

side of your body out; as you triumphantly feasted

upon its victimized integrity,

But remember; irrespective of your caste; creed;

color; blood or race; you all will inevitably blend

with its sacrosanct belly after abnegating your last

breath; such was the power of pricelessly divine and

everlasting mud.


You might tirelessly ostracize its sordidly ungainly

complexion; for horrendously tainting the outlines of

your spotlessly bombastic and bohemian feet,

You might christen it as dreadfully morose and perniciously ghoulish; as it fostered your pathetically wavering shadow even in the most brilliantly sparkling Sun,

You might at times construe it as your worst enemy; as

its unwitting undulations made you disastrously

stumble and kiss a world of despondently diminutive dirt,

You might call it blasphemously adulterated; as

organisms of all shapes and fraternities; perpetually

embraced its rudimentarily scented skin,

But remember; irrespective of your caste; creed;

color; blood or race; you all will inevitably blend

with its sacrosanct belly after abnegating your last

breath; such was the power of impregnably Omnipresent

and humanitarian mud.


So what if the Sun disappeared behind the crimson

clouds; rendering the fabulously fathomless township

in a blanket of solitarily placid darkness,

So what if the Sun sunk in wholesome entirety behind

the gargantuan mountains; entirely abdicating even the

tiniest trace of graciously bright light,

So what if the Sun pathetically mellowed down in

blazing complexion; dismally obfuscating even the most

overwhelmingly towering entity in visible vicinity,

So what if the Sun preposterously appeared to be an

infinitesimal minnow; even infront of the most

capriciously fleeting shadow around,

The voluptuously enthralling still greeted you like a

majestically unassailable prince; and believe me the

night was more stupendously enchanting than the

acrimoniously sweltering day.


So what if the Sun horrendously dimmed as the hours

frantically unleashed by; blinding the boundless

Universe in whirlpools of inexplicably inscrutable


So what if the Sun nervously started to flutter; as

sombre winds of timidly serene evening commence to

perseveringly take complete control,

So what if the Sun inevitably developed shades of

subtle darkness; pathetically mitigating its

tumultuously blistering ferocity upon the trajectory

of this unendingly colossal planet,

So what if the Sun bid a transient adieu to the

gigantically sprawling earth; soon after celestially

placating dusk enshrouded its magical subtlety from

every conceivable side,

The seductively euphoric night was still your

eternally resplendent companion for the countless

instants ahead; and believe me the night was more

ebulliently exhilarating than the tenaciously

tyrannical and monotonous day.


So what if the Sun started to lackadaisically waver in

unfathomable sky; obnoxiously hiding behind the

thunderous conglomerate of lightening and clouds,

So what if the Sun languidly stretched its ferociously

blistering palms for ethereal rest; eventually

melanging with the Omnipotent horizons,

So what if the Sun abruptly decided to relinquish the

periphery of this scintillating earth; leaving the

world around in bizarre blackness; without the most

diminutive of insinuation or prior notice,

So what if the Sun sporadically felt its rays being

irrevocably overpowered by the onset of the

ecstatically titillating evening; making holistic way

for nocturnal intricacies to impregnably transcend,

The marvelously bountiful night was still there for

you to spell bindingly rejoice; and believe me the

night was more Omnisciently captivating than the

manipulatively besieged corporate day.


So what if the Sun resolutely shut down its formidably invincible shutters; at the first signs of ephemerally fickle minded dusk,

So what if the Sun intractably refrained to

unbelievably blaze till centuries unprecedented on the

trot; without the slightest of rest or evanescent interlude,

So what if the Sun remorsefully departed for its short lived abode; transiently evicting its insurmountably replenishing treasuries of optimism; till it shone once again at glorious dawn,

So what if the Sun lost its tinges of flaming red and

triumphant resurgence; non-invasively giving way to

dastardly darkness to be the uncrowned prince for some time,

The magnificently immortal night was still a blissful

messiah for you to uninhibitedly exult; and believe me

the night was more compassionately bonding than the

truculently scorching and unsparing day.


The earth’s surface of solid crust,

has been uplifted in the form of rust.

The densely foliated trees sway in their rustic dress,

capturing the bleary eyes of a children cresh.

The wind blows, the gale comes, the mountain river chanting a perfect rhyme, that will make people forget ghastly crime,

to have several days of relevant peace, and let insane bloodshed on earth cease.

The wild creepers murmur amongst themselves,

the days freshness, the cologne smell.

The frothy waterfall, the heavenly day,

the obnoxious mountains lined in the way.

Smiling in heavy consternation, the evening owl glared menacingly, quietly devouring freshly laid bird egg, butchering red walls of manly courage.


The stream lit days of peace,

flow past the agony of time,

so quiet, so serene, so blissful,

yielding their touch softly, bit by bit,

cruising smoothly over the field of messy emotions,

to give life to the tiny molecules of beginning,

in a supreme entrenchment of their own.

Sweet tunes pierce suspended carpets of air,

gorgeously tranquil and splendid,

oozing out silent tremors of love,

in circular rings of boisterous feelings,

far distance away from the trapped world of


in an ambience of mustard green dew drops,

depicting short parables of perfect excitement,

precarious with the fading of time.


When I saw the sun rising in the sky; I felt waves of unparalleled enchantment

circumvent my persona,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; nascent pores embedded in my skin sprung

up with exuberant intensity,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; I felt waves of marathon despair deeply

embodied in me; vanish into thin wisps of oblivion,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; I felt besieged by volatile

gushes of resplendent light,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; stale pools of air in my lungs got

profoundly reinvigorated; revitalizing my dreary senses,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; I felt innovative perceptions about

beauty circulating wildly through intricate pores of my mind,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; I felt newly born droplets of sweat

trickle down my nape; washing away sins of the previous day,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; I felt golden beams of light

gently caress my obscured eyes,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; I felt an unprecedented vigor suddenly

impregnate my feeble veins,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; I felt a compassionate warmth engulfing me from all sides; annihilating completely the barbaric chill I had encountered in the night,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; I felt my legs rhythmically sway; my ears absorbedly focused to melodious chirping of the humming bird,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; I felt catapulted to supreme heights of ecstasy;

with benevolent feelings of forgiveness slowly creeping in my soul,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; I felt the palpitations of my

heart grow faster; loads of enthusiasm embodied in my blood,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; I felt the color of my skin

dramatically change;

it had now acquired tinges of robust crimson; profusely replacing patches of pallid flesh,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; it made me retrospect more nostalgically

about my past; forming a pellucid picture of my entity,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; I felt inundated with images of celestial gods; hovering very near my silhouette,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; I made a plethora of resolutions before

commencing nondescript activities of the day,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; I pictured all my ancestors

living in coordinated harmony as the rays emanating out,

When I saw the sun rising in the sky; I dreamt about my love which was

immortal as the perpetual shine,

And when I saw the sun rising in the sky; I conceived a new beginning to life;

felt like bestowed with another opportunity to prove my mettle in this

unsparing world.


Be it in the very first rays of ethereally magnificent

dawn; enlightening every cranny of despairingly

flagrant blackness with unfathomably unceasing


Be it in the nimble squeaking of the freshly born

infant; profoundly enrapturing monotonously usurped

existence; with an unprecedented power to forever


Be it in the transiently hood-winking beams of the

vivaciously uninhibited rainbow; casting their magic

on every fretfully beleaguered bone; till times beyond

infinite infinity,

Be it in the pristinely nascent shoots sprouting from

the corrugated branches of the tree; delightfully

swaying in insatiable ecstasy with the virile currents

of summer wind,

Be it in any form; shape; color or height; Newness was

what I was inexhaustibly searching for every unfurling

minute of the day and night; Newness was what tingled

every aspect of my existence till even beyond the

realms of eternal paradise; O! Yes Newness was what my

soul wanted to seek till even countless births after I



Be it in the unrestrictedly artistic lines scrawled on

barren canvas; embellishing the chapter of mundanely

manipulative survival today; with unceasingly copious

rivers of color and vibrant charm,

Be it in the infantile trickle of water dribbling

painstakingly from the scorched rocks; bounteously

perpetuating the sweltering atmosphere around with

unbelievably rhapsodic exhilaration,

Be it in the faintly rupturing of the outlines of the

immaculate egg; blissfully announcing the arrival of

unparalleled exuberance; in a world of otherwise

preposterously shriveled decay,

Be it in the premature formation of pearly white mists

in the sky; triggering a ray of tantalizingly

unsurpassable hope in one and all alike on bereaved

earth; that sensuous rain was soon about to fall,

Be it in any form; shape; color or height; Newness was

what I was inexhaustibly searching for every unfurling

minute of the day and night; Newness was what made me

feel the most pricelessly insuperable organism alive;

O! Yes Newness was what my soul wanted to seek till

even countless births after I died.


Be it in the sporadic bouts of laughter of the

ebulliently innocuous child; making truculently

agonized heart’s all across this boundless Universe;

melt and frolic into the meadows of effulgent


Be it in the incoherently optimistic quacking of the

fledgling swans; trying to timelessly disseminate the

message of egalitarian peace towards endless sky and

emollient earth; wonderfully alike,

Be it in the inconspicuously sensitive dewdrop on the

blade of ravenously enthralling grass; radiating into

a beam of perpetually golden righteousness; with the

first rays of the Sun,

Be it in the intrepidly adventurous wave disappearing

wholesomely into the horizons and deep sea; permeating

even bit of the gruesomely bedraggled ambience around

with celestially tangy happiness,

Be it in any form; shape; color or height; Newness was

what I was inexhaustibly searching for every unfurling

minute of the day and night; Newness was what

unconquerably fuelled every ingredient of my blood to

pump life; O! Yes Newness was what my soul wanted to

seek till even countless births after I died.


Be it in the singular star that regally twinkled in

the grotestquely cloudy and foggily obfuscated night;

granting glorious reprieve from a countless

inadvertently committed sins,

Be it in the match-boxed minuscule hutment barren

without any quintessential amenity of life; yet with a

roof so compassionate; that it sequestered you from

the most devastating of storm and rain,

Be it in the inarticulately indefatigable buzzing of

the bumble bee; spawning into cisterns of invaluably

harmonious nectar; a sweetness which no power on this

turgid earth could ever transcend or destroy,

Be it in the whisper of the fugitively nubile maiden;

engendering every pore on the satanically lambasted

skin to excitedly stand; even as she extinguished into

a valley of nothingness; sooner than she had arrived,

Be it in the infinitesimally silken beat of the heart;

which arose towards the cosmos for just an instant;

but united the entire estranged Universe in chords of

immortal love; before it veritably died,

Be it in any form; shape; color or height; Newness was

what I was inexhaustibly searching for every unfurling

minute of the day and night; Newness was what

propelled me to procreate countless more of my very

own humanitarian kind; O! Yes Newness was what my soul

wanted to seek till even countless births after I



Believe me. Trees astoundingly procreate like we do;

the fruits that they compassionately bear for times

immemorial; is an irrefutably invincible testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Trees are as equally emotional as us; the

whispers that they timelessly emanate into at the

tiniest insinuation of crackling thunder; is an

brilliantly undaunted testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Trees symbiotically defecate like we do;

the sporadically formed pools of moisture near their

stem; is an marvelously undettered testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Trees uninhibitedly diffuse into

unsurpassable happiness like we do; the beautifully

unfettered rustling of their leaves at the first rays

of golden dawn; is a regally vibrant testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Trees dance as vivaciously as we do; the

ebulliently enchanting swaying of their branches at

the onset of ecstatically blessed spring; is a

marvelously spell-binding testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Trees get as blissfully mesmerized as we

do; the impeccable sheath of poignant dew on their

leaves every milky midnight; is a unfathomably

impregnable testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Trees get as naturally fatigued as we do;

the pathetically drooping periphery of their demeanor

at impoverished sunset; is a spectacularly unshakable

testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Trees have as much unhindered sensuality

as we do; the freshly born tendrils unassailably

clinging to the branches under spurts of torrentially

rhapsodic rain; is a bountifully undeniable

testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Trees are as thunderously volatile as us;

their metamorphosing into an unimaginably anguished

scarlet at the sight of innocent being mercilessly

beheaded beside them; is an unflinchingly peerless

testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Tees are as uncannily secretive as us; the

surreptitiously mystical reverberating of their stalks

at the settling of darkness; is an incorrigibly

irretrievable testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Trees are as diminutively erring as us;

the intermittent oomph’s of frustration wafting from

their imperfectly corrugated persona all day and

night; is a supremely infallible testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Trees are as fantastically innovative as

us; the incessant unfurling of limitlessly panoramic

beauty from their visage every moment; is an

irrevocably unnerving testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Trees harbor the same sense of united

oneness as we do; their altruistically sharing their

fruit with organisms of every caste; creed and color

alike; is an immutably handsome testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Trees are blessed with the same aura of

tireless perseverance as we are; their slowly and

slowly culminating into gigantically unparalleled

foliage from just a minuscule seed; is an indomitably

royal testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Trees are as insuperably eclectic as us;

their amazingly tenacious grit to acclimatize to every

season; storm and rain, singing; blossoming;

defending; sequestering; all at the same time; is a

pricelessly sacred testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Trees are as incredulously reactive as us;

the curling of their branches at the tiniest innuendo

of danger and unfurling of their leaves full throttle

at the first beams of fresh morning; is an

unbelievably miraculous testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Trees are as sacredly worshipping as us;

their inexhaustibly existing in synergy with God’s

unceasingly vivid environment; is a boundlessly

effulgent testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Trees are as much holistically breathing

as us; the wind perpetually exhaling from even the

most infinitesimal pore of their emolliently serrated

skin; is an unconquerably undefeated testimonial to the same.

Believe me. Trees are as immortally loving as us; the

unbreakable relationships that they form with every

conceivably philanthropic entity of the atmosphere and

beyond; is a timelessly exemplary testimonial to the same.

So. The Next time you think of chopping a tree for

“Paper” or spuriously turgid bonfires to passionately

enlighten your every dreary night; remember that you’d

be insanely annihilating one human of your own kind,

Instead. I’d humbly suggest friends. Please switch over to Lightening fast and non-invasively state-of-the-art Modern Technology. Please switch over to the unlimitedly bountiful Internet. Please switch over to harmlessly innocuous; yet majestically sparkling and ETERNAL E-PAPER.


Every day as you arose at the crackle of mesmerizing dawn; you blossomed into celestial freshness; wholesomely shirking the hideously monstrous monotony of the previous bedraggled day,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of blissful dawn; you Wholeheartedly smiled the smile of your life; as the Omnipotently golden rays of the Sun smooched you in euphoric entirety,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of enchanting dawn;

you became oblivious to the treacherously barbarous tyrannies meted upon you; as even the most infinitesimally inane of your senses completely coalesced with the panoramic mists of mother nature,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of effulgent dawn;

you insatiably urged to defecate your miserably asphyxiated bowels; mollify your bereaved stomach with delectably fresh fruit and sparkling water,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of rhapsodic dawn;

you devoutly resolved never to repeat your mistakes of the past; astoundingly train every of your delinquent nerve; to perennially surge forward to eternal success,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of bountiful dawn;

you profoundly reminisced new memories of your majestically uninhibited childhood; when you cared a damn about this manipulative planet; compassionately suckling in the lap of your heavenly mother,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of victorious dawn;

you chalked out countless distinct strategies to irrefutably vanquish the indiscriminately rampaging devil; inexhaustibly striving for complete freedom of your mind; body and soul,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of poignant dawn;

you found the intensity of scarlet blood in your veins more profuse than ever; to holistically survive in times that were good as well as diabolically bad,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of Omniscient dawn;

you felt an inexorable fervor to discover encapsulating every cranny of your persona; alleviating you from the most severest of your wanton depression; into the aisles of timeless proliferation,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of emollient dawn;

You uninhibitedly danced with passionately enthralling ardor; letting every egregiously trapped staleness of you countenance; freely cascade out as beautifully fragrant sweat,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of philanthropic dawn; you found a boundless array of never-before flavors titillate the buds of your disparagingly emaciated tongue,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of immaculate dawn;

you tirelessly danced the whites and blacks of your emphatically crystalline eyes; to the magically unfurling beams of the pristinely whistling atmosphere,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of regale dawn;

you flirted with an unfathomable ocean of supreme sensuality; playing hide-n-seek with theevanescently crimson beams of the new-born Sun,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of mystical dawn;

you unravelled the mortifying introvert in you to the most unprecedented of your capacity; peerlessly blazing in the untamed ardor of intrepidly unflinching life,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of jingling dawn;

you tread your nimble foot more solidly on earth; more and more invincibly embedding your inimitable rudiments on the landscape of the fathomless globe,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of vivacious dawn;

you abdicated all your baseless nervousness; scintillated like a true warrior to defend your maliciously usurped and pricelessly venerated motherland,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of titillating dawn;

you felt every pore of your fecklessly limpid skin; intransigently desirous of being mischievously tickled by the winds of miraculously never-ending procreation,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of ecstatic dawn;

you felt more closer and closer to your impressions on sacred soil; unrelentingly fantasizing about that moment in which was born your very first ancestor,

Every day as you arose at the crackle of vivid dawn;

you obeisantly surrendered even the most diminutive of your breath to the unconquerable illumination of the Sun; letting it weave a whole new chapter of your enrapturing existence,

And still some of you had the guts to say that each new day was fretfully boring; each new day had nothing to offer which revolutionary new; each new day brought you closer to your death; each day was just like and nothing but

a pathetic facsimile of the very previous day !


The voluptuously swaying nightingales; magnanimously

awarded me with the certificate of blissfully serene singing,

The fathomlessly sluggishly ambling and pot-bellied

tortoise; uninhibitedly awarded me with the

certificate of non-invasively phlegmatic laziness,

The boundlessly sweltering terrain of the unbelievably

scorching desert; deservingly awarded me with the

certificate of unrelentingly hard-earned perspiration,

The candidly reflecting and irrefutably unflinching

mirror; philanthropically awarded me with the

certificate of gloriously majestic truth,

The resplendently rain soaked peacock; celestially

awarded me with the certificate of vivaciously

enamoring dance,

The insatiably impeccable avalanche of gargantuan ice;

bounteously awarded me with the certificate of

astoundingly unnerved coolness,

The cocoon of crimson clouds in limitless sky;

rhapsodically awarded me with the certificate of

inimitably unparalleled sensuousness,

The unequivocally flirtatious squirrel; enchantingly

awarded me with the certificate of unsurpassably

inscrutable and timeless frolic,

The peerlessly parading and towering lion; unabashedly

awarded me with the certificate of pricelessly

exhilarating majesty,

The regally scarlet and poignant wonderful rose;

marvelously awarded me with the certificate of

undauntedly Samaritan scent,

The Spartan robes of immaculate white; chivalrously

awarded me with the certificate of amazingly

unbiased simplicity,

The tirelessly undulating and effulgently arcane sea;

brilliantly awarded me with the certificate of

unendingly effusive tanginess,

The ubiquitously overpowering dinosaur; intrepidly

awarded me with the certificate of indomitably

Herculean and endless strength,

The exuberantly flapping kites in clear sky;

unlimitedly awarded me with the certificate of

indefatigably nervous energy,

The mischievously batting eyelids; pristinely awarded

me with the certificate of blessedly

symbiotic flirtation,

The mystically vacillating and transiently titillating

rainbows; graciously awarded me with the certificate

of eclectically burgeoning diversity,

The intransigently functioning globe outside;

courteously awarded me with the certificate of

sagaciously punctilious pragmatism,

The aristocratically nubile maiden with a

uncontrollably passionate heart; gregariously awarded

me with the certificate of perennially fructifying love,

And the Omnipotent Almighty Lord not only unassailably

awarded me with the certificate of fearlessly

charismatic life; but impregnated the quintessential

tenacity in all of the above and infinite more to be

able to benevolently honor me; to award me with spell

binding certificates.


With the very first crackle of every sensitively aristocratic dawn; the very first thing that the fathomless deserts ardently prayed for; was blisteringly unceasing sunshine; all throughout the tenure of the gloriously intrepid day,

With the very first rays of every ecstatically vibrant dawn; the very first thing that the gigantic mountains insatiably prayed for; was unflinchingly Herculean strength; all throughout the tenure of the blissfully harmonious day,

With the very first shimmer of every resplendently beaming dawn; the very first thing that the boisterous bees tirelessly prayed for; was mischievously cavorting fields of scarlet roses; all throughout the tenure of the symbiotically enamoring day,

With the very first unfurling of every euphorically heartening dawn; the very first thing that the uninhibited birds indefatigably prayed for; was boundless playgrounds of astoundingly crystalline sky; all throughout the tenure of the stupendously fragrant day,

With the very first smile of every bewitchingly magnificent dawn; the very first thing that the frosty waters of the sea unrelentingly prayed for; was rhapsodically mysterious undulations; all throughout the tenure of the handsomely charismatic day,

With the very first enlightening of every marvellously exotic dawn; the very first thing that the compassionately moistened leaves of the forest immutably prayed for; was enthrallingly timeless and vivacious adventure; all throughout the tenure of the unfathomably mesmerizing day,

With the very first sparkle of every ebulliently innocuous dawn; the very first thing that the impeccably wailing infant inexorably prayed for; was divinely untainted milk of its mother; all throughout the tenure of the fantastically

panoramic day,

With the very first glimmer of every synergistically emollient dawn; the very first thing that the preposterously dilapidated dungeon uncontrollably prayed for; was thunderbolts of endlessly unparalleled light; all throughout the tenure of the celestially immaculate day,

With the very first sprinkle of every beautifully embellished dawn; the very first thing that the penuriously beleaguered eyes unlimitedly prayed for; was tantalizingly heavenly paradise; all throughout the tenure of the eternally silken day,

With the very first blessing of every wonderfully endowing dawn; the very first thing that the iridescently blooming nightingale unequivocally prayed for; was ubiquitously mollifying melody; all throughout the tenure of the majestically ingratiating day,

With the very first perpetuation of every holisticallySpartan dawn; the very first thing that the murderously starved ears irrevocably prayed for; was the voice of philanthropically egalitarian humanity; all throughout the tenure of the jubilantly dazzling day,

With the very first horizon of every optimistically vibrant dawn; the very first thing that the regally roaring lion rapaciously prayed for; was the inimitable armor of unassailable kinsmanship; all throughout the tenure of the splendidly eclectic day,

With the very first spawning of every magnetically reinvigorating dawn; the very first thing that the bourgeoisie farmer infallibly prayed for; was the wholesome annihilation of even the most infinitesimal of parasite in his field; all throughout the tenure of

the blessedly gregarious day,

With the very first fulmination of every sensuously rejuvenating dawn; the very first thing that the pristine pearl irretrievably prayed for; was the invincibly amiable shelter of its oyster shell; all throughout the magically destined day,

With the very first unraveling of every eloquently placating dawn; the very first thing that the altruistically fearless soldier unstoppably prayed for; was veritably scintillating victory; all throughout the tenure of the mystically exhilarating day,

With the very first insinuation of every convivially embracing dawn; the very first thing that the holistically dancing fairies limitlessly prayed for; was insuperably beautiful concord; all throughout the tenure of the robustly redolent day,

With the very first illumination of every miraculously ameliorating dawn; the very first thing that the diminutively hollow nostrils quintessentially prayed for; was a carpet of affably uninterrupted breath; all throughout the tenure of the propitiously artistic day,

And with the very first unveiling of every Omnipotently revolutionizing dawn; the very first thing that every beat of my impoverished heart perpetually prayed for; was the heaven of immortally unconquerable love; not only for the tenure of the flamboyantly triumphant day; but for an infinite more enlightening daylights; for an infinite more brilliantly enlightening lifetimes


The field which uncontrollably cries while ploughing;

can never evolve into majestically fructifying and

ebulliently blissful crop,

The sea which pathetically cries while undulating; can

never evolve into fantastically vibrant and

tantalizingly ecstatic adventure,

The desert which discordantly cries while being

heated; can never evolve into fathomlessly regale and

timelessly seductive majesty,

The cloud which hedonistically cries while showering

rain; can never evolve into boundlessly enthralling

and enchantingly heavenly freshness,

The waterfall which insidiously cries while cascading

on handsome rock; can never evolve into stupendously

amiable and vividly mystical reinvigoration,

The mountain which abhorrently cries while defending;

can never evolve into symbiotically unflinching and

peerlessly unassailable unity,

The nightingale which fretfully cries while singing;

can never evolve into timelessly ubiquitous and

unequivocally resplendent melody,

The artist who deplorably cries while sketching; can

never evolve into spell bindingly refreshing and

unsurpassably enamoring magnetism,

The soldier who dolorously cries while fighting for

his country; can never evolve into insuperably

marvelous and blazingly fearless patriotism,

The tree which dementedly cries while imparting

exuberant breeze; can never evolve into magnificently

euphoric and royally blossoming vivacity,

The clown who preposterously cries while engendering

the audience to laugh; can never evolve into

bedazzlingly enviable and miraculously healing happiness,

The lightening which uxoriously cries while

uninhibitedly diffusing into an enigmatic river of

brilliant white; can never evolve into compassionately

effulgent and fierily charged electricity,

The lion who capriciously cries while crunching the

bones of his nimble prey; can never evolve into unfathomably bewitching and inimitably unconquerable kingliness,

The dwelling which hedonistically cries while

harboring its impeccable occupants; can never evolve

into affably propitious and beautifully synergistic concord,

The doctor who fecklessly cries while attending to his

beleaguered patients; can never evolve into miraculously Omnipotent and blessedly efficacious healing,

The hand which frigidly cries while working for quintessential livelihood; can never evolve into eternally pacifying and emolliently deserving perseverance,

The lips which dismally cry while unstoppably kissing;

can never evolve into bounteously ingratiating and

timelessly candle-lit sensuousness,

And the heart which sadistically cries while

perpetually bonding its beats with the person it

loved; can never evolve into immortally Godly and

rhapsodically triumphant life.


Infinite times better than the diminutively

diminishing flicker of the sleazily artificial bulb;

was the Omnipotent blaze of the bountifully

unassailable Sun,

Infinite times better than the truncated fantasies in

the manipulatively estranged mind; was the

unfathomably untainted paradise of poignantly

seductive clouds in the sky,

Infinite times better than parsimoniously remorseful

water incarcerated beneath the lavatory seat; was the

thunderously untamed roar of the uninhibitedly

vivacious and mischievously dancing ocean,

Infinite times better than the bawdily threadbare

stone; was the insuperably majestic and timelessly

sheltering swirl of the celestially compassionate mountain,

Infinite times better than the lecherously parasitic

currency coin; was the river of pricelessly united and

Omnipresently blessing humanity,

Infinite times better than the gaudily cadaverous crayons disparagingly sprawled on the floor; was the eternally royal rainbow and resplendently eclectic rainbow; twinkling in the firmament of azure sky,

Infinite times better than the abhorrently shattered

glass; was the candidly perspicacious mirror of the impeccably unassailable and inimitably sacrosanct soul,

Infinite times better than the preposterously stuffed

toys available in the manipulatively prejudiced market; was the indomitably peerless roar of the princely lion,

Infinite times better than the emotionless chips of

the raunchily scintillating computer; was the unfathomably brilliant and tirelessly discovering human brain,

Infinite times better than the disgustingly miserly

twig decaying in a bedraggled heap; was the unsurpassably pristine meadow of boisterously frolicking grass,

Infinite times better than the uncontrollably shivering bottle of stingily corked wine; was the uninhibitedly royal forest of divinely endowing sensuousness,

Infinite times better than the body of the forlornly decrepit air-conditioner; was the exuberantly mesmerizing kiss of the rhapsodically untamed storm,

Infinite times better than the abjectly traded idols of gold and bombastically boorish silver; was the Omnipresent reflection of the perpetual Creator; in every single ingredient of the atmosphere and beyond,

Infinite times better than the sparing shades of mechanical pencil on barren canvas; was the panoramically enamoring kaleidoscope of miraculously ameliorating nature,

Infinite times better than the banefully blaring music of the pompous discotheque; was the fathomlessly enchanting carpet of marvelously iridescent and vibrantly twinkling stars,

Infinite times better than the bizarrely squelched brick in the tyrannically rotting foundation; was the heaven of irrefutably venerated and eternally unshakable truth,’

Infinite times better than the ghoulishly devastating

coffin of death; was the chapter of immortally sacred

and perennially blossoming life,

But ever since the first breath that the entire Universe took; and even centuries unprecedented afterit vanishes into traces of amorphously beleaguered

oblivion; infinite times better than “ Immortal Love” was; is and shall forever be; once again only Love; Love and nothing else but the invincibly blessed fabric of “Immortal Love”


Ingratiatingly heavenly scent was what majestically

radiated; from the eyes of the poignantly everlasting

and stupendously blossoming rose,

Fathomlessly enigmatic boundlessness was what

enchantingly radiated; from the eyes of the crimson

crested and regally bestowing sky,

Brilliantly shimmering graciousness was what

incredulously radiated; from the eyes of the

limitlessly eclectic and bountifully sparkling desert,

Immaculately blissful sacredness was what timelessly

radiated; from the eyes of the vivaciously bouncing

and freshly born child,

Eclectically magnificent empathy was what insatiably

radiated; from the eyes of the vibrantly molding and

surreally philandering artist,

Vividly tantalizing mischief was what flirtatiously

radiated; from the eyes of the euphorically cavorting

and rampantly swinging chimpanzee,

Ravishingly tangy boisterousness was what gregariously

radiated; from the eyes of the tirelessly undulating

and froth embellished sea,

Beautifully blessed sensuousness was what obeisantly

radiated; from the eyes of the newly married and

celestially fantasizing bride,

Fearlessly intrepid exhilaration was what patriotically radiated; from the eyes of the unflinchingly altruistic and insuperably dedicated soldier,

Rhapsodically enamoring merrymaking was what

insurmountably radiated; from the eyes of the slender

legged and seductively hopping grasshopper,

Invincibly innovative melody was what tirelessly

radiated; from the eyes of the magically gifted and

profusely sweet nightingale,

Indomitably rudimentary humility was what honesty

radiated; from the eyes of the placidly charming and

harmoniously fleet footed sheep,

Flamboyantly unconquerable light was what Omnisciently

radiated; from the eyes of the gloriously scarlet and

benevolently enlightening Sun,

Unshakably priceless solidarity was what unassailably

radiated; from the eyes of the philanthropically egalitarian and unequivocally uninhibited fortress of mankind,

Jubilantly fantastic oneness was what handsomely

radiated; from the eyes of the blazingly courageous

and indefatigably striving gladiator,

Charismatically unequivocal sweetness was what

mellifluously radiated; from the eyes of the rambunctiously buzzing and serendipitously oozing bumble bee,

Sparklingly benevolent righteousness was what

iridescently radiated; from the eyes of the impeccably selfless and perennially bonding wave of gorgeous humanity,

Immortally impregnable love was what aristocratically

radiated; from the eyes of the passionately evergreen

and robustly ardent lover,

And Omnipotently blessing Godliness was what

unbeatably radiated; from the eyes of my blissfully

sacrosanct and inimitably divine mother


For some it was a garden of bountifully mesmerizing

roses; while some could only indefatigably witness the

acrimoniously pugnacious thorns,

For some it was a surreally rhapsodic cloud showering

perennial enchantment; while some could only

relentlessly feel penalized by the shades of

gruesomely pulverizing black,

For some it was a forest of panoramically evergreen

vivaciousness; while some could only fretfully rebuke

the enigmatically inexplicable travails and trails,

For some it was an ocean of unsurpassably unassailable

happiness; while some could only unrelentingly blame

the maliciously lambasting maelstrom of pernicious


For some it was an unflinching fortress of timelessly

blissful solidarity; while some could only implacably

feel the disparagingly deteriorating abrasions with

the inevitably unstoppable unfurling of time,

For some it was a tantalizingly celestial nightingale;

while some could only dogmatically the curse the

inconspicuous pinches of harmlessly holistic

adulteration in the air,

For some it was a meadow of eternally priceless peace;

while some could only incorrigibly experience the

frigid chunks of obnoxiously threadbare dirt,

For some it was a fireball of insuperably untamed

passion; while some could only intractably feel outlandishly intimidated by the wisps of hideously black smoke; that disastrously obfuscated their vision,

For some it was an ebulliently fathomless book of

unendingly euphoric adventure; while some could only

tirelessly feel asphyxiated by the sheer and

inexplicably unfurling volume,

For some it was a bountifully persevering ladder to

eternal success; while some could only intransigently

castigate the unfathomable array of steep stairs,

For some it was an unbelievable rainbow of heavenly

versatility; while some could only ruthlessly feel the

incomprehensibly endless festoon of harsh shades,

For some it was an Omnipotent Sun of invincibly

righteous hope; while some could only acrimoniously

feel the boundlessly austere rays left; right and spurious center,

For some it was a iridescently twinkling star of unprecedented optimism; while some could only remorsefully feel the infinitesimally uncanny flicker; inflamingly imperil their sanctimonious existence,

For some it was an immortally patriotic march towards

glorious martyrdom; while some could only grievingly

feel the blood soaked sacrifices in the triumphant

odyssey in between,

For some it was an unshakably sacrosanct mother who

timelessly proliferate God’s Omnipresent chapter of

survival; while some could only preposterously feel

the savage waves of bedlam labour pain; in between,

For some it was the most blessed icing on even the

most diminutive little thing that they had achieved;

while some could only relentlessly shiver to the winds

of rejuvenating coolness,

O! Yes; For some it was an indomitably victorious

inferno of passionately loving heartbeats; while some

could only limitlessly grouse the reverberating sound;

ignominiously admonishing it for bringing cacophony in

their dwindling stride,

Because although the Omniscient Creator had bestowed

it in the most holistically unconquerable of forms

upon every organism symbiotically alike; Life’s the

way you chose it to be; Life’s the way you make of it;

Life’s the way you believe it to be; Life’s the way

you see it.


Whether you pulverize an invisibly infinitesimal worm;

or whether you torch a vibrantly euphoric commoner;

brutally alive,

Whether you squelch a diminutively pertinent mosquito;

or whether you massacre a patriotic soldiers scalp;

for sleazily placating the diabolical politician’s


Whether you pluck an inconspicuous lotus petal; or

whether you barbarously run your obnoxiously

cold-blooded vehicle over the haplessly wailing beggar


Whether you squat at a parsimoniously irascible

cockroach; or whether you ruthlessly asphyxiate the

neck of the police officer; simply in order to save

your very own existence,

Believe it or not; in either case you commit the most

salaciously derogatory of crime; as whatever might

have been their size; shape; color; fraternity or

form; but for the Omnipotent Lord they were both

alike; as they both had exuberant life…..


Whether you dig mercurially chocolate brown mud to

erect your palaces of tawdry filth; or whether you

parasitically suck even the last iota of blood from

the poor man’s skin; to raunchily enlighten your

non-existent facial contours,

Whether you smash fugitively new born eggs with your

criminal sword; or whether you treacherously extricate

the kidneys of a helpless man; just in order to

fortify the body of your already robust pet dog,

Whether you step over an petulantly infantile ant

while pompously transgressing towards your dogmatic

office; or whether you truculently strip flesh of

staggeringly destitute woman; to invidiously warm your

every winter night,

Whether you kill the diminishingly small newborn

spider to placate the impudent itch in your bohemian

palms; or whether you viciously stab the withering old

man to death; just in order to devour every single

iota of his hard earned wealth,

Believe it or not; in either case you commit the most

remorsefully dastardly of crime; as whatever might

have been their size; shape; color; fraternity or

form; but for the Omnipresent Lord they were both

alike; as they both had vivacious life…


Whether you insanely excoriate an obsoletely minuscule

seed to fulminate into sanctimoniously depraving

laughter; or whether you hedonistically snap the fangs

of the eclectic artist forever; so that there remained

nothing but abominable bloodshed on the trajectory of

this fathomless Universe,

Whether you hack a timid tadpole to the most

ruthlessly ribald death thereby releasing your

libidinous frustration; or whether you slit the veins

of the innocent prisoner; to maliciously corroborate

your idiosyncratic supremacy to the world outside,

Whether you ominously emaciate the newborn calf to

torturous death just to tease its sacrosanct mother;

or whether you insidiously crucify every element of

the gentle giant; in order to become the most powerful

organism on this colossal earth,

Whether you savagely roast the enchantingly

proliferating larvae to tantalize your taste buds for

morning breakfast; or whether you licentiously drill

the skull of the spell binding scientist; with

tumultuously torching embers of horrifically rusted iron,

Believe it or not; in either case you commit the most

preposterously indescribable of crime; as whatever

might have been their size; shape; color; fraternity

or form; but for the Omniscient Lord they were both

alike; as they both had majestic life…


Whether you aim for the evanescent sparrow’s eye just

in order to diffuse criminal blackness wherever you

went; or whether you deleteriously devoured the

unsuspecting denizens neck in a single gulp; to gorily

replenish your belly for the blazing afternoon,

Whether you poked indefatigably at the harmlessly tiny

crab just to make wholeheartedly decrepit merry with

your sick mates; or whether you tyrannically tonsured

every iota of flesh from the bereaved widow’s body; to

hold a sordidly macabre exhibition of shriveled skin,

Whether you crushed an unbelievably insignificant

beetle under your fetidly marauding feet; or whether

you murdered the irrefutably truthful messiah of

humanity; so that manipulation was the only leech that

burgeoned till times immemorial,

Whether you chopped a minutely petite snail into a

billion pieces just to profusely reinvigorate the

edges of your stagnating kitchen cleaver; or whether

you lasciviously snatched air from the lungs of

immaculate school children; to baselessly immortalize

yourself in front of the Lord Almighty,

Believe it or not; in either case you commit the most

ghoulishly dilapidated of crime; as whatever might

have been their size; shape; color; fraternity or

form; but for the insuperable Lord they were both

alike; as they both had fantastic life.


It waded of even the most traumatically rapacious of

my tensions; with the astoundingly mellifluous cadence

in its glorious uninhibited cascade,

It majestically cleared the deleterious morass of

manipulation enshrouding my eyes; with its stupendously sparkling and uninhibitedly rhapsodic globules,

It victoriously beheaded all my bizarrely staggering

dereliction; with its perennially princely and

unrelenting shower of divine righteousness,

It profoundly enlightened every cranny of my drearily

lambasted veins; with its fabulously rhythmic and

unbelievably magnetic melody,

It perpetually replenished my lividly morose lips; with its unfathomable forest of timeless charisma; drenching each contour of my devastatingly limp persona; with cisterns of unconquerable ecstasy,

It marvellously embellished even the most

infinitesimal follicle of my despairingly beleaguered

eyelashes; with its torrentially ebullient and

enchanting downpour,

It triumphantly freed me of all my spuriously bellicose tawdriness; blissfully pacifying the innermost realms of my incarcerated soul; with its spell bindingly

united showering,

It regally silenced the very essence of dastardly fear

in my countenance; with its unflinching spirit of

unassailably euphoric adventure,

It impregnably taught me the morals of harmoniously

philanthropic existence; with its insatiably gregarious embracing of all tribes; benevolently and alike,

It wholesomely massacred even the most mercurial trace

of desperation in my blood; with its unsurpassable

festoon of everlastingly seductive scent,

It emolliently decorated even the most capricious step

that I transgressed; with its convivially vibrant

impressions of intoxicating life,

It forever ensured that I frolicked through meadows of

fantastically resplendent childhood; triggering in me

an implacable urge to sensuous discover the beauty of

this entire Universe; drowning myself in obeisant

admiration of its untainted belly,

It made me wholesomely oblivious to all gory death;

agony and satanically horrific pain; with its fountain

of unbelievably exotic iridescence,

It handsomely liberated me of my truculently barbarous

fanaticism; with its eternally indomitable rainbows of

truth and celestially burgeoning solidarity,

It gorgeously transpired the most poignantly intricate artist from within the deepest ingredients of my blood; engendering me to spawn a civilization of synergistically intriguing newness; with its droplets of bountifully exultating compassion,

It nursed me like what my sacrosanct mother used to

feed me when I was a newborn child; with its fabric of

ardently heavenly and unshakable togetherness,

It profusely inundated my life with nothing else but

love; love and rivulets of invincibly immortal love;

with its serendipitously gracious wave of priceless


And to imagine that it did all of the above without

even a minuscule pinch to my pocket; a fugitive

penalization to my advancing stride; O! Yes; such was

the Omnipotent magic of the tantalizingly beautiful

and aristocratically opalescent raindrop.


It was perfectly OK; even if you were profusely

fastidious about your food; wanted to eat the most

flirtatiously rubicund morsels of tantalizing fruit

before commencing every of your delectable meal,

It was perfectly OK; even if you were overwhelmingly

squeamish about the way you dressed; insatiably

desired to embellish your nimble countenance; with the

finest fraternity of regale silk that was found on the

rustic mountain sheep,

It was perfectly OK: even if you were unfathomably

obsessive about the things you liked and abominably

disliked; at times even waking a countless night on

the incessant trot; to heavenly placate even the most

infinitesimal of your desire,

It was perfectly OK: even if you euphorically danced

without the slightest rhyme or reason at the crackle

of voluptuous midnight; even as the world perpetually

snored in immutably forlorn unison,

O! Yes it was perfectly OK even if you executed the

most wildest of your idiosyncracies; as long as you

indefatigably proliferated God’s symbiotically

burgeoning living kind; as long as you invincibly

stood with every sect of humanity; till the time you

aristocratically emanated your very last breath….


It was perfectly OK: even if you assiduously clambered

fathomless nights on the trot; just to mischievously

roll every of your luridly beleaguered senses with the

ultimate epitome of the freezing Himalayas,

It was perfectly OK; even if you uninhibitedly rolled

through marshes of uncouthly untamed wilderness; ardently scratching your frolicking flesh with every conceivable thorn that lay; disdainfully sprawled in vicinity,

It was perfectly OK; even if you unrelentingly chased

unruly dogs in fields of hay; jubilantly philandered

with chuckling hen as the Sun set in spell binding

harmony behind the mesmerizing hills,

It was perfectly OK; even if you sporadically nibbled

at chunks of obnoxiously worthless cheese like a new

born infant; although you had handsomely swept well

past the threshold of eclectic maturity; countless years ago,

O! Yes; it was perfectly OK even if you exuded into

the most skittish of your tantrums left; right and

wayward center; as long as you perennially bonded with

God’s most Omnipotent spirit of love; gloriously

saluted every religion and color alike; as the

religion of divinely mankind.


It was perfectly OK; even if you obsessively waited

for torrential drops of rain to thunderous rain to

pelt; sadly from the heart of a profanely cloudless sky,

It was perfectly OK: even if you were the first

organism on this gargantuan planet to irately

soliloquize words grotesquely upside down; paving an

esoteric pathway of your very own; which had never

ever been replicated on this Universe before,

It was perfectly OK; even if you intransigently wanted

the most ephemeral beauty of this unsurpassably

unending cosmos before your impeccable eyes all the

time; timelessly basking in the glory of nothing else

but sensuously ingratiating graciousness,

It was perfectly OK; even if you uniquely chose to

transgress through the acridly flaming thorns of

truth; while the ostentatiously conventional society

danced in the aisles of horrifically derogatory

manipulation; outside,

O! Yes; it was perfectly OK even if you drifted every

aspect of your life towards the most unimaginable of

your whims; as long as you philanthropically mitigated

all vindictively assaulted humanity from graveyards of

depravation; as long as you made eternally everlasting

righteousness the sole mantra of your nimble



It was perfectly OK; even if you ecstatically rollicked in the lap of your revered mother; every unraveling moment of the brilliantly stupendous day; and each wind of the resplendently star studded night,

It was perfectly OK: even if you immutably plucked

stoical blades of lackadaisical grass all life;

intrepidly staring at phlegmatic puffs of robustly

emerald sky to victoriously rejoice,

It was perfectly OK; even if you erred more number of

times than you took quintessentially ravishing breath;

stuttering like a nonchalant skeleton on every

exuberant step that you lamely tread,

It was perfectly OK; even if you profoundly dedicated

infinite births of yours solely to the essence of

majestic artistry; although there was not an

inconspicuous penny in there; and as your robotically

mundane mates minted mines of imperially glittering

gold; outside,

O! Yes; it was perfectly OK even if you gyrated your

uninhibited countenance solely to the tunes of your

heart; mind; conscience and no one else; as long as

you patriotically dazzle into the rainbows of a

vibrantly optimistic tomorrow; as long as you liberate

every beat of your heart to love the atmosphere of

oneness; to love the atmosphere of Omnipresent human



It was a bundle of overwhelmingly sparkling joy;

please don’t mercilessly maraud its flesh; with your

obnoxiously uncouth nails,

It was a sacrosanct leaf of freshly blossoming life;

please don’t invidiously inundate its immaculate

brain; with your horrendously truculent tales of

bizarre manipulation,

It was a fairy having just descended from the heart of

celestial sky; please don’t gruesomely maim it with

your indiscriminately cold-blooded stride,

It was the ultimate fulfilling fantasy of any two

perpetual lovers; please don’t heinously strangulate

the last iota of breath from its innocuously godly

body; with your infernos of undescribably sordid malice,

It was a quintessentially ardent constituent in God’s

chapter of timeless procreation; please don’t ghastily

blind it forever; even before it could open its

mesmerizing eyes,

It was an Omnipotent lantern illuminating countless

dwellings besieged with disparaging despair; please

don’t ruthless snap its hands; with your fangs of

vindictive hatred,

It was an unassailable harbinger of humanity; please don’t venomously poison its holistically vibrant soul; with your lecherously stinking world of politics and crime,

It was an astoundingly eclectic and unconquerable

prince; please don’t lay a battlefield of your

pugnaciously acrid thorns in whatever path that it

crawled and blissfully tread,

It was a fountain of inexorably unending happiness;

please don’t satanically thrash its ears; with your

whips of derogatorily unforgivable savagery,

It was an everlastingly smiling doll which embraced

all mankind; please don’t sinfully replace its

bountifully adorable laughter; with your ghoulish

teardrops of torturously penalizing hell,

It was the most divine fantasy of every organism

alive; please don’t hideously cripple its unblemished

originality; with your disparaging greed and

ostracizing prejudice,

It was an unparalleled jewel of the poignant eye;

please don’t salaciously rip apart its skin; with your

profusely blood stained and barbaric butcher knife,

It was a blessing from the cosmos to all fraternity of

mankind breathing and alive; please don’t trade its

innocently benign flesh; for your sinister wads of

debasing money,

It was the most impregnable Sun of tomorrow; a spell

bindingly guiding light; please don’t horrifically

confound its boundless resplendence; with your

cloudcovers of treacherously gory night,

It was an unfathomable cistern of perennial

enchantment; please don’t bawdily kick it with your

bohemian toes; always sunk way beneath the graveyards

of insane lifelessness,

It was the greatest star ever shining on marvelous

earth divine; please don’t brutally plagiarize it with

corpses of illiteracy and pernicious sodomy; instead

of gifting it with effulgent toys,

It was a horizon which had absolutely no end; please

don’t vengefully asphyxiate its chords of celestial

existence; with the disdainful abhorrence for all

surviving; ostensibly burgeoning in your eyes,

It was an immortal heartbeat pulsating with

unstoppable life; please don’t tyrannically deprive it

of all the fathomless tributaries of love; that it was

destined to assimilate every unfurling minute of its

beautiful life,

In the name of the Omnipresent Almighty Lord O! Devil;

please don’t in anyway harm the new born child; even

if your desire to kill transcends everything else on

this planet; you can readily take my life; but please

don’t harm the child; don't you dare harm the freshest

outcry of newborn life


There was no price on earth which could ever

substitute; the untamed exhilaration which every pore

of my body experienced; while briskly philandering

through the thunderous cloudbursts of exuberant breeze,

There was no price on earth which could ever

substitute; the profound wave of enlightenment that I

felt on my skin; every day at the very first light of

miraculously rejuvenating dawn,

There was no price on earth which could ever

substitute; the irrefutable truth in the voice of the

little child; incoherently gazing towards my drearily

sagging demeanor,

There was no price on earth which could ever

substitute; the astronomically resplendent enigma that

I felt enveloped with; when I intrepidly trespassed

through the wilderness of the forests and the

gloriously spell binding waterfalls,

There was no price on earth which could ever

substitute; the unrelenting festoon of fantasies that

I dreamt all day and exotic night; the cloud of

majestically sensuous titillation that bountifully

enshrouded every ingredient of my blood,

There was no price on earth which could ever

substitute; the uninhibitedly compassionate fabric of

humanity that profusely caressed me from all sides;

the spirit of symbiotically superb camaraderie that I

felt in every aspect of my vibrant life,

There was no price on this earth that could ever

substitute; those moments when I realized I was going

to become a father; the triumphantly unending smiles

on the faces of me and my wife; alike,

There was no price on earth that could ever

substitute; the poignantly pristine freshness of the

ravishing oceans; which voraciously tickled me every

night under the gregariously milky moon,

There was no price on earth that could ever

substitute; the fathomless sensitivity in the eyes of

my beloved; the Omnipotent replenishment that I had

felt on my lips; as she kissed me till the end of veritable time,

There was no price on earth that could ever

substitute; the unprecedented urge in my body to once

again become an innocuously wandering child; regally

frolic with the feathers of the vivid peacock; until

the Sun bid the earth a final goodbye,

There was no price on earth that could ever

substitute; the unsurpassable excitement that I had

indefatigably experienced; as the nubile seductress

deluged the colors of her embellished artistry; in the

famished whites of my lugubrious eye,

There was no price on earth that could ever

substitute; the unconquerable faith that I had in the

paradise of righteousness; even as diabolically

marauding hell wholesomely blended with inconspicuous

granules of soil,

There was no price on earth that could ever

substitute; the invincible exultation engulfing my

face; when I earned the first trace of quintessential

livelihood with my very own hands,

There was no price on earth that could ever

substitute; the limitless euphoria that each element

of my visage experienced; as I nose-dived without a

parachute from the absolute summit of the beautifully

snow clad hills,

There was no price on earth that could ever

substitute; the insurmountable care showered upon me

by my godly mother right since the first cry of my

birth; and even as she underwent the most horrifically

gory whippings from the conventionally

inclement society,

There was no price on earth that could ever

substitute; the smile of perennial freshness on the

face of my newly born daughter; her insatiably innocent actions to nibble everything that came her way,

There was no price on earth that could ever

substitute; the blissfully seductive scent of the

mesmerizing rose that drifted into my torturously

starved nostrils; the stupendous vivaciousness of the

atmosphere; royally perpetuating me from all ends,

There was no price on earth that could ever

substitute; those two words of encouragement from the

haplessly withering dame; impregnating loads of

Herculean courage in my dwindling persona; even as she

was just about to leave the planet forever and die,

There was no price on earth that could ever

substitute; the unbelievably supreme melody of the

ingratiatingly voluptuous nightingale; the Omniscient

sweetness that it instilled in my collapsing form;

every time she unfurled her beak to sing and cry,

And there was no price on earth that could ever

substitute; those instants when I fell in love at

first sight; those unassailable passions in my body

when we first united; those immortal bonds of love

that we had formed for infinite more births yet to

unveil; which were still my whole and sole mantra to

lead life.

24. 100% NATURAL

At times an inferno of poignantly towering emotions;

while at times a meadow of resplendently blissful

tranquility that stretched for times immemorial,

At times an astoundingly prolific bombardment of

restlessness; while at times a river of celestially

milky and exotically unending enchantment,

At times an untamed volcano of tantalizing

voluptuousness; while at times as beautifully heavenly

as the mystical mists on the spell bindingly

gregarious mountaintops,

At times a ferociously undulating sea of unbelievably

ecstatic exhilaration; while at times the majestically

sleeping castle of fathomless dreams,

At times an indefatigably reverberating catharsis of

the countenance; while at times the ingratiatingly

innocuous pearl floating in holistic harmony; at the

bottom of blue sea,

At times an impudently overpowering monster

transcending over the realms of pragmatic

sagaciousness; while at times the boundless fleet of

silken birds regally sweeping through the clouds,

At times a passionately never ending fire that

Omnipotently enlightened the complexion of this dreary

planet; while at times a phlegmatically lazing tortoise; paying an absolute deaf ear to the conventionally turgid society,

At times wave of endlessly swirling and enthralling

excitement; while at times a nimble dewdrop

sensitively curled; and waiting for the very first

rays of; fantastically ephemeral dawn,

At times a blazingly marching patriotic soldier for

whom even the ghastliest of death caused no fear;

while at times at river of amiably drifting

contentment; in complete synergy with the Lord Divine,

At times a profoundly ambiguous wind incessantly

vacillating between the limitless shades of vivacious

life; while at times the rejuvenating incense sticks

of irrefutably sparkling truth,

At times an unrelenting cistern of ebullient

happiness; while at times inevitably entrenched by

obfuscated skies of disparaging sadness,

At times a perennial whirlwind of insurmountable

rhapsody; while at times a timidly retreating

butterfly sandwiched in cocoons of sordid


At times a fireball of indefatigably uxorious fantasy

which never ends; while at times an impeccably

sleeping angel wholesomely oblivious to the unfurling

of rapid time,

At times an unparalleled storm which took the entire

living race by radically dramatic surprise; while at

times a sheepish leaf wilting towards even the most

infinitesimal draught of breeze,

At times carving a way of its very own amidst

countless others engulfed with baseless rigidity;

while at times stooping like an obeisant angel in

front of the Almighty divine,

At times an eternally frolicking peacock vividly

flirting behind the hills; while at times fretting and

fuming in the aisles of treacherously betraying


At times an unsurpassable caravan of philanthropic

goodness; while at times lured by fabulously eloping

and nubile damsels as the bodies euphorically

titillated in the moon soaked night,

O! Yes; at times this; while at times an unfathomable

shade of that; but one thing was intransigently

undeniable; that whether I lived forever in the

paradise of heaven; or whether I forever rotted in the

gallows of hell with the word die; my heart was; is

and would always remain 100% NATURAL.


Turn vegetarian; let pricelessly innocuous wildlife

marvelously blossom; perpetuating an unfathomable

fountain of astounding graciousness; in the fabric of

the eternal atmosphere,

Turn vegetarian; let the wave of perennially symbiotic

bliss pervade on even the most infinitesimal cranny of

this gigantic Universe; melanging every organism into

the entrenchment of silken togetherness;

wonderfully alike,

Turn vegetarian; let man and animal have profoundly

due respect for each other; with the Almighty Creator

showering his unconquerable blessings upon this

enchantingly synergistic planet;

for centuries immemorial,

Turn vegetarian; let the exotic vivaciousness of the

spell binding forests; remain burgeoning forever and

ever and ever; with the diabolical demon reducing to

infinitesimal ash infront of the winds of;

unbelievably astronomical solidarity,

Turn vegetarian; let even the most inconspicuously

invisible of bloodshed wholesomely cease; with the

planet perpetually romancing in the cradle of

silken innocuousness,

Turn vegetarian; let invincibly triumphant fortresses

of unity crop up at every step that you tread;

unflinchingly defending you even as; every bit of hell

in sky gruesomely blended with soil,

Turn vegetarian; let mesmerizing waterfalls of freshly

born life mushroom on even the most obsolete

trajectory of this ravishingly fathomless planet; with

the mantra of existence being epitomized to the most

unprecedentedly fascinating limits,

Turn vegetarian; let unsurpassable rainshowers of

rejuvenating breath diffuse beautifully in the

dolorously morbid atmosphere; Omnipotently culminating

into the winds of celestial humanity,

Turn vegetarian; let sordidly manipulative treachery

be annihilated forever from this earth; with the waves of holistically unparalleled harmony; taking complete control,

Turn vegetarian; let ingratiatingly jubilant majesty

reign supreme in the souls of one and all handsomely

alike; with the sea of resplendent existence swirling

in boundless directions; and for infinite more births

yet to unveil,

Turn vegetarian; let the vividness of the voluptuous

oceans become more tangier than ever; with gregarious

fishes of all shapes and size; gloriously unfurling

into the colors of panoramically untamed fantasy,

Turn vegetarian; let the infernos of sparkling

happiness in your impeccable eyes; become the

scintillatingly righteous elixir of all sensuously

pulsating living kind,

Turn vegetarian; let every entity on this timelessly

gargantuan globe; be magically encapsulated in clouds

of rhythmically melodious and incomprehensibly

unending compassion,

Turn vegetarian; let the preposterously pretentious

dungeons of sanctimonious spuriousness disappear into

the mists of insipid nothingness; with the spirit of

stupendously enthralling ecstasy reigning supreme;

on even the most mercurial speck of this Universe,

Turn vegetarian; let the skies of poignant euphoria

forever tumble the droplets of endless happiness; with

no immaculate organism ever being salaciously

befriended of its Omnisciently sacrosanct mother,

Turn vegetarian; let even the most parsimonious trace

of sinister crime refrain in its very obnoxiously

sullen roots; with the essence of everlasting

brotherhood exhilaratingly overwhelming; every quarter

of this mystical earth,

Turn vegetarian; let the ardor of innocent belonging;

eventually blossom into an unbreakably passionate

bonding; which triggered the fires of ubiquitous

ebullience even in the most cold-bloodedly torturous

and heartless night,

Turn vegetarian; let no humble be maliciously deprived

of its divinely pristinity; with every being on this

earth irrespective of caste; creed; color or racially

discriminating tribe; heavenly uniting into the river

of mankind,

And turn vegetarian; let life on Almighty God’s

eclectic earth proliferate for countless more births

yet to unfurl; with man and wildlife fabulously

surging forward shoulder to shoulder; with all

happiness of this world immortally and unassailably;

assimilating in their victorious stride.


Golden were the moments; when I gallivanted through

the rain soaked hills; with the boisterous chirping of

the sparrows being my everlastingly exhilarating rhyme,

Golden were the moments; when I swam uninhibitedly in

the marvelously undulating sea; with an unfathomable

cascade of tangy froth; insurmountably tantalizing

each of my monotonously dreary senses,

Golden were the moments; when I unrelentingly

whispered with the enigmatically rustling trees;

profusely blending even the most infinitesimal of my

senses with the winds of inimitably ebullient ecstasy,

Golden were the moments; when I poignantly danced with

the resplendent peacocks; euphorically relishing every

bit of majestically crimson cloud; in the fathomless

firmament of blue sky,

Golden were the moments; when I indefatigably floated

in the aisles of unsurpassable fantasy; tirelessly

conceiving the exuberantly unending beauty of this

bountifully boundless earth,

Golden were the moments; when I was an immaculate

child; wholesomely bereft of even the most

inconspicuous vagaries of existence; blissfully

bouncing in the lap of my divinely sacrosanct mother,

Golden were the moments; when I had first stepped into

the dormitories of school; ingratiatingly relishing

the camaraderie of my mates; erupting into compassionate whirlpools of laughter at even the tiniest of provocation,

Golden were the moments; when I felt the blazingly

beautiful rays of the morning Sun; Omnisciently

healing even the most inexplicable trace of disease;

invidiously enshrouding my nimble countenance,

Golden were the moments; when I relentlessly rolled on

gregariously fresh grass; sensuously inhaling the

tantalizing aroma of glistening dewdrops; as the Moon

glimmered to its most profound radiance in the cosmos,

Golden were the moments; when I suckled honey from the

melodiously brimming hives; embellishing my

impoverished visage with the astronomically

aristocratic sweetness of the Mother Nature,

Golden were the moments; when I clambered like an

untamed chimpanzee upon the mystically philandering

hills; drifted in surreal unison with the romantically

gorgeous clouds; for centuries unprecedented,

Golden were the moments; when I smelt the unbelievably

effulgent lotus; profusely drowning my mind; body and

wavering soul; into an unsurpassable ocean of

chivalrously fabulous scent,

Golden were the moments; when I played with the

rollicking crabs on the pristine seashores; with the

majestic froth of the titillating sea handsomely

tingling each of my haplessly staggering breath,

Golden were the moments; when I innocuously flirted

with ravishingly nubile maidens in the realms of

ardent desire; igniting fires of unconquerable

passion; even in the heart of the morbidly insipid night,

Golden were the moments; when I earnestly prayed to

the Almighty Lord; philanthropically serving all

fraternities of harmoniously holistic living kind,

Golden were the moments; when I reminisced my past

with my eternal parents; irrefutably saluting all

insurmountably endless perseverance that they had

displayed to bring me up; every instant of their hard-fought life,

Golden were the moments; when I unfurled into a meadow

of fascinatingly limitless artistry; vivaciously

painting the infinite shades of existence; on the

barren canvas of my devastatingly wandering life,

Golden were the moments; when I gallivanted barefoot

under the enchantingly streaming moonlight;

beautifully submerging my entire persona in impeccable

cisterns of emollient milk,

Golden were the moments; when I regally expunged my

every breath; was triumphantly endowed by a chance

from the Almighty Lord; to celestially diffuse into

fabulously voluptuous and vibrant shades of eclectic life,

Golden were the moments; when I divinely penned down

gorgeously symbiotic poetry; profusely reveling the

countless shades of charismatic enchantment; that were

a stupendous gift from the Lord Almighty,

Golden were the moments; when I thoroughly enthralled

even the most intricate of my senses; intensely

listening to the enigmatically astounding

reverberations of the; thunderously echoing valley,

Golden were the moments; when I amiably communicated

with different tribes; caste and creed; feeling the

niceness of wonderfully royal humanity; heavenly

perpetuate every shade of my dwindling survival,

Golden were the moments; when I traced the piquant

outlines of my palms; resplendently endeavoring to

decipher the eluding trajectories of spell binding destiny,

Golden were the moments; when I timelessly lay at the

feet of my revered mother; incorrigibly following her

paths of unshakable righteousness; on every sphere of

the earth that she humbly tread,

Golden were the moments; when I feasted my penuriously

blinded eyes; on the magically proliferating winds of

glorious nature; witnessed in awe-struck splendor; as

innocent fledglings hatched in mesmerizing tandem from

their crystalline eggs,

Golden were the moments; when I patriotically marched

forward to unflinchingly lead life; resolutely pledged

to unite all mankind one and alike; even as the most

treacherously ghastly impediments tried to brutally

thwart me on my way,

But perpetual were the moments; when I fell in love;

immortally bonding every ingredient of my blood with

her godly life; as she led me like a priceless prince

through the corridors of magnificent newness; through

the fortresses of a friendship which would continue

taking birth; even after the entire earth had come to

a gruesomely stuttering end.


Grow more trees; profoundly disseminate the essence of

symbiotically majestic existence; to even the most remotely fathomless quarters of this gigantic Universe,

Grow more trees; marvelously diffuse the shades of

resplendent tranquility; to all those souls mercilessly bereaved in the corpses of truculently bizarre manipulation,

Grow more trees; astoundingly spawn a civilization of

gloriously rejuvenating freshness; on every remorsefully treacherous graveyard of abhorrent prejudice,

Grow more trees; irretrievably feel like the most

blessed organism alive; although your pockets didn’t

have even the most inconspicuous of currency coin,

Grow more trees; handsomely evict yourself from the

sanctimonious cigar smoke and wine; letting the pious

energy in your soul; gush out like streaks of

torrential lightening in the Kingly sky,

Grow more trees; become the most benign harbinger of

all mankind; astonishingly transmitting God’s message

of immaculate peace; via the entrenchment of fruitful serenity,

Grow more trees; bountifully embrace the winds of

mesmerizing peace and evergreen happiness; for infinite more births of your yet to unveil,

Grow more trees; Omnisciently metamorphose the

unfathomable ocean of heinously malicious

adulteration; into the sky of beautifully enthralling harmony,

Grow more trees; ubiquitously propagate the essence of

triumphant equality; amongst immortals and

monotonously wandering mortals; handsomely alike,

Grow more trees; let the philanthropic river of

melody; be the only divine virtue; that flowed

everlastingly on this fathomlessly eclectic planet,

Grow more trees; ingeniously innovate more ardently

than ever before; with the exhilaratingly ebullient

breeze; taking wholesome control of your disastrously

dwindling mind; body and soul,

Grow more trees; stringently prevent the rot of

disdainfully fretful disease; uninhibitedly allowing

the balm of ingratiatingly sacrosanct mother nature;

to heal even the most inexplicably gory of your wounds,

Grow more trees; divert the corpses of victimizing

hatred towards the coffins of egregious oblivion; with

immortal love taking complete control of your nimble life,

Grow more trees; boundlessly sparkle like the pearl of

unfettered victory; to coin the milestones flamboyantly scintillating success; transcending beyond the realms of fulfilling paradise,

Grow more trees; unrelentingly watch a valley of

pristine togetherness unleash; in every conceivable

direction that you dared to tread,

Grow more trees; feel stupendously closer to your

trail of fascinatingly aboriginal rudiments; amiably

blending with the feathers of silken goodness,

Grow more trees; intransigently gain more inspiration

to coalesce with those haplessly staggering;

endeavoring your best to wholeheartedly accept all

living kind; jubilantly alike,

Grow more trees; let the indiscriminate stab holes of

lecherous traitors; be washed forever with the

endlessly forgiving fountain of mother nature,

Grow more trees; timelessly transform all traces of

maniacally obsessive behavior; into an unsurpassable

sea of heavenly sensuousness,

Grow more trees; let the entrenchment of unparalleled

seduction; creep into your murderously plotting soul; every unfurling minute of the Sunlit day and burgeon more prolifically in the complexion of the wonderfully star-studded night,

Grow more trees; magnificently dance to the tunes of

holistic survival; with the profoundly fabulous spread

of the peacocks feathers; tickling your insane senses

as water tumbled down from crimson sky,

Grow more trees; blissfully enshroud yourself with the

mantra of unconquerable humanity; insurmountably

tantalizing every ingredient of your brutally famished

blood; with a gorge of panoramically unbelievable ecstasy,

Grow more trees; Omnipresently substitute the

torturously tyrannical lechery of blistering sands;

with overwhelmingly conjuring meadows of parrot green,

Grow more trees; bid a permanent goodbye to

derogatorily penalizing smoke; kicking its threadbare

visage away with strokes of vibrantly ravishing compassion,

Grow more trees; exotically attract untamed

cloudbursts of poignantly thunderous rain; regally

sweeping boundless landscapes of sleazy grime; with

the most priceless blessings of the Almighty Lord,

Grow more trees; insatiably mesmerize even the most

obfuscatedly alien and blood stained entities; with

the aristocratic drapery of incomprehensibly unlimited fantasy,

Grow more trees; gorgeously erupt into thundershowers

of ardently blazing desire; with the vividly Oligarchic rustling of the leaves splendidly transiting you into impregnable sleep at the onset of night,

Grow more trees; let the beautifully philandering

artist in you fulminate out to the most unprecedented

limits; celestially deluging every gruesomely barren

cranny of this earth; with royal graciousness,

Grow more trees; let the fruits of divinely

fructifying nature be your never ending companion;

melanging with your benign spirit till the absolute

end of your time,

Grow more trees; be perennially seated on thrones of innocuously embellishing prosperity; with the unparalleled majesty of the intoxicating atmosphere forming bonds of unassailable camaraderie with your impeccable conscience,

Grow more trees; inhale unending mountains of

gregariously fresh breath; into the jacket of your

abominably pulverized and salaciously deteriorating lungs,

Grow more trees; waft the scent of holistically

undefeatable mankind; to every entity satanically

entangled in the ghastly deadlock of macabre war,

Grow more trees; tirelessly reminisce the moments of

your immaculately intrepid childhood; with the

boisterous chattering of the profusely rain soaked

sparrows; euphorically putting all your traumatizing

sorrow to a perpetual rest,

Grow more trees; wonderfully interact with

Omnipotently endowing nature at close quarters; sowing

the seeds of irrefutably sparkling truth; on every

stony lane besieged with forlorn lies,

Grow more trees; let the waves of synergistically

united existence; replace all vindictive apprehensions

of caste; creed; religion and spurious tribe,

Grow more trees; fabulously encapsulate the whites of

your pathetically dwindling eye; with the unfathomably

vivacious elixir of charismatically blessing life,

Grow more trees; poignantly invite the heavenly

festoon of scarlet clouds; even in the most

acrimoniously unsparing of afternoon sunlight,

Grow more trees; relentlessly rejoicing in the most

versatile creation of the Almighty Creator; beautifully replenishing each element of your waveringly fatigued demeanor; with the unshakably sacred colors of life,

Grow more trees; enticingly let the indomitable

whirlpools of passionate desire; magically swell in

every horrifically depleted region; of your

barbarically betraying body,

Grow more trees; witness God’s most revered process of

procreation; symbiotically evolve as each day unveiled

into the romantically iridescent night,

Grow more trees; forever acclimatize with the tunes of

blossoming laughter; wholesomely repelling even the

most infidel trace of negativity in your persona; to

the firmament of hell from where it had originally arisen,

Grow more trees; let the chapter of godly existence

continue forever and ever and ever; and this time with

the Omniscient mantra of LIVE AND LET LIVE;

irrefutably culminating from your splendidly

purposeful and patriotically dedicated stride.


The waves emanating from it were astronomically spell

binding; tranquilly pacifying even the most

diabolically traumatized; with the spirit of

Omnipotent humanity,

The colors diffusing from it were vivaciously

resplendent; gregariously embellishing even the most

brutally impoverished of entities; with the magic of

eternally compassionate timelessness,

The tunes wafting from it were enchantingly

mesmerizing; blissfully placating even the most

inexplicable of miseries of truculently bereaved human kind,

The rays wafting from it were Omnipotently uniting;

celestially melanging all religion and tribe; into the

invincible fortress of pricelessly symbiotic sharing,

The winds disseminating from it were bountifully

benevolent; philanthropically endowing the sacred

essence of existence to every dwelling; that they

triumphantly gushed into,

The droplets cascading from it were Omnisciently

healing; regally soothing even the most tyrannically

macabre of pain; with townships of enthrallingly

beautiful symmetry,

The reflections exuding from it were majestically

ubiquitous; in which every organism alive; could

innocuously perceive the essence of its harmoniously

synergistic survival,

The mists floating from it were triumphantly

tantalizing; marvelously engendering a cradle of

silken paradise; even in the hearts of the most

salaciously monotonous and devilish murderers,

The leaves whistling from it were aristocratically

gregarious; royally bringing even the most

fathomlessly distant and prejudiced quarters of the

earth; to collectively replenish themselves with the

fruits of heavenly fructifying nature,

The shadows flowing from it were immaculately ingratiating; irrefutably cleansing the heinously despicable soul with the rhythm of unconquerable righteousness,

The beats pulsating from it were perpetually vibrant;

handsomely revolving the threads of the entire

civilization; with levers of magnetically sparkling

and unparalleled truth,

The rivers tumbling from it were perennially rhapsodic; transcending past the spuriously parsimonious entrenchments of abhorrent manipulation; to spawn a valley of unsurpassably impregnable sensuousness,

The melody gallivanting from it was magnificently

iridescent; victoriously towering over even the most

insipidly mercurial iota of gruesome badness; with its

profoundly unassailable sweetness,

The empathy fulminating from it was stupendously

unshakable; forming bonds of ubiquitously serene

companionship; between the disastrously penurious and

powerhouses of ostentatious wealth; alike,

The charisma unveiling from it was incomprehensibly

fantastic; casting its spell of exhilaratingly

ebullient fantasy; upon all those with an immaculately

affable heart,

The numerals pouring from it were spotlessly

undefeatable; irrevocably portraying the flag of

blazing victory; at even the most minuscule turn that

the earth took and enchantingly radiated into,

The breath dispersing from it was undeterrably

unflinching; instilling boundless caverns of life and

luck into the lives of even those; morbidly

disintegrated and countless feet beneath their graves,

The love circulating from it was immortally

inimitable; Omnipresently deluging the life of every

deplorably devastated entity; with universally

sparkling and poignant togetherness,

It needed no pretentions; caste; creed; wealth or

power to purchase; it needed no specific township to

occupy; as it was ready to divinely assimilate into

every heart harmoniously willing to accept it; be the

timeless jewel of every immaculate eye; such was the

everlastingly princely SKY OF PIOUS PEACE.


NO smoking; NO offensively ghoulish odor lugubriously stabbing every

gorgeously impeccable and rhapsodic ingredient of the atmosphere,

NO smoking; NO horrendously inexplicable disease infiltrating into the

Body invidiously; treacherously asphyxiating you towards your veritable


NO smoking; NO disgustingly manipulative webs of bizarre lechery;

threateningly overwhelming even the most infinitesimal trace of

goodness in eternal mankind,

NO smoking; NO insidiously negative energies corrupting the fabric of

innocuous holistic humanity; satanically lambasting the Omnipotent

effervescence of unconquerable truth,

NO smoking; NO truculently diabolical tyranny to the ingratiating

jacket of lungs; not even the tiniest of abuse to the most wonderfully sculptured

and impeccably nimble body,

NO smoking; NO maliciously ghastly whirlpools of stinking white;

venomously permeating into the heavenly nostril; perfidiously obfuscating crystal clear centers of enamoring sight,

NO smoking; NO bouts of insanely maniacal frustration ominously

creeping up the pious soul; relentlessly trying to mercilessly pulverize

ravishingly mesmerizing existence,

NO smoking; NO beads of drearily rotten sweat dribbling from the

innocent forehead; no preposterously pugnacious scent of the obsolete gutters

emanating from harmonious body perspiration,

NO smoking; NO irascibly murderous vacillations of the heart; not even

the most inconspicuous maelstroms of penalizing blood pressure and

victimizing adulteration,

NO smoking; NO indefatigably abhorrent series of pathetically whooping

cough; not even the most diminutive trace of gory infection in the

chords of the enchantingly sensuous throat,

NO smoking; NO coffins of horrifically crippling cancer rampantly

marauding the poignant bloodstreams; surreptitiously clambering up the body to devilishly inflict the chapters of permanent death,

NO smoking; NO inhibitions whatsoever in melanging with the lap of

sacrosanct nature; and every panoramic fruit of God’s unsurpassably

bountiful creation; wholeheartedly welcoming your immaculately humanitarian


NO smoking; NO tense apprehensions of a miserably truncated life; not

even the most mercurial of fear at all of prematurely snapping the fangs of

existence; with your very own trembling hands,

NO smoking; NO indiscriminately whipping malice; with every religion;

caste; creed; color; tribe on this planet; symbiotically blending in

the religion of priceless mankind,

NO smoking; NO recklessly sleepless nights; with licentiously bellicose

nightmares maiming you beyond the realms of sagacious recognition,

NO smoking; NO diffidently stumbling footsteps; not even the most

parsimonious trace of fear encapsulating your countenance,

NO smoking; NO salaciously coldblooded parasites loitering all over

your traumatically frazzled body; truculently evicting even the last ounce

of your exuberant energy,

NO smoking; NO aimlessly ominous wandering in the corridors of vengeful

neglect; not even the most invisible trace of vindictively forlorn and

malevolent obsession,

NO smoking; NO ignominious condemnation thrusted into your nimble face;

no opprobrious rebuke assassinating you on every step that you


NO smoking; NO blood stained tears rolling down your harmless cheeks;

not even the slightest trace of castigating anguish enshrouding the

blissful contours of your face,

NO smoking; NO wars of savagely destroying loneliness annihilating

every trace of your vivid exhilaration; with a sky of unfathomably unending

freshness miraculously coalescing with your stride,

NO smoking; NO witnessing your profusely decaying form in the mirror

every dawn; with the beats of everlasting sensuousness forever being the

profound embellishment of your innocent eyes,

NO smoking; NO regret for the celestially scintillating chapter of

life; not even the most diminutive curse of past lives; ever caressing you for

timeless times,

NO smoking; NO ruthlessly abrading your destiny lines with your own

breath; with every instant of life unfurling into a garden of bountifully

endowing beauty and graciousness,

NO smoking; NO demons pilfering into your visage as the Sun went behind

the sky; with the Omnipotent glow of righteousness forever being as your

only companion; your only and unbreakable pride,

NO smoking; NO ghosts perilously decimating you from all sides; with a

paradise of invincibly princely triumph irrevocably kissing you till

the very end of your time,

NO smoking; NO squeamishly threadbare dirt imprisoning every element of

your demeanor; with the mantra of synergistic existence being your only

fodder to spell bindingly survive,

NO smoking; NO noose tightening ghastily round your intricately

effusive neck; with every aspect of life suddenly illuminating with ebulliently

untamed gusto and aristocratic cheer,

NO smoking; NO savagely blood shot and torturously dry eyes; not even

the most infidel blemish of dolorously pale blackness on the contours of

your resplendently silken skin,

NO smoking; NO repentance for uselessly leading enamoring life; not

even the most fugitive feeling of massacring the heart of God’s gloriously

enchanting creation,

NO smoking; NO challenging the laws of pricelessly proliferating

existence; synergistically surrendering every iota of your visage to the

unprecedented treasurehouse of royal mankind,

NO smoking; NO painstakingly walking through stringently restricted

zones; with every organism on this Universe traversing shoulder to shoulder

through the zone of; ubiquitously Omnipotent mankind,

NO smoking; NO sporadic stuttering of vivaciously volatile breath; not

even the most tiniest of impediment in the passage of euphorically

everlasting air and existence,

NO smoking; NO thorns of acrimoniously criminal prejudice and bloody

crime; with the pathways of survival astoundingly radiating with the

profoundly vibrant elixir of friendship and irrefutably spell binding prosperity,

NO smoking; NO ghostly incarceration of the conscience in corpses of

remorseful stagnation; with the rainbow of sparklingly heavenly truth

reigning supreme for infinite more births yet to unveil,

And NO smoking; NO bidding adieu to the fabric of Omnisciently

ever-pervading life; with the entrenchment of sacrosanct existence

perpetually blending forever and ever and ever with the Creator Divine.


Every rose in the bountiful gardens profoundly bloomed

with it; blissfully assimilating its enchanting

goodness in each of its vivaciously redolent petals,

Every beam of the miraculously Omnipotent Sun

profusely blazed with it; triumphantly pronouncing its

unflinchingly spell binding impression upon the

colossal Universe,

Every droplet of the ravishingly mesmerizing waterfall

marvelously glimmered with it; casting an irrefutably

unconquerable spell of divine exoticism upon each

organism alive,

Every leaf of the mystically corrugated tree

exuberantly swirled with it; ebulliently leaping

towards celestial paradise; in the swirl of its

compassionately poignant caress,

Every seductively tantalizing nightingale timelessly

sung it; gorgeously portraying its astoundingly

unfathomable charisma; to the entire beleaguered

planet outside,

Every enamoring rainbow in the fathomless cosmos

danced euphorically to its tunes; culminating into an

incredulously amazing kaleidoscope of panoramic

beauty; and rejuvenating color,

Every blade of harmoniously nimble grass ecstatically

swayed to it; innocuously fulminating its sensuous

cascade of golden dewdrops; as vibrant dawn overtook

the complexion of the ghastly night,

Every ingratiatingly silken web insurmountably dazzled

with it; divinely dissipating its unassailably

Omnipotent glow; to all those miserably dithering

towards the aisles of treacherous nothingness,

Every exotically crimson cloud torrentially showered

it; engulfing bizarrely barren landscapes of malicious

prejudice; with incomprehensibly unending spurts of

holistic symbiosis,

Every amiably philandering meadow gregariously

harbored it; harnessing the tree of invincible

humanity; with its perennial tributaries of

uninhibited freedom,

Every wonderfully soaring bird affably encapsulated

it; flooding each element of the dolorously sultry

atmosphere around; with waves of unbelievably

Omniscient charisma,

Every mystically chanting cuckoo majestically

whispered it; ubiquitously disseminating its

relentless glory; to the most obscurely ethereal

regions of this limitless planet,

Every voluptuously scented root proudly possessed it;

unequivocally depicting to one and all alike; that it

was the most quintessential rudiment of every organism

to survive,

Every boisterously bubbling bee made it the honey of

its hive; ecumenically oozing its entrenchment of

perpetual sweetness; overtoppling the hideous devil

with its melody of; everlasting togetherness,

Every serenely pacifying dusk pricelessly encompassed

it; entirely metamorphosing every heinously barbaric

into an apostle of peace; with its impregnable

chapters of eternal contentment,

Every rhapsodically drifting wind intransigently

embraced it; basking in the unprecedented aura of its

timeless sensuousness; for centuries immemorial,

Every holistically truthful soul indefatigably lived

it; naturally letting its immaculately godly elements;

take wholesomely gratifying control for infinite more

births yet to unveil,

Every resplendently jubilant breath stupendously

relished it; insatiably suckling unsurpassable

fireballs of inspiration from its Omnipresent grace;

to forever emerge a philanthropic winner in the

chapter of vivid existence,

O! Yes love was profusely there in the air; Love was

profusely there in every synergistically beautiful

element of this gigantic earth; Love was profusely

there in every human poignantly existing,

And more exclusively than anything; Love had taken an

immortal bondage of their hearts tonight; with their

innocent spirits amalgamating as a singleton idol of

unconquerable timelessness; under the milky downpour

of the sacrosanct Moon.


At times a river of sensuously everlasting happiness;

while at times an inexplicable thorn stabbing you with

pints of traumatized anguish,

At times a mesmerizing cloud of blossoming prosperity;

while at times an incorrigible impediment engendering

you to preposterously stagger towards the aisles of


At times a fountain of unbelievable resplendence;

while at times testing you against the most

horrendously ominous storms; which unrelentingly

seemed to have not the slightest of respite,

At times a euphorically surging bird flapping in the

realms of ebullient jubilation; while at times

inevitably making you trip towards the dungeons of

frantically bizarre desperation,

At times a melodiously enchanting song placating even

the most murderously diabolical of your nerves; while

at times asphyxiating your visage; with precarious

testaments of painstaking perseverance,

At times an ultimate harbinger of celestial peace;

while at times marauding your brain with a boundless

mountain of; compulsively crippling thoughts and prejudice,

At times a waterfall of voluptuously seductive glory

titillating you till times beyond eternity; while at

times an ominous maelstrom of intractable difficulty;

penalizing you from every ostensible side,

At times a thunderbolt of ingenious innovation; while

at times a disastrously insane wastrel; infiltrating

you with daggerheads of insipidly debilitating


At times a garden of stupendously enthralling

vivaciousness; while at times an unsparingly acrid

blade that menacingly greeted you; at every step that

you transgressed,

At times a gorgeously enthralling paradise of

bestowing scent; while at times an assiduously testing

examination of the severest of odds; making you wither

into a penurious shadow of disdainful remorse and neglect,

At times an ecstatic whirlpool of rejuvenating

freshness entirely metamorphosing the complexion of

your abominably bedraggled life; while at times a

corpse of baseless tensions; depriving you of even the

most infinitesimal wink of sleep,

At times an irrefutably triumphant medallion of

blazing victory; while at times insidiously lambasting

you with swords of monotonously mundane commercialism

and abhorrent malice,

At times the most candidly blissful reflection of your

impeccable soul; while at times tumultuously besieging

your entire countenance; with heinously incarcerating

beads of impeding sweat,

At times the tantalizingly exotic carpet of the

gregariously twinkling night; while at times a

vociferously crumbling sea of disparaging despair;

viciously hurtling you from your most unequivocally

consolidated place in pragmatic existence,

At times a mountain of unconquerably Herculean

strength safeguarding you against the most

treacherously salacious evil; while at times an

inscrutable cistern of black magic; invidiously

transforming your every wish into a mirage of meaninglessness,

At times an unassailable inferno of divine

righteousness transcending you above the most

immaculate angels in fathomless sky; while at times a

savagely tyrannical panther; instilling in you an

insatiably unending flame of lecherous greed,

At times the most priceless elixir to ebulliently

bounce in every instant of rhapsodic survival; while

at times vengefully slapping you with whirlwinds of

defeat; staring with uncouth barbarism in your

innocent eyes,

At times a resplendently robust fruit culminating into

rays of revitalizingly Omnipotent hope; while at times

more slippery than the surreptitiously perilous eel;

triggering you to plummet headon on a snake of

slithering nonchalance,

And at times an immortal bonding of existence

bountifully coalescing you with all those whom you

pricelessly loved; while at times more sardonically

bitter than venom could ever have tasted; such was the

vacillating chapter of vibrant life.


Sunrays are fascinatingly blazing,

Lotus’s are blissfully blooming,

Skies are torrentially pelting,

Beauty is redolently everlasting,

Frogs are majestically croaking,

Eagles are ingratiatingly soaring,

Grasshoppers are rambunctiously chattering,

Rainbows are vivaciously scintillating,

Eyelids are flirtatiously winking,

Waterfalls are marvelously rejuvenating,

War’s are abhorrently stinking,

Gorges are unfathomably mystifying,

Trees are rhapsodically frolicking,

Clocks are meticulously ticking,

Nightingales are melodiously singing,

Crocodiles are ominously menacing,

Whispers are seductively tantalizing,

Dolphins are ecstatically leaping,

Clouds are voluptuously fascinating,

Rainshowers are gloriously titillating,

Fairies are impeccably mesmerizing,

Devils are viciously devastating,

Harbingers are fragrantly blossoming,

Oceans are gorgeously undulating,

Eyeballs are indefatigably revolving,

Bloodstreams are poignantly bestowing,

Beasts are satanically marauding,

Earlobes are resplendently dangling,

Deserts are unsurpassably sweltering,

Maelstroms are tirelessly hurling,

Dungeons are hideously depraving,

Nights are sensuously tingling,

Fortresses are compassionately sequestering,

Castles are grandiloquently reinvigorating,

God’s are perennially blessing,

Fountains are vividly sparkling,

Prisons are diabolically traumatizing,

Hell is treacherously penalizing,

Soldiers are patriotically fighting,

Criminals are murderously vandalizing,

Valleys are panoramically enticing,

Dreams are resplendently ingratiating,

Philanthropists are impeccably shimmering,

Nights are voluptuously revitalizing,

Humanity is perpetually uniting,

Cowards are incessantly whining,

Palaces are grandiloquently glistening,

Solidarity is perennially amalgamating,

Scent is timelessly sprouting,

Bees are boisterously buzzing,

Owls are enigmatically quizzing,

Traitors are unrelentingly dithering,

Icicles are frigidly frosting,

Grassblades are supremely enamoring,

Scientists are invariably pondering,

Corpses are salaciously decaying,

Truth is forever celebrating,

Dinosaurs are mercilessly stampeding,

Bells are divinely tinkling,

Cows are holistically milking,

Sheep are innocuously grazing,

Manipulation is satanically abhorring,

Wines are sensuously intoxicating,

Stars are vividly radiating,

Fanatics are insanely iterating,

Clowns are inherently laughing,

Spiders are bountifully weaving,

Bats are vindictively sucking,

Nature is symbiotically entertaining,

Dictators are insidiously domineering,

Angels are miraculously healing,

Sweat is fabulously persevering,

Corruption is deliriously maiming,

Petals are intricately sensing,

Roots are unassailably defending,

Reality is candidly believing,

Lions are euphorically roaring,

Prejudiced are discordantly whimpering,

Robots are miserably asphyxiating,

Charisma is inevitably attracting,

Benevolence is ever-pervadingly scintillating,

Lies is disgustingly rotting,

Peacocks are marvelously dancing,

Squirrels are immaculately munching,

Leopards are indiscriminately crunching,

Politicians are shrewdly pulverizing,

Tycoons are monotonously demoralizing,

Cottonbuds are pristinely sheltering,

Matchsticks are capriciously flaming,

Infidel are pathetically caning,

Eyelids are indefatigably raving,

Conscience is endlessly assimilating,

Mountains are gloriously towering,

Footprints are explicitly unraveling,

Shadows are fascinatingly appealing,

Ancestors are regally soliloquizing,

Tornado’s are gustily blowing,

Fans are ebulliently circulating,

Breath is astoundingly evolving,

And love is Omnisciently living.


How could I ever get bored even an infinitesimally

insipid iota ?

When I had the perpetually golden rays of the

blistering midday Sun; filter a path of

scintillatingly righteous courage; through every

cranny of my disastrously impoverished demeanor.

How could I ever get bored even an inconspicuously

non-existent trifle ?

When I had the gregariously cascading waterfalls of

enlightening froth tickle me profusely from all sides;

trigger in me an insatiably euphoric yearning; to

gallop ecstatically forward; through the fields of

mesmerizing life.

How could I ever get bored even a comically minuscule

whisker ?

When I had the voluptuously rustling breeze profoundly

caress each of manipulatively besieged senses;

uninhibitedly freeing me to dance timelessly; till the

boundaries of enchanting eternity.

How could I ever get bored even a diminutively frigid

fraction ?

When I had the melodiously ebullient nightingale

singing right on my shoulder; profusely infiltrating

resplendent rays of hope; into my vindictively cold

blooded existence.

How could I ever get bored even a capriciously tiny

speck ?

When I had the divinely blooming flowers spinning a

web of majestically astounding artistry all across my

gruesomely bereaved senses; tirelessly drifting me

towards an unfathomable ocean of blissful scent.

How could I ever get bored even a parsimoniously

mercurial bit ?

When I had the unfathomable caravan of boisterously

buzzing bees incessantly enshrouding my lifelessly

stoical facial contours; inundate my mockingly dreary

survival with unprecedented enthrallment and tingling


How could I ever get bored even a lackadaisically

lackluster inch ?

When I had the fascinatingly ingratiating Moon shimmer

gorgeously on my despondently disheveled flesh;

seductively caress me with unsurpassable fireballs of

magnificently silken delight.

How could I ever get bored even a languidly

inarticulate centimeter ?

When I had tantalizingly green meadows nestled with

exotic dew drops to rampantly roll in; expunge each

horrendously frustrated ingredient from my despairing

blood; to handsomely blend with the stupendously

reinvigorating soil.

How could I ever get bored even a ghoulishly

asphyxiated bit ?

When I had intransigently aristocratic carpets of

breath embracing my savagely extinguishing nostrils;

irrefutably propelling me each instant to

unflinchingly disseminate the patriotic river of

truth; in every corner of this gigantic earth.

And how could I ever get bored even a trivially

transient second ?

When I had your immortally unassailable love

perennially romancing with my nervously fluttering

heartbeats; when I had your marvelously humanitarian

shadow; which had unconquerably become the sole

reflection of my soul.


I wore a brilliantly orange cloak of vibrant oranges;

when I felt I was ardently surging forward; towards

the fireballs of untamed exuberance,

I wore a sedately tranquil apron of celestial

dewdrops; when I felt a wave of overwhelming

contentment wholesomely enshrouding; every iota of my

profusely fatigued countenance,

I wore a seductive cistern of rustling tree leaves;

when I felt the bountifully enchanting winds of the

astoundingly tantalizing night; tickle me like a new

born child,

I wore a mystically fragrant garland of robust roses;

when I felt every step of my impoverished existence;

unfurling into an unfathomably priceless ocean of

virile dreams,

I wore a thunderously poignant tiger skin; when I felt

the insatiable inferno of surreptitious carnal desire;

transcend its ebullient spell over each of my;

devastatingly beleaguered senses,

I wore a titillating cloud of enamoring velvet; when I

felt the skies of profoundly enigmatic mysticism;

unrelentingly bequeathing upon me; the spell binding

rain drops of perennial yearning,

I wore a statue of profusely intrepid earth; when I

felt the unflinchingly impregnable mountain of blazing

patriotism; scintillating unleash from every pore of

my nimble visage,

I wore a piquant shawl of tumultuously fiery chili;

when I felt irascibly provoked by the uncouthly savage

and acrimoniously conventional society; when the

spirit of retribution was all that diffused from my

diminutive soul,

I wore a gorgeous sheet of emphatically whistling

bells; when I felt jubilantly philandering through the

aisles of fascinating romance; euphorically

hoodwinking the majestic Sun; before it kissed the

horizons goodbye,

I wore a sparkling scarf of innocuously radiating

pearls; when I felt as if the entire grandiloquence on

this Universe; had divinely blended with each droplet

of my effusively scarlet blood,

I wore a dilapidated curtain of threadbare cotton;

when I felt invidiously stabbed for centuries

immemorial; by dolorously depressing coffins of;

bizarre loneliness,

I wore a incredulously slim handkerchief of moisture;

when I felt the blistering heat of the treacherously

sweltering Sun; disdainfully scorch my demeanor to;

gruesomely livid ash,

I wore a compassionately warm mattress of sheepskin;

when I felt particles of forlorn remorsefulness

infiltrate deep down into my soul; when the avalanches

of freezing winter unsparingly endeavored their best;

to asphyxiate the last breath out of my lungs,

I wore boundless helmets of formidable solidarity;

when the sky surrounding me rained down globules of

penalizing hell; ruthlessly lambasting my body with

whirlwinds of maliciously disparaging discontent,

I wore colossal jackets of ravishing watermelon skin;

when I felt my mind was going insanely berserk; when I

felt that I needed to melodiously placate that extra

iota of my; vindictive steam,

I wore a robotic map of pragmatic commercialism; when

I felt that I was drifting a trifle too much; towards

the world of surreally meaningless and lackadaisical


I wore an irrefutably unassailable fortress of truth;

when I felt that I was blissfully transiting into

impeccable childhood; seeking the most mesmerizing of

solace in life; in the feet of my divinely mother,

I wore a stupendously grandiloquent entrenchment of

breath; when I felt that I was deliberating dwindling

towards my morbidly insidious corpse; when I felt as

if I had abnegated all charm to exist,

And I wore an immortal carpet of unconquerable life;

when I felt I was falling in sacred love; perpetually

entwining every element of my persona with my heavenly

beloved; forever and ever and ever.


As much as its dazzling rays of light stupendously

astonished me; I was in profound admiration of it

slipping gently down the ethereal horizons,

As much as its fiery inferno of unstoppable radiance

brilliantly illuminated every part of me; I was in

profound admiration of its majestically changing

color; as the hours crept by,

As much as its blazing shades veritably catapulted

towards the ultimate zenith of paradise; I was in

profound admiration of it fluttering nervously as

winds of evening inevitably took over their toll,

As much as its ocean of tantalizingly sizzling

brightness mystically spell bounded me; I was in

profound admiration of it winking flirtatiously from

amidst the clouds; as nightfall was about to descend by,

As much as its golden aura of supreme Omnipotence

enshrouded each of my impoverished senses; I was in

profound admiration of it dancing in timid submission;

after its spell of the dazzling morning came to an end,

As much as its Omnipresent charisma enthralled me

beyond the realms of pragmatic control; I was in

profound admiration of its ravishingly fading persona;

as inexplicably enigmatic shadows descended by,

As much as its poignantly scarlet countenance caressed

me from all ends; I was in profound admiration of it

sleeping like an angel; all throughout the domains of

the seductively exotic night,

As much as its vibrantly dancing flames stupefied me

into meek submission towards the ground; I was in

profound admiration of its nimble acceptance of

transient blackness; before it could once again and

roaringly shine,

As much as its Omniscient glow mesmerized me beyond

the boundaries of enamoring paradise; I was in

profound admiration of its drastically fading

complexion as it bid the earth an ephemeral goodbye,

As much as its incomprehensibly invincible tenacity

left me searching for breath; I was in profound

admiration of its gorgeously new born pink; as

resplendence stars transcended the sky,

As much as its sacrosanct aura enthralled me into

ebulliently soaring euphoria; I was in profound

admiration of its charmingly flickering rays;

eventually dissolving into short lived darkness,

As much as its trail of flamboyant fire incredulously

made me its humble slave; I was in profound admiration

of its blissfully melodious harmony as the hours

gradually cascaded by,

As much as its profusely majestic shimmer engendered

me to convolute into clouds of unparalleled ecstasy; I

was in profound admiration of its sedately contented

visage; as it settled to relish the breeze of the

star- studded midnight,

As much as its irrefutably princely demeanor made me

gasp in stunned and utter disbelief; I was in profound

admiration of its handsomely extinguishing light; as

it immortally resolved to rise once again,

As much as its unequivocal grandiloquence granted me

the tenacity to lead a countless more lives; I was in

profound admiration of its amber mellow; as it shrunk

serenely behind the poignant hills,

As much as its ingratiatingly captivating beams

seduced me into a web of overwhelming mysticism; I was

in profound admiration of its rhapsodic enthrallment;

as it coalesced wholesomely with the undulating sea,

As much as its tumultuously compassionate aura

pacified all my traumatically agonized apprehensions

in life; I was in profound admiration of its divinely

silent withdrawal from the cosmos; as the onset of

every dusk,

As much as its insurmountably flaming aura ignited

fireballs of untamed passion in my every dreary night;

I was in profound admiration of its nascently slim

horizons; as it took the plunge into oblivion for some hours,

As much as its remarkably stringent rays fumigated

each iota of my despondently dreary countenance; I was

in profound admiration of its marvelous obeisance;

dissipating into a festoon of gorgeous empathy; as it

gave way to the Moon,

And as much as its brilliantly fresh rays made me

salute it till countless births of mine; as immortal

SUNRISE; I was in profound admiration of it melanging

gloriously with the tepid horizons; settling deep

within my heart and soul as fantastic SUNSET


Diffusing into froth; was the marvelously swirling

ocean; glistening royally under flamboyant rays of the

dynamic Sun,

Diffusing into triumph; was the astronomical summit of

the towering mountain; majestically kissing the satiny

conglomerate of mystical clouds,

Diffusing into melody; was the unfathomably enigmatic

and boisterously chirping nightingale,

Diffusing into rejuvenation; was the unsurpassable

battalion of ravishing tea leaves; enveloping your

every morning with an enthralling smile,

Diffusing into diabolism; was the horrendously

conquering Dinosaur; pulverizing countless innocent in

its ominously hideous swirl,

Diffusing into resplendence; was the magnificently

shimmering rainbow; culminating into a bountiful

spectrum of astounding color and charm,

Diffusing into mischief; was the flirtatiously

philandering chimpanzee; gallivanting romantically

through an ebullient network of branches and

stupendous foliage,

Diffusing into fragrance; was the gorgeously crimson

rose; voluptuously scintillating under the seductive

blanket of euphoric dewdrops,

Diffusing into boisterousness; was the delectably

buzzing humming bee; evolving tons of incredulously

glowing honey; by the rapidly unfurling minute,

Diffusing into enchantment; was the tantalizingly

sprouting meadow; blooming with rambunctious

grasshoppers as rain pelted tumultuously from colossal sky,

Diffusing into breeze; were the exuberantly bustling

leaves; mystically rustling as marvelous moonshine;

took a wholesome stranglehold of daylight,

Diffusing into magnificence; was the immaculately

shimmering pearl; bouncing in rhapsodic delight; as it

popped out from the body of slimy oyster,

Diffusing into lechery; was the coldblooded criminal;

nefariously sucking happiness from the society; to

inundate his pockets with spuriously glittering gold

and silver,

Diffusing into perspiration; was the overwhelmingly

exhausted body; staggering towards its destination

under the insurmountably blazing Sun,

Diffusing into intrigue; was the unsurpassably

enigmatic mind; delving into stupendously fantastic

territories of the unknown; where no power on earth

could dare to tread,

Diffusing into juice; was the succulently alluring

fruit; unbelievably pacifying the pangs of agonizing

gluttony in your tender stomach,

Diffusing into tingling; was the harmoniously clanging

bell; deluging the atmosphere with beats of

fascinating enchantment,

Diffusing into comfort; was the opulently luxurious

mattress of impeccable silk; transforming you into a

celestial fantasy; which lasted till times beyond eternity,

Diffusing into charisma; was the voluptuously floating

fairy; profusely drowning into a land of unprecedented

glory and excitement,

Diffusing into dust; was the boundlessly sweltering

desert; acrimoniously scorching and fretting; under

murderous fireballs of gigantic heat,

Diffusing into pandemonium; was the horrendously

amalgamated mob; disgustingly trying to pervade

through the blanket of peace and divinely bliss,

Diffusing into timelessness; was the perpetual essence

of sharing; ubiquitously disseminating the religion of

sacrosanct brotherhood through all quarters of this

incomprehensible planet,

Diffusing into deceit; was the perilously titillating

mirage; fatiguing you to a point beyond death; as you

relentlessly chased its furtively ravishing persona,

Diffusing into articulation; was the rhetorically

escalating voice; explicitly divulging the most

inherent desires of the righteous conscience,

Diffusing into blood; were the fathomless network of

veins; spraying a fountain of crimson liquid; when

traumatically infiltrated by the ghastly thorn,

Diffusing into saliva; was the perennially chattering

rosy tongue; culminating into ecstatic joy; at

witnessing the appetizing meals of its choice,

Diffusing into insanity; was the uncouthly tyrannized

madman; loitering aimlessly on the impoverished

streets; being ruthlessly kicked at all quarters of

the treacherous society,

Diffusing into animosity; was the invidiously

sprawling cactus; hideously piercing through innocuous

flesh; as they tried to get too friendly for its own comfort,

Diffusing into innocence; was the newly born infant;

incarcerating even the most remotely alien of

personalities; in the aura of its untainted childhood,

Diffusing into patriotism; was the handsomely

belligerent soldier; unflinchingly marching forward

for saving his motherland; with the fire of freedom

blazing intrepidly in his eyes,

Diffusing into tenderness; were the placidly setting

contours of the gregariously scarlet Sun,

Diffusing into speed; was the thunderously circulating

maelstrom; exuberantly gushing past the aisles of

gloomy malice,

Diffusing into divinity; was the sacrosanct lap of

your mother; encompassing a compassion; which no

spurious price on this earth could ever purchase,

Diffusing into squeaks; was the tawny eyed cat;

mischievously waiting for its chance; to salvage its

paws on the impeccable island of cheese,

Diffusing into poignant glory; was the seductively

enthralling candle flame; perpetuating rays of desire;

through the complexion of the gory night,

Diffusing into smoke; was the colossal chunk of coal;

culminating into streaks of uncontrollable vibrancy;

as the midday heat took its toll over all land,

Diffusing into bliss; was the ethereally transient

horizon; imparting celestial reprieve from the

ferociously tormenting agony of the traumatic day,

Diffusing into cacophony; was the irascibly croaking

frog; for whom there lay dwindling despair; outside

the periphery of its splendidly royal well,

Diffusing into heart-felt catharsis; was the

effeminately intricate poet; indefatigably envisaging

beyond the land the monotonous; dreaming in the walls

of immortal heaven,

Diffusing into wisdom; was the sagaciously learned

saint; flooding each patch of disgruntled earth he

tread; into a boundless treasury of idealistic


Diffusing into sorrow; were those disastrously thrown

children; who had the obnoxiously fetid interiors of

the dustbin to greet their first cry; instead of their

mothers heavenly palms,

Diffusing into restlessness; were the insatiable

pioneers; incorrigibly pursuing their benevolent

dreams; even as the devil tried to brutally pulverize


Diffusing into righteousness; was the irrefutably

sacred conscience; always propelling you to tread on

the most prudent path of this gigantic earth,

Diffusing into love; was the immortally throbbing

heart; bonding infinite lives for countless more

births to come; in an entrenchment of unshakable

belonging and desire,

And diffusing into newness; was the chapter of

everlasting life; rising as the sole undefeated

warrior; against the inevitable coffin of remorseful



They were wholesomely innocent; not entangled in any

discrepancy of spurious religion whatsoever,

They didn’t need any wealth to live; harmlessly

replenishing their innocuous stomachs; with Nature’s

bountiful endowment,

They hadn’t a single cloth on their heavenly bodies;

yet handsomely managed their survival; without

infiltrating the slightest into your conventional society,

They safeguarded your possessions like an invincible

fortress; while you slept in the untamed luxury of

opulent wine and seductive vixen,

They were bereft of a name; yet attended to the most

infinitesimal of your command; by whatever prefix;

that you chose to call them,

They gave the most exhilarating rides to your children

on their bare backs; at times wincing tumultuously

under the pain; while your kin had the time of their lives,

They galloped like a profusely embellished prince

through the spiraling hills; timidly retreating back

as the Sun transcended beyond the ethereal horizons,

They harbored a festoon of poignant empathy in their

eyes; feeling devastatingly distraught as man killed

man; for power,

They frolicked playfully under the enchanting moon;

cuddling their young ones securely to their womb,

They had an astounding prowess of smell; at times

wholesomely depending upon it to find their way; as

their sight blinded in the most tenaciously brilliant

of sunshine,

They splashed every dawn under rejuvenating waterfalls

of the mountains; yielding you frosty milk for your

appetizing breakfast,

They imitated you at sporadic occasions; triggering

you to have the most wholehearted laugh of your lives,

They wagged their tails in ecstatic jubilation witnessing the revered grace of their master; irrespective of the fact that he belted out his frustration of the day; ruthlessly on their nimble hindsides,

They were complete oblivious to vicious circles of

hatred; lies; lecherous ambition; confronted each

moment of life as it came; with ardent simplicity in

their bodies,

They soared like a king amidst the celestial clouds;

rendering you their salubrious eggs; even before they

had hatched,

They had not the slightest of moral education; yet

sacrificed their lives for their soldiers; in the

acrimonious battlefield of war,

And they had a heart more passionately throbbing than

their human counterparts; weeping and profoundly

lamenting the loss of their loved ones,

They were barbarically called; Chickens, Pigs, Dogs,

Cats, Cows, Birds, Monsters, Wolves, Rabbits; Mice;

Ants and Frogs,

With people cutting; roasting; slaughtering;

strangulating; consuming; them for their daily meals;

as they still showered their blessings to all living


Therefore it is my plea to all you humans out there;

don’t give them any status in your monotonous society;

but at least can you STOP KILLING ANIMALS.


Honest and Heartfelt,

Passionate and Princely,

Immaculate and Innocent,

Flamboyant and Fantastic,

Surreal and Soothing,

Voluptuous and Victorious,

Bonding and Benevolent,

Gregarious and Gallivanting,

Marvelous and Mitigating,

Alluring and Alleviating,

Wholesome and Wonderful,

Triumphant and Trustworthy,

Truthful and Tangy,

Adorning and Adorable,

Rejuvenating and Rhapsodic,

Ingratiating and Immaculate,

Incarcerating and Illustrious,

Picturesque and Phlegmatic,

Congenial and Charismatic,

Seductive and Sedating,

Playful and Profuse,

Dynamic and Delectable,

Colorful and Culminating,

Blistering and Benign,

Beautiful and Believing,

Nostalgic and Naughty,

Emphatic and Ecclesiastical,

Eloquent and Enduring,

Mystical and Majestic,

Handsome and Honorable,

Insatiable and Incredulous,

Enchanting and Enormous,

Sweet and Smiling,

Tantalizing and Tumultuous,

Vibrant and Vivacious,

Prudent and Piquant,

Fortified and Fulminating,

Pleasant and Perspicacious,

Sagacious and Sacrosanct,

Placating and Philanthropic,

Pulsating and Palpitating,

Intricate and Indispensable,

Swanky and Serene,

Continuous and Camaraderie,

Infinite and Inexplicable,

Affable and Astronomical,

Gigantic and Genial,

Sensational and Solemn,

Definite and Delightful,

Real and Regale,

Euphoric and Exultating,

Brilliant and Bountiful,

Redolent and Ravishing,

Titillating and Transcending,

Undulating and Unveiling,

Shy and Scintillating,

Volatile and Vespered,

Rampant and Remembering,

Friendly and Flirtatious,

Grandiloquent and Generous,

Steaming and Subtle,

Leading and Lascivious,

Laudable and Loving,

Intimate and Illuminating,

Altruistic and Airborne,

Enticing and Exotic,

Zany and Zealous,

Ardent and Automatic,

Fervent and Flourishing,

Blazing and Blossoming,

Auspicious and Absorbing,

Stimulating and Sensuous,

Ultimate and Utopia,

Penetrating and Puristic,

Holistic and Hundred,

Cute and Celestial,

Crisp and Cumulative,

Pungent and Peaceful,

Eclectic and Esoteric,

Quintessential and Quivering,

Unrelenting and Unfazed,

Daunting and Dancing,

Chirpy and Chivalrous,

Flaming and Fulsome,

Scholarly and Stylish,

Sedulous and Salient,

Golden and Glamorous,

Magnificent and Maneuverable,

Loquacious and Levitating,

Singing and Salty,

Invincible and Inducing,

Immortal and Imminent,

Divinely and Devotional,

Appetizing and Aboriginal,

Rudimentary and Rustic,

Silken and Salubrious,

Courageous and Cascading,

Living and Lightening,

Evolving and Eternal,

Was the tiny little and Godly Heartbeat.


Music is an enchanting reverie which never ends;

inundating your dying soul with perpetual happiness,

Music is a mesmerizing bird which keeps soaring

endlessly through the mystical clouds; nostalgically

transiting you back into realms of impeccable


Music is a resplendent star in the cosmos; which

incessantly keeps rejuvenating withering lives from

the brink of despairing extinction,

Music is a tantalizing whisper which astoundingly

proliferates in the mind as each second unveiled;

truly escalating the spirit of existence,

Music is a poignant panacea for the most inexplicable

of ailment; profoundly blending the rhythm of the

passionate heart with all the goodness prevailing in

the atmosphere,

Music is a wave of euphoric rhapsody; which washes

away all those sins; you may have inadvertently

stumbled upon,

Music is a profusely redolent rose; uninhibitedly

disseminating its scent to whomsoever who wanted to

inhale it,

Music is the invincible ladder to ebullient success;

propelling you to rise from the obnoxious ashes;

everytime you horrendously faltered in your step,

Music is a vivacious rainbow; deluging mundane

survival with compassionate loads of vibrant color and charm,

Music is a captivating fountain; bestowing each life

it beseiged with a festoon of emphatic melody,

Music is the most effusive form of expression;

stirring the most inner most recesses of the

conscience to unbelievably unprecedented limits,

Music is more gorgeous than the voluptuous shadow;

unfurling an unsurpassable tale of tantalizing mystery

in each of its tunes,

Music is the most immaculate sound which a tangible

organism could ever emanate; the most sacrosanct tune;

which perpetually unites one and all; alike,

Music is a seductive trail that leads to the most

marvelously tingling fantasy; a dream which only the

angels in the heavens could coalesce with and conceive,

Music is a indomitable protagonist; absorbing even the

most infinitesimal trace of acrimonious hostility; in

the swirl of its tenacious pulse,

Music is a magnificently surreal cloud which

relentlessly rains; blessing the lives of countless

with the essence of its sacred grace,

Music is a velvety feather which not only triggers an

untamed exultation in breathless identities; but

rekindles them to lead a myriad of infinite more

exciting lives,

Music is the religion you believe in; the language in

which your very first ancestor used to merrily


Music is the solitary ray of dazzling light in the

preposterously morbid tunnel; engendering you to

emerge victorious in the Herculean struggle called life,

Music is an arrow which hits its target completely

blindfolded; rises as the uncrowned prince; even as

the entire planet headed towards inevitably disdainful


Music is an intriguingly innocuous child; that stays

forever young even after undergoing an

incomprehensible battalion of deaths,

Music is the insurmountable spice which foments even

the dead to rise from their graves; dance in

stupendously sultry winds in the throes of moonlit


Music is the most wonderful entertainment bereft of a

single penny; and yet amazingly reinvigorating the

entire system with blissful synergies that the body

had always desired,

Music is the sparkle of ones eye; the glow which every

personality radiates in the most divinely contented

stage of life,

Music is the whistling air you breathe; the ecstatic

spurts of energy you expend while trespassing on every

path of life; the celestial flurry of smiles on your

countenance as you are enthralled by the creation of


Music is indeed the reason why you live; the reason

why you will always choose to love; or shall we say



Even if a droplet of it fell in my food; I puke out

what I had consumed in my stomach; during the tenure

of the marathon month,

Even if a droplet of it blended with the dusty road; I

wildly swerved my sedan; crashing face on against the

lanky tree; with my heart palpitating faster than

white lightening,

Even if a droplet of it got smeared inadvertently with

my pillow; I relentlessly tossed and turned all night;

fostering agonizing memories about the plight of my

fellow compatriots in suffering,

Even if a droplet of it dribbled down from my mirror;

I started to witness the entire world as disastrously

shattered; and all perceptions of mesmerizing beauty

just disappeared from my mind,

Even if a droplet of it came tumbling from the

astronomically fathomless sky; I swooned in sheer

disbelief towards the ground; terrified that the

Creator might have now decided to end this magnificent earth,

Even if a droplet of it plummeted into the gigantic

glass of water; I started to have insane

hallucinations about the sacrosanct spirit of life; to

be in grave danger,

Even if a droplet of it oozed from my beloved's face;

I had a horrendously ringing sensation in my bones;

and I found tears of profound empathy slither down my eyes,

Even if a droplet of it loitered on the periphery of

my shoe; my feet started to tremble inexplicably; and

the saliva in my throat froze brusquely midway; as I

felt helpless for mankind in hysterical grief,

Even if a droplet of it lingered close to my breath; I

felt that the gates of doomsday had suddenly unveiled

themselves full throttle upon the Universe,

Even if a droplet of it stuck to the luminous dial of

my watch; I commenced to conceive that time had

bizarrely condensed in its roots; and a treacherously

sinister glow hideously enveloped the whole planet,

Even if a droplet of it appeared on the television

screen; I felt myself perpetuated with an insatiable

nostalgia for my countrymen; sacrificing their lives

in true patriotism; to ensure that I existed in perpetual peace,

Even if a droplet of it coalesced with the

majestically shimmering stream; I felt as if the

entire assemblage of water was shivering in

unprecedented pain,

Even if a droplet of it fell on the immaculately plain

sheet of writing paper; I felt that it was impossibly

irrevocable to remove the stains with even the most

incredulously powerful eraser in this world,

Even if a droplet of it sprinkled itself on tree

leaves; I ruminated that wild life was pathetically

deteriorating; and infinite parasites crawled on the

prowl to pacify their lecherous gluttony,

Even if a droplet of it adhered to my eyeball; the

world outside seemed gruesomely obfuscated; and every

path on which I transgressed seemed to be leading to

the corridors of satanic hell,

Even if a droplet of it spurted out from the

impregnably formidable walls; I felt uncannily closer

to ghastly death and decay; and the pulse of my

exuberant existence remarkably slackened its pace,

Even if a droplet of it sprang up on my palms; I

pondered upon the dire consequences that would

savagely constrict the tenacity of my destiny; the

gloomy perils that await me as I alighted my next step,

Even if a droplet of it leaked from my luscious lips;

I relinquished all sagaciously perceivable activity;

poignantly disturbed at the most vital fluid bestowed

upon by the Almighty Lord; flowing out mercilessly,

And it was simply beyond my most incomprehensible

limit of imagination; that if such a minuscule droplet

of blood fomented my sensitivity to abdicate almost

all traces of life,

Then how could people round the globe; eat; drink; and

relish it; stupendously basking in its glory over a

glass of oligarchic port wine; ruthlessly slaughtering

impeccable animals for mere satisfaction of their

nocturnal supper ?

Therefore it is my humble plea to all of you on behalf

of the Omnipotent Creator; to try your best and TURN



An island which you incessantly dream of; but

miserably failed to reach,

A height which is so unsurpassable; that each step you

clamber; still found you on obdurate chunks of rock

bottom ground,

A size so astronomically colossal; that is beyond the

definitions of any size or veritable proportion,

A tunnel so perpetually unending; that perennial

blackness engulfed you even if you took birth

relentlessly; for countless centuries,

A land where no palpable organism can dare to

transgress upon; a land where only the Almighty

Creator resided since centuries immemorial; and would

continue to rule till the time he wanted; was the land


A wave so mammoth; that rose and handsomely swirled

even unimaginable kilometers above the vivacious


A ray so unprecedented; that indefatigably pierced

even the most obsolete corner of this Universe with

its overwhelmingly stringent light,

A shadow so profoundly mystical; that refrained to

subside even after the ghastly blanket of profuse

darkness; had wholesomely set in,

A voice so incredulously echoing; that it kept eluding

you unrelentingly as it collided like a fulminating

tornado against the cold rocks,

A land where no palpable organism can dare to

transgress upon; a land where only the Almighty

Creator resided since centuries immemorial; and would

continue to rule till the time he wanted; was the land


A book so incomprehensibly long; that you remained on

the front page; even after browsing for decades


A painting so enigmatically fascinating; that each

time you saw it; it metamorphosed into a myriad of

fathomless shades,

A tree so astoundingly gigantic; that kept blossoming

and proliferating into innumerable branches; as each

second unfurled,

A storm so cyclonic; which continued even after the

entire planet had slept; caressing every object on

this globe with passionate cloudbursts of breeze,

A land where no palpable organism can dare to

transgress upon; a land where only the Almighty

Creator resided since centuries immemorial; and would

continue to rule till the time he wanted; was the land


A mountain with its summit augmenting till times

beyond eternity; stretching over the most bizarre

point of imagination,

A fantasy tumultuously surpassing the realms of

unbelievable perception; incorrigibly refraining to

quell even after inevitable death,

A cloud whispering an unending tale of existence; with

majestic streaks of white lightening royally

encompassing every tangible and intangible entity in

the inferno of its untamed ferocity,

A mission impossible for anyone to comprehend even an

inconspicuous fraction of; a challenge which even the

mightiest of mighty pathetically floundered to


A song which tirelessly continues to inexplicably

haunt every living being; right since the first day of

nascent life,

A land where no palpable organism can dare to

transgress upon; a land where only the Almighty

Creator resided since centuries immemorial; and would

continue to rule till the time he wanted; was the land



The tree in the pristine forest; was laden with

overwhelming quantities of succulent berry and

rhapsodic fruit,

The fathomless expanse of barren sky; was laden with

an enchanting conglomerate of seductively silken


The flower extruding from the delectable farm; was

laden with bountiful petals; blossoming into a myriad

of tantalizingly colorful forms,

The incomprehensibly huge dictionary; was laden with a

battalion of exquisite words; explicitly portraying

infinite situations of pragmatic life,

The magnificently shimmering egg; was laden with life

yielding yolk; which evolved over a period of time

into a mesmerizing offspring,

The trajectory of the majestically swirling ocean; was

laden with a festoon of voluptuously undulating waves;

spraying profusely handsome salt on the rocks as well

as the shores,

The toweringly colossal mountains; were laden with bed

sheets of ingratiatingly scintillating ice; cascading

into waterfalls of melodious froth as the Sun flamed

to its full shine,

The boisterously swarming beehive; was laden with

golden honey; dribbling in splendid harmony towards

chocolate brown territories of soil,

The grandiloquently striped flamingoes perched on the

river banks; were laden with a sheath of fabulously

satin feathers; propelling them to soar like a pompous

prince in the sky,

The flamboyantly escalating fire; was laden with a

flurry of poignant flames; which profoundly

illuminated the morbidly dreary and starless night,

The incredulously oligarchic castle; was laden with

scores of intricately alluring furniture; an

extravagantly jeweled throne on which sat the crown king,

The framework of articulately dexterous bones; was

laden with rubicund layers of flesh; granting it

thereby the formidable tenacity to surge forward in

unprecedented exuberance,

The valiant landscape of the pugnacious battlefield;

was laden with innumerable soldiers; ready to

sacrifice their life any instant for the sake of their

revered motherland,

The boundlessly glistening blackboard; was laden

synchronized lines of raw chalk; portraying vital

points of survival to earnestly learning students,

The robust periphery of tongue; was laden with gallons

of euphoric saliva; instilling in it tangy traces of

exotic taste,

The fathomless land of the desert; was laden with

infinite tons of stupendously sparkling sand,

The flamboyantly vivacious calendar; was laden with an

armory of months and dates; candidly divulging the

extraordinary rapid unveiling of time,

The dome sculptured crystalline scalp; was laden with

silken curls of voluptuous hair; which imparted a

compassionate cushioning against repugnantly

vindictive blows,

The profoundly impregnable conscience; was laden with

optimistically enlightening ideals; that provided

astronomical tenacity to the persona to ecstatically

plunge forward in life,

And the passionately palpitating heart; was laden with

invincible love; which kept proliferating towards the

sky as the seconds unfurled; kept getting more and

more fortified with each stroke of palpable



Overwhelmed by sedation; in the realms of fathomlessly

enchanting fantasy,

Floating on a blanket of clouds; with a festoon of

seductive fairies dancing incessantly around me,

Embracing the voluptuous coat of verdant grass full

throttle; rampantly rolling in the stupendous blades

till times immemorial,

Perceiving the most incredulous objects in this

Universe; surging astronomically forward than the

spirit of times,

Tell me where is death; Tell me where is pain; More

importantly Tell me O! Almighty lord; why have people

made this blissful planet of yours; a parasite from a


Sniffing the mesmerizing aroma of heavenly nectar;

boisterously leaping behind the swarming bees,

Blending majestically with the Sunshine; basking under

in the glory of milky beams of exotic moon,

Admiring the resplendent blanket of glittering stars;

philandering like a price on the summit of velvety


Saluting the birds soaring high in the ephemeral

evenings; profoundly lost in the cadence of the

Queenly nightingale,

Tell me where is death; Tell me where is pain; More

importantly Tell me O! Almighty lord; why have people

made this blissful planet of yours; a parasite from a


Galloping through the fields of blossoming corn;

indefatigably cuddling the innocuous sheep sleeping on

the hills,

Gyrating fervently in the music of the morning cuckoo;

splashing euphorically in an unfathomable ocean of

tangy water,

Daintily caressing the Oligarchic oyster; seductively

swishing the body under the ravishing waterfall that

enigmatically cascaded from the mountain,

Feasting on a celestial meal of rhapsodically fresh

cherries; lying in mute silence on the shimmering

carpet of sea sands,

Tell me where is death; Tell me where is pain; More

importantly Tell me O! Almighty lord; why have people

made this blissful planet of yours; a parasite from a


Placing the arms in the lap of insurmountably

bountiful nature; chasing squirrels as they slithered

in sheer ecstasy up the corrugated tree,

Voraciously coating the entire body with a slurry of

tantalizingly wet rain mud; gasping in dumbfounded

astonishment as the mirage loomed larger in the golden

desert soil,

Listening with rapt attention to the incredulously

animated chirping of the amicable parrot; gallivanting

beside the fire as its royal flames crackled in the

midst of marvelous midnight,

Savoring exuberantly cool coconut with rubicund pair

of lips; transiting into a rejuvenating reverie;

boundless decades before this Universe was first


Tell me where is death; Tell me where is pain; More

importantly Tell me O! Almighty lord; why have people

made this blissful planet of yours; a parasite from a



Good Morning Sunshine; thank you for filtering

stringently through my dingily dilapidate window;

embedding optimistic rays of hope in my life,

Good Morning Cuckoo; thank you for waking up my gloomy

sleep with your poignantly austere sounds,

Good Morning Grass; thank you for rejuvenating my

dreary soles; as I trespassed on your voluptuous

carpet; with your magnificent sheath of dew drops

tickling my skin to unprecedented limits,

Good Morning delectable pet; thank you for clambering

up my bed; awakening me with a pleasant jolt; as you

flapped your slippery tongue over my rubicund cheeks,

Good Morning Shirt; thank you for imparting me with

compassionate warmth; as I swung you over my naked

chest the instant I broke my reverie,

Good Morning Wife; thank you for providing me your

mesmerizing shoulders to rest upon in times of the

treacherous night,

Good Morning Ducks; thank you for quacking so

boisterously; that I became oblivious to all the

loneliness and wretched depression that heavily

circumvented my life,

Good Morning Air; thank you for so celestially wafting

into my nostrils; seductively caressing my mass of

unruly hair; to transit me higher than the heavens,

Good Morning Lotus; thank you for spreading your

ingratiatingly pink petals into full bloom; inundate

my solitary life with astronomical happiness,

Good Morning Tea; thank you for profoundly

reinvigorating my diminishing breath; fomenting me to

walk briskly forward with untamed exhilaration,

Good Morning Alarm Clock; thank you for deafeningly

puncturing my eardrum; triggering me off from

invincible sleep; when all other conceivable things

had miserably floundered,

Good Morning Water; thank you for pacifying my thirst;

inevitably providing me those few sips of liquid to

quench scorched chords of my throat; the second I

detached from horrendous dreams,

Good Morning Soap; thank you for providing me tons of

enamoring foam; which metamorphosed my bedraggled

persona into one of stupendously distinguished authority,

Good Morning National Flag; thank you for fluttering

so handsomely in the atmosphere; propelling the spirit

of patriotism to escalate unsurpassably in my veins;

the second I nimbly opened my eyelids at dawn,

Good Morning Soil; thank you for impregnably holding

the foundations of my dwelling; harboring my

inconspicuous demeanor while I slept like a new born

infant in the perilous night,

Good Morning Apple; thank you for providing me that

incredulously quick bite before I eloped for office;

prepared to kick on with my schedule for the

acrimoniously monotonous day,

Good Morning Mother; thank you for silently creeping

up beside me when I was in bouts of thunderously sound

sleep; gently caressing my hair; embodying my

shivering countenance with a sweater she had specially

knitted for me in the day,

Good Morning Tree; thank you for generating appeasing

draughts of wind that diffused through my window as

the Sun crept up in the sky; making me feel that I was

indispensably alive,

Good Morning Breath; thank you for blissfully

circulating through my lungs; enveloping me with the

tenacity to divinely pass the gruesomely precarious night,

And Good Morning World; thank you for granting me the

right to harmoniously exist amongs't you; walk

shoulder to shoulder with your blessed grace; in every

aspect of exuberant life.


Abruptly crisp; Sonorously manipulative; Astutely

target oriented; was the style of the checkered suit


Vibrant breezy; Beautifully serene; Stupendously

animated; was the style of the gigantic trunk oak


Boisterously escalating; Tenaciously clashing;

Fabulously salty; was the style of the boundlessly

undulating ocean,

Impeccably innocent; Entirely oblivious to vagaries of

monotonous life; as innocuous as the virgin sea

shores; was the style of the freshly born and

incessantly sleeping child,

Viciously wicked; Perilously threatening; Furtively

clever; was the style of the acerbic tailed & lethally

venomous scorpion,

Bountifully colossal; Blissfully serene; Dynamically

fluttering; was the style of the unfathomable expanse

of azure sky,

Overwhelmingly verbose; Inundated with countless

alphabets; Encompassing every word on this planet; was

the style of the leather bound and enchantingly

embellished dictionary,

Tangily seductive; Voluptuously enticing; Ravishingly

beautiful; was the style of the young maiden,

Blatantly deplorable; Thunderously smelly; Obnoxiously

fat; was the style of the garbage coated and

pretentiously inflated pig,

Magically smooth; Uninhibitedly unrestricted;

Handsomely buoyant; was the style of the wide spread

and majestically gliding eagle,

Brilliantly flamboyant; Omnipotent & supremely

enthusing; Sizzling the entire Universe in the swirl

of its austerely fiery rays; was the style of the

Kingly Sun,

Disdainfully dirty; Mischievously poking; Large eyed

and petrified; was the style of the gargantuan rat

sleeping peacefully on a bar of immaculate cheese,

Gorgeously sweet; Insurmountably tantalizing; Heavenly

scented; was the style of the incomprehensibly spongy

and cherry tipped triangular cake,

Pertinently harassing; Relentlessly irate;

Perniciously and incorrigibly permeating; was the

style of the inconspicuously diminutive mosquito,

Preposterously large; Heinously diabolical; Mammoth

jawed and cannibalistic; was the style of the

stoically silver shark,

Rambunctiously busy; Rampantly darting around;

Mystically diffusing delectable globs of golden honey;

was the style of the electric paced and diving bumble


Poignantly sharp; Celestially tasting; Astronomically

reinvigorating; was the style of the profusely

aromatic morning tea,

Unsurpassably slippery; Wildly woven; Intractably

sticky; was the style of the splendidly captivating

and criss-crossed spider web,

Stringently barking; Irrefutably loyal; Blessed with

an astounding prowess to smell even the most obscure

of footprints; was the style of the fur coated sheep dog,

Unimaginably blessed; Engendering a person to march

forward all his life; Vivaciously pouring tears of

happiness and sadness at times; was the style of the

effusively turbulent eye,

Infectiously sweet; Crunchy & Delicious; Incredulously

exotic; was the style of the raw crystals of

scintillating white sugar,

Tumultuously freezing; More transparent than any

mirror; Shimmering ingratiatingly under milky

moonlight; was the style of the mountain of white ice,

Astoundingly cozy; Wonderfully compassionate;

Exquisitely sheltering naked skin from inclement cold;

was the style of the richly evolved and meticulously

stitched satiny quilt,

Insurmountably heavy; Extraordinarily abraded

demeanor; Remaining as stoical as dead even in bizarre

affliction; was the style of the bulky grey stone boulder,

Magnificently striped; Dispersed into shades of

mesmerizing beauty; Tremendously fascinating; was the

style of the opalescent rainbow,

Abusively dirty; Repugnant to virtually all mankind;

Abhorrently white sandwiched between glowing follicles

of scalp hair; was the style of pugnacious dandruff,

Deadly disastrous; Inexorably earth shattering;

Unprecedentedly devastating; was the style of the cold

blooded and killer earthquake,

Melodiously cascading; Clashing into a billion

globules of sparkling froth; Gorgeously caressing the

periphery of black rock; was the style of the

profoundly exuberant and gurgling waterfall,

Unflinchingly brave; An intrepid adventurer;

Compromising on nothing but the traitors scalp; was

the style of the true soldier,

Love without discrimination; Unquestionably sacrosanct

visage; Thoughts about her child solely lingering in

her mind; was the style of the Divinely mother,

Incessantly on the prowl; Ruthlessly assassinating

innocent heads for meager bundles of currency; Traces

of humanity evaporated into remote oblivion; was the

style of the cold blooded criminal,

Inevitably smiling; Instilling life in morbidly dead

veins; Heaps of talcum powder irrevocably sticking to

his face; was the style of the comically attired

circus clown,

Opulently glimmering; Overpowering everything in

vicinity by the tenacious power in its shine; Coined

as the richest source of human survival; was the style

of the fat bodied gold coin,

Deluged with blissful scent; Beyond perceptions of

captivating beauty; Sprouting like a magician from a

pond of dirty water; was the style of the prolifically

redolent and pink lotus,

Dolorously dull; Strangulated with gruesomely

contemptuous malice; Aligned with a massive battalion

of blood sucking termites; was the style of the

impregnably hostile prison cell,

Rosily pink; Intransigently titillating; Chattering

infinite times in a single day; was the style of

velvety soft lips,

A glistening thirst quencher; Pacifying scorched

chords of the throat beyond the mightiest of

perception; Guzzled by every palpable being till the

time he exists and even in times of after life; was

the style of pure and plain spring water,

Bombastically sleazy; Nictitating with a festoon of

garish lights; A clandestine retreat for hearthrobs

after midnight; was the style of the indefatigably

pulsating country discotheque,

Continuously ticking; Accurately depicting various

shades of life; Portraying to all the immense value of

time; was the style of the towering and century old

grandfather clock,

Lifelessly still; Nostalgically reminiscent; Placid

yet profusely demonstrative; was the style of the

decade old and dusty photograph,

Exorbitantly mounted; Embossed with several lines; The

ultimate chapter of destiny; was the style of the

scarlet complexioned rubicund palm,

Infinitesimally tiny; Blended with a rectangle and

square; Kissing the key umpteenth number of times in a

day; was the style of the intricately dainty enigmatic


Supremely tantalizing; Astonishingly curled;

Flirtatiously flashing; was the style of the gentle

and beautiful eyelashes,

Vehemently stinking; Freely available all day;

Enticing an armory of flies the instants it caressed

the ground; was the style of colorlessly trapped


Astoundingly incarcerating; Playfully rollicking;

Acrobatically jumping; was the style of the adorable

and honey crested dolphin,

Satanically awesome; Taller than the skies; Ghoulishly

growling; was the style of the savagely stepping


Perpetually invisible; Able to cast its wicked spell

over innocent human beings; Lighter than the lightest

of thread; was the style of the lecherously minded


Standing like a pillar in times of distress; Helping

without the slightest of expectation; Praying for her

brothers safety in whatever arena he stepped; was the

style of the unprejudiced sister,

And Passionately free; Invincible to all powers of

this globe; Immortally existing since centuries

unprecedented; Divinely blending palpitating hearts

together; was the style of love; infact the style of

the Omnipresent Creator.


The entire earth metamorphosed into deplorable gloom;

as it nimbly disappeared behind the towering hills,

The forests in vicinity were profusely engulfed with

appalling pink light; as it sank down abysmally a few

hours after brilliant afternoon,

The birds started returning to their intricately cozy

nests; as it fluttered violently into vivacious shades

of dull crimson,

The sharks bobbing their heads in vicious exuberance

above the poignantly swirling waves; contentedly

rested on the sandy bed as it started to play hide and

seek even more vigorously with the unfurling minutes,

The spuriously pompous light of the electric bulb took

complete control; as its flamboyantly golden color

transited into one sedate pink,

The battalion of stray dogs started to pathetically

wail; as it gave way for the stars to take a wholesome

stranglehold and faintly shimmer,

The lanky hands of the grandfather clock showed signs

of inadvertent laziness; as it abruptly vanished

behind the cocoon of black clouds,

The majestic lion relinquished hunting for prey;

exhaustedly retired in his colossal den; as it

evaporated like specks of dirt from the periphery of

the silver horizon,

The disdainfully sordid cockroach slowly and ominously

crawled towards the stinking lavatory seat; as it

wholesomely left the boundless sky,

The horses galloping in boisterous unison on the

marshy slopes; walked in a silent row towards their

stables; as it seemed to be mournfully coalescing with

bland mud,

The astoundingly fat tortoise became more indolent

than ever retreating its stubby neck inside its

striped shell; as it fell like a frigid thread and

eloped away from the atmosphere,

The bones in the ebullient body started getting

profoundly dreary; beads of hopeless sweat dribbled

down the arms; as it seemed to be gobbled in entirety

by the sapphire blue sky,

The savage python slithered miserably through the

meandering bushes; as it started to develop shades of

ghastly brown on its persona,

The voluptuous green blanket of leaves drooped down in

meek submission; as its rays got more and more tender

and frigid with the unleashing second,

The redolent petals of the stupendously blossoming

lotus folded themselves invincibly in defense; as it

emancipated into the island of nothingness,

The overwhelmingly formidable King ordered his troops

to cease hostile war; as it cast perilously dark

shadows upon the soil of this planet,

The rosy and incessantly chattering tongue now fell a

trifle silent; as it winked in nervous euphoria;

sighed its last before being transiently erased into

thin oblivion,

The signs of all palpable life in this Universe seemed

to be feebly subsiding; as it displayed sure signs of

shrinking to the size of an infinitesimally small pea,

And as you all know; it left the earth every evening

to settle for a long rest before it thunderously

blazed again with immortal enthusiasm at dawn; with

people from all continents round the globe irrefutably

proclaiming it since centuries unprecedented; as the



The butter was still fresh; with adorable crusts of

cream oozing poignantly from its molten persona,

The rose was still blossoming; with its ravishing

redolence reinvigorating everything around in dull


The stream was still gushing at electric speeds; with

its gurgling waters diffusing into spell binding froth

after clashing against the chain of ecstatic rocks,

The peacock was still dancing; with its feathers

spread wildly wide to a completely full and exotically

animated plumage,

The grass blades were still awake; with glistening dew

drops now enigmatically caressing their intricate


The stars still twinkled in the sky; with the

magnificent white beams of light casting a majestic

spell on the body of pathetically scorched earth,

The leaves still vibrantly rustled with the wind;

inscrutably whispering their nostalgic tales of day;

their stupendously enamoring anecdotes of the past,

The lion still roared euphorically; puncturing the

sedate ambience with an uncanny thrill that was never

experienced before,

The nightingale still sang its melodious rhymes;

captivating every tangible and intangible entity with

the fascinating melody in its sound,

The clouds still collided in the sky; pelting droplets

of rejuvenating rain in tumultuous fury,

The ducks still floated in the serene pond; fomenting

blissful ripples to spread infectiously around;

profoundly enlightening the night with their flurry of

boisterous quacks,

The chameleon still fluttered its ominous tail;

tantalizingly changing color; splendidly blending with

the surrounding it went,

The mammoth stacks of green chili were still flaming;

violently embodying the area around with a distinctly

piquant odor; a scent that could bring life into the


The Moon still shone a tenacious white; with its

creamy rays filtering a path through the stringently

dolorous darkness,

The chill still lingered pertinently; perpetuating

infinite goose-bumps to inevitably creep up the body,

The horde of impeccable rabbits still frolicked in

their burrows; playing hide and seek with the drifting

clouds and shine,

The preposterously fat python still slithered through

the marshes; furtively awaiting to gobble its prey; in

the clandestine darkness concealing his belly,

The spider still spun its web; running at astounding

speeds from one end to the other; producing

marvelously shimmering silk with its slime,

C'mon let's enjoy ourselves to the fullest O! beloved;

bask in the aisles of uninhibited desire and romance;

for the night was still young; the darkness had set

blazing fire to our senses; the night was still alive.


The calm which the stringent day miserably dithered to

provide; was profoundly imparted by the chilly breeze

of the dark night,

the tumultuous passion which the austerely acerbic day

failed to provide; was profoundly imparted by the

agony of the resplendent night,

The ocean of dreams which the acrimonious day

floundered every second to provide; was profoundly

imparted by the mesmerizing fantasy of the velvety


The cloud of tingling sensations which the sultry day

stumbled to provide; was profoundly imparted by the

tantalizing charisma of the moonlit night,

The poignant aroma of romance which the brilliantly

sweltering day tripped to provide; was profoundly

imparted by the overwhelmingly silvery night,

The delectably sweet flavor which the harshly

perspiring day dawdled to provide; was profoundly

imparted by the surreal and stormy night,

The stupendous congeniality which the monstrously

illuminated day succumbed to provide; was profoundly

imparted by the superlatively friendly and voluptuous


The tunnel of unrelenting adventure which the

monotonous day ludicrously refrained to provide; was

profoundly imparted by the spell binding and

exotically perfumed night,

The astoundingly fragrant aura which the nondescript

day faltered to provide; was profoundly imparted by

the piquantly pepped up night,

The enigmatic tales of fascinating mystery which the

day abysmally shirked to provide; was profoundly

imparted by the enticing and profusely titillating night,

The vivacious rainbow of colors which the incorrigibly

boring day fluttered to provide; was profoundly

imparted by the gorgeously whispering night,

The flamboyant rays of fire which the cloudy day

horrendously nictitated to provide; was profoundly

imparted by the vividly vibrant night,

The dreary trail of incredulous sedation that the day

obnoxiously dwindled to provide; was profoundly

imparted by the incomprehensibly seductive night,

The magical wave of longing that the stoical day

irrevocably refused to provide; was profoundly

imparted by the mystically simmering night,

The cold beads of unprecedented exhilaration that the

abysmally hot day pathetically slithered to provide;

was profoundly imparted by the majestic and princely night,

The ardently milky aroma which the intractably bright

day disastrously shivered to provide; was profoundly

imparted by the ravishingly dainty night,

The unparalleled tremors of ecstasy which the brutal

beams of day insurmountably struggled to provide; was

profoundly imparted by the stringently spicy winds of night,

The opulent showers of nostalgia which the murderously

blazing day wavered to provide; was profoundly

imparted by the opalescent shades of the night,

And the celestial stupor which the savagely bubbling

day thoroughly failed to provide; was profoundly

imparted by the magnificently enchanting night.


Some called it a blazing volcano; sizzling every nook

and cranny of the earth with its fiery rays,

Some called it fulminating lava erupting at

swashbuckling speeds; charring everything that came

its way into infinitesimal bits of invisible ash,

Some called it an ocean of swirling fire; with its

omnipotent power to penetrate trough the most gruesome

of prevailing darkness,

Some called it a majestic lion fully charged up;

roaring indefatigably till everything around it was in

blissful calm,

Some called it a vivacious and golden crystal of

smothering coal; able to cure even the most

inexplicable of disease loitering on this earth,

Some called it a flaming and a supremely transparent

mirror; having the incredible power of gobbling all

other shadows on this planet except its own,

Some called it a battlefield of the highest degree;

simply invincible to defeat; even by the most valiant

battalion of soldiers,

Some called it an angry cloud that never rained;

evaporating every trace of evil from the gloomy

trajectory of ground,

Some called it an amber bowl of boiling honey; causing

even the most impregnable of entity staring into it to

inevitably wink,

Some called it a cascading waterfall of blistering

energy; taking the demon by tumultuous force in its

impetuous wrath,

Some called it an inland of unprecedented courage;

impregnating even the weakest body standing beneath

it; with daunting strength and fortitude,

Some called it the King of all eggs always shining;

fomenting boundless number of mammalian eggs to hatch

into innocuous fledglings; providing them with the

most conducive quantity of heat,

Some called it a dazzling fountain of bubbling acid;

which left no scope at all for misery; till the time

it grandiloquently glowed all day,

Some called it the most unadulterated body ever

created; with every soul on this globe; unanimously

revering it for the irrefutable sanctity it possessed,

Some called it a flamboyantly shimmering spoon; which

looked after each and every object breathing; saw to

it that everyone was sumptuously fed,

Some called it a scintillating sword; having the

prowess to wholesomely annihilate the one it wanted

with its marvelously gleaming edge,

Some called it the ultimate savior in times of

unwarranted distress; igniting rays of hope with its

omnipresent light,

Some called it an immeasurable diamond; with its

unsurpassable depth; defeating the worst of chilly night,

Different people living in different tribes christened

it by countless names and opinions; absolutely

astounded by the strength of its unconquerable beams,

But I will always call and worship it as my undefeated

God; my loving and immortally adorable SUN GOD


Drink like a rabbit, gently lapping at water cascading

from white water springs of the mountain,

Sleep like a demon, snoring thunderously without even

moving a whisker to the most lethal of dynamite


Perspire like a bull, slogging it hard under the

steaming rays of the sun,

Dance like a peacock, spreading your feathers to a

full plumage under exotic outbursts of rain,

Smile like a wild chimpanzee, snaring your snow white

teeth without being the slightest overwhelmed by your


Run like kangaroo, traversing the dense foliage of the

jungle, taking 10 strides at a time,

Scratch like a red ant, resurrecting your destroyed

cocoon every next second,

Sing like the Nightingale, inundating every barren

spot in vicinity with the ecstatic melody in your


Cry like a crocodile, shedding tears as gargantuan as

the cloud on every area you tread,

Sting like a scorpion, piercing supple and innocuous

skin with the venomous poison in your fangs,

Talk like a parrot, chattering incessantly as misty

wisps of air and the aroma of delectable food struck

you in entirety,

Roar like a lion, waking up every entity sleeping

blissfully, with a single growl of yours,

Smell like the roots, emanating a voluptuously raw

odor, just after the first spells of rain,

Stand like an elephant, weathering each storm trying

to blow you with enviable ease,

Dream like an angel, exploring the most wildest

regions around the globe with rampant frenzy,

Shiver like a goose, with infinite strands of hair

standing up in animation, on the snow,

Slaver like a dog, greedily protruding out your tongue

panting passionately for water,

Bathe like the dolphins, diving acrobatically into the

sapphire sea's, with your body engulfed completely by

the majestic waves,

Chew like a cow, slowly munching your meals with

rejuvenated gusto,

Scamper around like a squirrel, leaping friskily on

the myriad of dangling branch,

Fly high like the eagles, flapping your wings

exuberantly with the cotton cocoon of clouds gliding

past your hair,

Kick like a donkey, swinging your legs viciously

towards those who tried to disturb your concentration,

Lick like a cat, sucking every droplet of milk from

the steep edged bowl,

Yawn like the hippopotamus, candidly announcing your

desire to sleep to even mortals buried in their


Scream like the dinosaur, with a single echo of yours

silencing all commotion in this world,

Stare like the mammoth whale, making your opponent

blink a thousand times,

Hear like a fox, detecting the most inconspicuous of

sound, coming to know of your adversary, before it

actually commenced to attack,

Laze around like the tortoise, not bothering to poke

out your head even in the most scorching of sunlight,

Shine like the stars, punctuating the eerie darkness

of the night with your spellbinding glimmer,

Burn like fulminating lava, igniting the most

lackluster of individual with the ardor in your


Dig like the mice, making your burrow in loose mud at

lightening speeds,

Hide like the reptile, evading all traces of light

existing in the Universe,

Peck like the woodpecker, chiseling your way through

the most obdurate of wooden log,

Crawl like the spider, mystically weaving your way

across the strands of the flimsy web,

Swish like a zebra, moving your tail to wade away the

most minuscule of fly buzzing intermittently around

your nose,

Eat like a pig, greedily gobbling even the tiniest of

toffee wrapper loitering on the road,

Change color like a chameleon, adapting yourself

furtively to virtually any surrounding you go into,

Hunt like the vultures, hideously diving down and

capsizing your prey,

Be wise like the owl, prudently opening your eyes in

the dark as well as stringent light,

Care like the lioness, protecting your child from the

faintest signs of evil lurking around,

Enjoy like the otters, having a party of beans and raw

wine well past after midnight,

Explore like the panther, mercilessly paving your way

through the remotest corner of the forest,

Love like God, annihilating the word "discrimination"

forever from your adulterated brain,

And lead life like a man, wandering and discovering;

struggling and romancing, dreaming and working to

transform all your dreams; as well as those of several

around you into an immortal reality.


Just when I felt my eyes were closing; my lids incorrigibly wanting to

shut down,

I saw the tiny buds of rose blossoming outside; the unsurpassable

grandeur of its petals engulfing the atmosphere in entirety.

Just when I felt my legs were going limp in exhaustion; the

indefatigable stress of the day inevitably pinning me down,

I saw the pouch bellied kangaroo leap across with gigantic strides;

traverse the marshy fields overlooking my window with uninhibited and gay


Just when I felt my tongue relinquishing taste; infinite buds on its

surface had died a gruesome death,

I saw the cow philandering in the leafy meadows; munching robust chunks

of grass with great relish.

Just when I felt my mouth aching; the chords in my throat abysmally

parched and dry,

I saw the orchestra singing loquaciously; madmen screeching at the top

of their lungs; attempting to bring the roof on earth.

Just when I felt my hands go pale; every iota of strength sapped

wholesomely from the conglomerate of my bones,

I saw uncouth barbarians bludgeoning their way through the forest;

annihilating gargantuan tree stalks; exerting monstrous power with

their palms.

Just when I felt the skin encompassing my neck sagging profoundly;

disdainful wrinkles inhabiting virtually every part of my demeanor,

I saw a cluster of young maidens with sparkling skin; boisterously

bouncing on the silken couch.

Just when I felt the waves of sadness vacillate in my soul; bizarre

grief stabbing me like daggers of blistering coal,

I saw the clowns of in the circus mischievously smile; with their loud

guffaws thunderously piercing the atmosphere.

Just when I felt pulsating pain in my forehead; an avalanche of thorns

curtailing it from perceiving further,

I saw a medieval sage reciting hymns in blissful harmony; the

unperturbed expressions of his face; depicting that he was in a land of surreal


Just when I felt that I was about to sleep; the clockwork machinery in

my brain failing to tick forward,

I saw a battalion of roosters flying high in the air; permeating the

crispness in the ambience around with their cacophonic sounds.

And just when I felt I was about to die; relinquish the final draught

of breath; to rest in my heavenly abode,

I saw a child being born; crying innocuously in the tender palms of its

mother; trying to imbibe as much as it could with its large eyes

dancing around the earth; to better understand the place it was now going to

exist; diligently continuing the CHAPTER OF EXISTENCE.


The sun in the cosmos itself doesn’t know the omnipotence in its shine;

the blazing yellow circumventing its persona,

Its only when we profoundly admire its tenacity; the blistering heat it

imparts to fumigate pallid earth; does it comes to realize that it is

indeed beautiful.

The crimson colored rose itself doesn’t know the mesmerizing odor it

emanates; the voluptuous complexion profusely embedded in its core,

Its only when we cherish its enchanting fragrance; the stupendous sight

it portrays when sighted at evanescent dawn; does it come to realize that

it is indeed beautiful.

The star twinkling amidst naked patches of sky itself doesn’t know its

shine; the radiance that envelops its incongruous silhouette,

Its only when we applaud it for its resplendence; the illumination it

provides in the chilly night; does it come to realize that it is indeed


The boundless ocean itself doesn’t know about its infinite size; the

unfathomable depth it incorporates in its belly,

Its only when we exuberantly praise its swirling waves; ravishing froth

striking the shores; scores of glistening white sharks swimming; does

it come to realize that it is indeed beautiful.

The opalescent butterfly itself doesn’t know about its multicolored

wings; the swishing tentacles extruding from beneath its eyes,

Its only when we acclaim it for its nimble footed flight in the air;

the delectable draughts of wind it engenders while flying; does it come to

realize that it is indeed beautiful.

The vivacious reptile itself doesn’t know about its hiss; the

mystically slithering body it possesses,

Its only when we laud it for its tantalizingly shimmering skin; the

remarkably transparent eyes; does it come to realize that it is indeed beautiful.

The obdurate shell of coconut itself doesn’t know about its stone

shell; the incredulous heights it projects from on the tall tree,

Its only when we value it for its appetizing juice; the immaculate and

sumptuous pulp incarcerated in its walls; does it come to realize that

it is indeed beautiful.

The slime coated oyster itself doesn’t know about its wealth; the loose

ferns agglutinated to its visage,

Its only when we treasure it for its scintillating pearls; the

rejuvenating salty water which ejects when we slice its body; does it come to

realize that it is indeed beautiful.

The newly born infant itself doesn’t know about its innocuous heart;

the tiny legs that caress its mother,

Its only when we clap at it for mustering courage to walk; the

frivolous smiles it does when tickled; does it come to realize that it is indeed


Beauty is a virtue embodied in all of us transgressing through the

surface of this earth; it is a blessing we are all born with,

All though we remain indiscreetly oblivious to it; as we don’t admire


Beauty is too precious to be neglected; too sacrosanct to be

ignominiously condemned; "BEAUTY NEEDS TO BE APPRECIATED".


If there was water on the surface of dry leaves; they would look

superbly mesmerizing; glistening profoundly under the sun,

If there was water on mud coated wall; there would be a ravishing

scent that permeated the adulterated air,

If there was water on vegetables lying sprawled in a forlorn heap; they

would bounce back to boisterous life; retrieving the plethora of minerals

they had lost in the blistering heat,

If there was water on fossils languidly scattered in obsolete

territories of the dormant volcano; they would perspicuously depict the mysteries of

the past; besides shimmering magnificently under the moon,

If there was water on wild buds of jungle mushroom; the unruly shoots

would sparkle tenaciously; drawing millions of mouths towards them to satiate

their famished taste buds,

If there was water on a battalion of acrimonious thorns; their tips

would get dramatically softened; making them flounder in their conquest of

mercilessly puncturing soft skin,

If there was water on scalp hair; their bedraggled texture would

miraculously transform into immaculately polished,

If there was water on the obdurate foam of bed; there would be an

unprecedented cool that besieging the ambience; and I would find it

astoundingly easy to fall into a invincible siesta,

If there was water on pairs of chapped lips; they would look

irrefutably voluptuous and longing to be kissed,

If there was water on the scorched soil of arid desert; the surrounding

wildlife would get substantial reprieve from sweltering storms of heat,

If there was water on rampant flames of fire ominously rising up by the

zipping second; the occupants inside would be saved from the tyranny of

being burnt alive,

If there was water on the elevation of dusty window panes; they would

suddenly glitter in animation; explicitly exposing the panoramic view outside,

If there was water on the river bed; scores of children would gleefully

toss in it; splashing it frivolously on passing pedestrians,

If there was water on clusters of scarlet rose; they would diffuse a

blissful fragrance penetrating the claustrophobic environment with a

reinvigorating aroma,

If there was water on feathers of the majestic peacock; it had the

potential to circulate waves of rhapsody even in the veins of a dying man; when

the bird unfurled its wings to a complete blossom,

If there was water on soiled cloth; incorrigible stains would be

indiscriminately exonerated; and the fabric would now resemble an

impeccable white,

If there was water on the serrated skin of chameleon; it would appear

more rubicund while wandering indefatigably through the bushes,

And If there was water on the inverted eyelashes of my beloved; she

would look like a goddess bathed in exquisite gold,

And let me tell you friends it was very easy for us to unflinchingly

achieve the above mentioned; if only we learnt to save and judiciously preserve


As its every droplet is inevitably worth a million; for it is the

source of all life beside us; an indispensable fuel to rejuvenate the depleted

reservoir of our energy; "WATER IS PRECIOUS".


You'll find her in the frothy waves of the ocean; which fall and rise

ebulliently with the most minuscule draught of wind,

You'll find her in the silken conglomerate of pearly clouds; floating

smoothly in the sky,

You'll find her in the mesmerizing rose petals; having an evanescent

coat of scintillating dew drops,

You'll find her in the vivaciously swirling trees; shedding their

leaves sporadically with changing seasons,

You'll find her in the fleet footed nimble rabbit; prowling innocuously

around the farm with its abnormally round eyes,

You'll find her in the dazzling sunrays; which fall incessantly on the

earth until murky dusk,

You'll find her in the queenly peacock; spreading its feathers to a

full blossom at the onset of torrential monsoons,

You'll find her in the golden fish whistling adroitly through deep

ocean waters; incorporating an army of incongruous bubbles in its path,

You'll find her in the winged birds soaring high in the sky; chirping

in animation at the unveiling of twilight,

You'll find her in the shimmering spires of the historical monument;

which glisten profoundly under natural light,

You'll find her in the mystical reptile; slithering its way

non-invasively through the marshy swamps,

You'll find her in the flocculent buds of freshly born cotton; sprawled

in incoherent heaps on the soil,

You'll find her in the milky peninsula of moon; nestling in equanimity

with deleterious wisps of air,

You'll find her in the rubicund complexioned radish; with nodules of

ingratiating brown projecting in abundance,

You'll find her in the viciously fluttering web of spider; having an

intricate network of finely intermingled threads,

You'll find her in the boisterously bouncing frog; croaking innocently

in puddles of tainted water,

You'll find her in the newly born infant; wailing out uninhibitedly

towards its mother,

You'll find her in the rustically humming bumblebees; which were

unrelentingly busy round the clock in producing tones of sweet honey,

You'll find her incarcerated in the hard shell of coconut; wherein lies

the succulent layer of ravishing pulp,

You'll find her in grizzly bears inhabiting the mountains; traversing

harmlessly with several flakes of snow on their backs,

You'll find her in the yellow lilies; having vivid shoots of red

sprouting from its oval shaped core,

You'll find her in the silver crested dolphin diving in and out of the

undulating sea; spraying gallon of tingling droplets as an aftermath,

You'll find her in tubules of delectable mushroom; protruding in

perfect harmony from the moist land,

You'll find her in crystalline water evacuated from the belly of earth;

ubiquitously quenching insatiable urges of thirst,

You'll find her in the solitary oasis lying forlorn in the desert; yet

scintillating magnificently in daylight,

You'll find her in globules of lukewarm milk; oozing profusely from the

swollen teats of mother cow,

You'll find her in thunderous snores permeating the stillness of night;

wafting from the mouth of an individual in deep slumber,

You'll find her in the persevering camel; impeccably traversing through

scorching deserts; inadvertently moving its hunched back,

You'll find her in blood red cherries; ingratiatingly dangling from

branches of the tall tree,

You'll find her in the droplets of salty sweat trickling down ones

persona; after a good days-tenacious work,

You'll find her in the profoundly blushing cheek; which got aggrandized

by a frivolous poke to the ribs,

You'll find her in the tender palm of a fairy; with infinite lines

terminating into incommensurate forks,

You'll find her in the belligerent eyes of a solider; unafraid to

sacrifice his life for the nation,

You'll find her in the pouch bellied kangaroo; racing at swashbuckling

speeds through the dense forests,

You'll find her in the conglomerate of green leaves; cascading from the

roof of the hollow mountain cavern,

You'll find her in the bubbling broth being made in freezing winter;

providing some respite from the irrevocable cold,

You'll find her in the nocturnal shadows; diligently staying riveted to

the silhouettes of their masters,

You'll find her in the enamouring mass of black hair; settling down

with stupendous grace on the angular shoulder,

You'll find her in the virgin oyster embedded at fathomless depths of

the ocean; untouched the slightest by the adulterated ambience of land,

You'll find her in the grandiloquent inscriptions of the palace; the

resplendent fountains rising high in the air,

You'll find her in the cow dung cakes adhering to indigenous village

walls; shielding the dwelling from acrimonious rays of the sun,

You'll find her in the philanthropic nurse at the hospital; who

altruistically serves all those in pain and bizarre affliction,

You'll find her in the spongy blades of grass; thoroughly cushioning

the skull from a direct and unscrupulous contact with the stony ground,

You'll find her in the vibrant shades of root color; which the artist

uses to inundate his barren sheet of canvas,

You'll find her in rotund bar of brown chocolate; which impregnates the

tongue with an irrefutably sweet taste,

You'll find her in melting white water streams; gushing incessantly

from the summit of the snow clad mountains at the onset of steaming summer,

You'll find her in finely sliced stem of coriander; which imparts

substantial taste to the most lackluster of food,

You'll find her embossed in the sacrosanct scriptures of religious

books; all that literature written which circumvents immortal peace,

You'll find her invincibly imprisoned in lips, which smile; generating

the essence of life in the nondescript atmosphere,

You'll find her embedded in incongruous recesses of the soil; harboring

a fleet of terrestrial organisms in their cozy warmth,

You'll find her squirting as untainted latex; gradually extruding from

the stalk of pliable rubber tree,

You'll find her residing in the glittering harp; whose chords produced

a mystically melodious tune when dexterously struck,

You'll find her incorporated in the furry mattress; with a jugglery of

woollen threads extruding out,

You'll find her embodied in the knotted handkerchief; tossed

exuberantly in the air; tickling the cluster of eyelashes as it fell,

You'll find her in the congenial glowworm philandering through the

bushes; emitting an iridescent radiance to illuminate the night,

You'll find her in the hapless slippers of the old grandmother;

chivalrously distributing sweets amongst young children; recounting to them

innumerable tales of the obsolete past,

You'll find her in long trousers of flannel cloth; stitched with fibers

of simplicity and care,

You'll find her in pots chiseled of rustic clay; molded articulately

with bohemian tribal palms,

You'll find her in twinkling stars scattered to unfathomable distances

in the cosmos; glistening amicably in the murderous blackness,

You'll find her in the sapphire veils sequestering the woman's eyes;

obliterating her from heinous evil prevalent in the world,

You'll find her in the century old fossil impregnated with a pellucid

demeanor; silently yet effusively portraying the tale of existence

before a thousand years,

You'll find her in the parachute bobbing indolently under the breeze;

gently hovering down on the earth,

You'll find her in crusty flakes of snow; affably clinging to the glass

pane window of the dwelling,

You'll find her in the cheeks of a newly born offspring; the scarlet

tinge they acquire when he profusely cries,

You'll find her in the bedraggled beard of an old man; nictitating

enchantingly with the clean wind,

You'll find her in the sacerdotal bells dangling low in the temple;

giving out mesmerizing sounds when conscientiously strung,

You'll find her in vibrant colors of the gorgeous rainbow; announcing

its presence when water tumbled from the sky in dazzling brightness,

You'll find her in the saliently thick veins of emerald green betel

leaf; diffusing a ravishing aroma when meticulously chewed,

You'll find her in the heavily dunloped toddler pram; which sways

rhythmically; thereby putting the infant into a celestial calm,

You'll find her in trunk of the mammoth elephant; inhaling bucket fulls

of water from the river; sprinkling the same with rambunctious noises over

the unsuspecting parrots,

You'll find her protuberant neck of a pigeon; swelling it all the more

blatantly with the arrival of winter,

You'll find her in drifting weeds of algae; engendering a flurry of

incoherent ripples on the surface of the forlorn stream,

You'll find her in pot bellied ducks; discordantly croaking with their

flaccid and yellow beaks hoisting small fish from the lake,

You'll find her in the sneeze that turbulently hisses past slimy

nostrils; transforming the supremely sophisticated into natural humans,

You'll find her in all items of edible food; satiating the hunger of

millions of bowels perishing due to opprobrious poverty,

You'll find her in the juicy watermelon; yielding tantalizingly red

water when astutely squeezed,

You'll find her in the bushy squirrel scampering up and down the tree;

onerously gnawing at chunks of stolen jackfruit,

You'll find her in the mischievous faced chimpanzee; perfectly

emulating the actions of his civilized counterparts on the bustling street,

You'll find her in the cup of steaming filter coffee; which grants

loads of reprieve from the insurmountable cold,

You'll find her in the compassionate mascara circumventing the eyes;

granting them with that thoroughly effeminate look which they vehemently


You'll find her in all those benevolent leaders; who chalk egalitarian

policies for both the affluent and indigent alike,

You'll find her in the tears which sporadically flow down the cheek;

which culminate at instants of astronomical felicity,

You'll find her in sparkling waterfalls plummeting down the slope;

creating an ingratiating gurgling sound after kissing the earth,

You'll find her in appetizing candy cones overflowing with sweet

raspberry; instantly pacifying even the most pernicious of personalities,

You'll find her in the jagged oars of a boat; securely maneuvering the

bleary eyed passengers to the shore,

You'll find her in raw chunks of mud; which discharge an exquisite

redolence soon after the first spell of rain,

You'll find her in plain strings which the sister ties to her brother

on his wrist; symbolizing a perpetual bond of unbiased love,

You'll find her in the soft toys that a child incessantly plays with;

fomenting unprecedented smiles on his lips,

You'll find her in underground cloistered tunnels; which provide

unsurpassable reprieve to millions during times of pugnacious war,

You'll find her in the nascent seed; which later gives birth to the

gigantic sized tree,

You'll find her in nostalgic memories of the past; making an adult

reminiscent about his boisterous childhood,

You'll find her in the pulp of ripened banana; producing a fabulous

flavour when masticated,

You'll find her in every incommensurate footprint on this earth;

depicting the presence of a tangibly breathing entity,

You'll find her in the blood circulating through your veins; instilling

the energy to exist with the unfurling of each second,

You'll find her in the eyes of your beloved; prompting you to

audaciously leap into the sea of adventure,

You'll find her in every heart throbbing beside you; intensely

reinvigorating the spirit to uninhibitedly live,

And you didn’t need to spend a single penny to purchase her; a moment

to applaud her; for all you needed to do was to profusely blend with

nature and humanity; and you'll find her automatically,

For she was none other than the supremely omnipresent "GODDESS OF



It bore the acrimonious tyranny of scorching sun round the year;

leaving bold footprints in the dust it tread,

Traversed incessantly through blistering soil; with sandy winds blowing

across its eyes,

Ambled languidly in the brilliant day; increasing its pace a trifle at

the onset of night,

Intermittently munched parrot green tentacles of rustic cactus;

immensely relished the dry meal of leaf and thorn,

Occasionally rubbed its slender neck against the sandpaper skin of wild

tree; raising its eyes toward the almighty residing in heaven,

Angrily swished the scanty clusters of hair on its tail; to drive away

scores of petulant mosquitoes,

Wore a bedraggled rope dangling loose from its neck; a cushioned saddle

riveted to its angular sculptured body; Intricate pieces of leather

wound to its mouth; to maneuver it through labyrinth of routes,

Possessed a firm pair of hooves; which glistened all the more

profoundly in the sunbeams and looked mesmerizing under the placid moon,

Had a slimy nose with gaping nostrils; which remained wet despite the

acrid warmth irrevocably prevailing,

Spawned many of its kind; suckling its young ones utterly bereft of a

cloistered shade,

Walked marathon distances in a single day; unrelentingly stepping on

islands of steaming land,

Stooped down as much as it could; when confronted with tumultuous

whirlpools blowing with full might,

Moaned in high pitched exuberance as it sighted a solitary stream;

storing the water for months till it found a fresh source,

Gallantly fought an army of disdainful crabs; audaciously kicked loose

rocks that came its way,

Seldom shed its tears; overwhelmingly inspiring those who feared life

to come out of their nonexistent shells,

Had a passion to bask under the dazzling sun; thoroughly detested

crystal blue patches in the sky being obfuscated by clouds,

It had remained as stoical as omnipotent god under the most bizarre of

circumstances; refraining to flounder under the pugnacious heat,

Was quite glad to adopt the sizzling silver sands as its companion for

life; even dreaming about the same while in deep sleep,

I offer my humble salutations to this silent warrior; as my "HUNCH

BACKED CAMEL" carries me through the colossal expanse of the Sahara desert.


If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

lugubriously famished leaves; which wailed in

unrelentingly incongruous unison; for those eternally

blissful droplets of water,

If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

fathomless mounds of fetidly acrid mud; which

inevitably wanted to be refreshingly washed; since

years immemorial,

If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

miserably asphyxiated deserts; whose tears had

cadaverously metamorphosed into treacherously

meaningless sands; vindictively stabbing countless in

the afternoon heat,

If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

innocuously pristine cattle and animals; who were

these days solely busy; in counting each other’s

haplessly shriveled cartilage of horrifically

emaciated bones,

If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

forlornly barren beds of the boundless ocean; which

had gruesomely died till the very last bone of their

non-existent spines,

If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

pricelessly new born infants; who embraced death by

the countless numbers; in the unsparingly diabolical

heat of the Sun,

If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

chunks of lividly impotent mud; from the periphery of

which there sprouted nothing else but an indescribably

fuming battalion of pugnaciously distorted cracks,

If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

impoverished villagers; whose inarticulately mud-caked

abodes pathetically melted; under the undying fury of

the heartlessly charring Sun,

If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

dolorously dried meadows of grass; which exuded into

unfathomable mortuaries of sadistic blood; rather than

a festoon of enchantingly golden dew-drops,

If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

dogmatically sweating scalps and skins; which could

suffer from any instant from a complete nervous

breakdown; without the tiniest droplet of water in

their taps,

If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

lecherously empty wells which fretted in the aisles of

decrepit oblivion; with their innumerable tumblers of

water now despondently replaced by impugning dust,

If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

unfinished lamenting desires of true lovers; which

could royally fructify only when two voluptuously wet

bodies; invincibly united into one sensuous breath,

If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

unlimited ingredients of the ruthlessly scorched

atmosphere; whose living ghost tirelessly haunted and

imperiled; even the most celestially bountiful of victory,

If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

vituperatively parched lips; which hurled an

unsurpassable volley of incoherent abuse; as whenever

they desperately opened; all they could taste was

sordidly tormented mud,

If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

resplendently inscrutable forests; which now resembled

robotically devastated factories of sacrilegiously

monotonous charcoal,

If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

unfortunately doomed nostrils; which had nothing else

but disdainfully belligerent bellows of venomous smoke

to quintessentially inhale,

If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

rustic farmers with endless kilometers of land; but

from whose soil sprouted nothing else but the most

brutally lambasting curses of starvation,

If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all those

penuriously strangulated throats; from which emanated

only the most cursedly discordant wails of

preposterously imprisoning helplessness,

And If not for me; then atleast for the sake of all

those immortally passionate hearts; which had now

transformed into the epitomes of satanically

unforgivable infidelity; in absence of the most

unconquerable elixir required to sustain life,

Please open your vivaciously undefeated belly O!

Omnipotent Sky; please culminate into the most

thunderously voluptuous of clouds; and please

torrentially rain; rain; rain and unstoppably RAIN.


You’re not just cutting the tree’s artistically

slender branches; but by doing so you’re infact

barbarously cutting the inimitably priceless hands of

triumphantly vivacious Mother Nature,

You’re not just plucking the tree’s gorgeously affable

leaves; but by doing so you’re infact torturously

plucking the unparalleled divine sensitivity; of

spellbindingly undefeated Mother Nature,

You’re not just indenting the tree’s poignantly

gregarious trunk; but by doing so you’re infact

sadistically indenting the unassailably jubilant

chastity of unbelievably proliferating Mother Nature,

You’re not just abusing the tree’s incongruously

uninhibited contours; but by doing so you’re infact

outrageously abusing the pricelessly unabashed swirl

of peerlessly undefeated Mother Nature,

You’re not just defecating on the tree’s innocuously

protruding and sprawled roots; but by doing so you’re

infact sacrilegiously defecating on the unshakably

redolent embodiments of wondrously enthralling Mother Nature,

You’re not just chopping the tree’s merrily swaying

tendrils; but by doing so you’re infact deliriously

chopping the perennially fructifying innocence of

gloriously Omnipotent Mother Nature,

You’re not just trimming the tree’s ecstatically

liberated outgrowths; but by doing so you’re infact

unnecessarily trimming the beautifully venerated womb

of victoriously blessing Mother Nature,

You’re not just kicking the tree’s bountifully

untainted stem; but by doing so you’re infact

ruthlessly kicking the sacredly spawning bosom of

brilliantly unfettered Mother Nature,

You’re not just peeling the tree’s rustically majestic

corrugations; but by doing so you’re infact

pervertedly peeling the invincibly silken skin of

effulgently burgeoning Mother Nature,

You’re not just burning the tree’s unflinchingly

valiant wood; but by doing so you’re infact insanely

burning the fearlessly formidable strength of

ebulliently cavorting Mother Nature,

You’re not just victimizing the tree’s indisputably

royal foliage; but by doing so you’re infact

truculently victimizing the insuperably unbridled

sensuality of ubiquitously ever-pervading Mother Nature,

You’re not just disorienting the tree’s ardently

boisterous nests; but by doing so you’re infact

hedonistically disorienting the eclectically

fascinating solar plexus of royally everlasting Mother Nature,

You’re not just ridiculing the tree’s endlessly

inscrutable labyrinth of hollows; but by doing so

you’re infact nefariously ridiculing the unfathomably

enigmatic belly of stupendously ameliorating Mother Nature,

You’re not just jailing the tree’s effervescently

nubile body with an unceasing jugglery of devilishly

stabbing electric wire; but by doing so you’re infact

unforgivably jailing the infallibly supreme identity

of impeccably Omnipresent Mother Nature,

You’re not just nailing the tree’s immortally fragrant

heart; but by doing so you’re infact diabolically

nailing the celestially undaunted fabric of

ecstatically frolicking Mother Nature,

You’re not just dumping the tree’s philanthropically

unimpeachable cradle with your fetid garbage can

trash; but by doing so you’re infact reproachfully

dumping the mellifluously humming mouth of exuberantly

evolving Mother Nature,

You’re not just bombarding the tree’s timelessly

gargantuan splendor; but by doing so you’re infact

baselessly bombarding the perennially beautiful

virility of unlimitedly stupefying Mother Nature,

You’re not just spitting upon the tree’s resplendently

beaming face; but by doing so you’re infact

unpardonably spitting on the impregnably spotless

heavenliness of vivaciously magical Mother Nature,

You’re not just uprooting the tree from its very

eternally compassionate soil; but by doing so you’re

infact sinfully uprooting the quintessentially blessed

existence of benevolently healing Mother Nature,

So always remember O! salaciously greedy man; that the

next time you wretchedly pulverize; abuse; trade and

victimize Mother Nature; you’ll be infact demonically

asphyxiating your very own Omniscient mother to the

most ghastly death; as your’s and everyone else’s

mother was first and foremost born out of the womb of

Mother Nature; was first and foremost the child of

unconquerable Mother Nature Divine.


Normally when I started back for home; I commenced my

journey languidly eating pop-corn; aimlessly kicking

small stones that came in my way,

While today I tripped each time I raised my foot;

relinquished all capacity to sight objects even a foot


Normally when I started back for home; I hummed

melodious tunes; smiling flirtatiously at every girl I

encountered on the way,

While today I looked at my watch a million times;

grunted in exasperation as I couldn’t bear to see the

disdainful blotches of slush adhering all across my

immaculate shirt.

Normally when I started back for home; I winked

mischievously at the sun; took marathon minutes in

idling my scooter to full gear,

While today I trembled in the icy winds; felt utterly

miserable as my feather weight shoes; felt as heavy as

heavy ships floating on the sea.

Normally when I started back for home; I waved goodbye

to all my colleagues; wishing them a blissful and

tranquil sleep,

While today as I stepped out in the ominous dark; I

closed my ears in alarm; to shun the chaotic

pandemonium of horns and blaring traffic.

Normally when I started back for home; I phoned my

wife on the mobile; romancing dreamily for long

minutes about our experiences of the past;

While today I emptied my pants of all contraptions and

my wallet; scampered for safety like a rabbit for

under gigantic branches of the tree.

Normally when I started for home; my mind wandered

rampantly; envisaging all the delectable delicacies

which I would consume for supper in the night,

While today the food in my stomach churned in nervous

energy; almost strangulating my senses as it tried to

puke out from my mouth.

Normally when I started for home; I always made it a

rule to halt my vehicle at signals; thereby letting

others pass peacefully before I proceeded further,

While today my foot refrained to leave the

accelerator; as I sky rocketed cursing the skies; at

electric speeds towards my dwelling.

Normally when I started for home; I stopped

frequently in the way to munch sandwiches; smoked a

cigarette or two in the crowded shopping square,

While today my sole focus was to wade myself

dexterously through the rivers overflowing; protecting

my cherished checkbook from getting soiled.

Normally when I started for home; I spent good amount

of time choosing my favorite pen; for signing the

company guestbook,

While today I virtually dropped all what I was

carrying; dragged my weight outside like a charged

volcano; running at full speed and at the same time

yelling at the top of my breath.

And Normally when I started for home; the skies were

crystal clear; with the Sun god about to set

splendidly into the horizon; the birds chirping

boisterously to announce the onset of cool night,

While today the reason for my behaving insane; was

that there were streaks of white lightening in the

sky; with thunderbolts of rain pelting in uncouth fury

all over.


The tree took a century to grow to unprecedented

limits; blossoming into boundless branches and

resplendent foliage,

And it took you just a minute to chop it to the

ground; with barbaric strokes of your gleaming


The mountains took thousands of years to evolve; with

their summits towering handsomely towards the sky;

camouflaged in a heap of pristine snow,

And it took you just a minute to pulverize their

blissful demeanor to flimsy ash; bombarding them

ruthlessly with your hi-tech and contemporary bombs.

The colorful tribes trespassing on the planet took

several decades to spawn; indulging into a myriad of

festivity and sacrosanct beliefs,

And it took you just a minute to make them the most

acrimonious of enemies; poisoning their minds against

each other; with your deceiving and manipulative talk.

The tantalizingly salty waters of the ocean took

centuries to form; harboring an ingratiating variety

of fish and vivacious coral weeds,

And it took you just a minute to adulterate its entire

visage; dropping abominable buckets of crude oil from

the ship.

The atmosphere took infinite births to be created;

kissing every part of the globe with its silken


And it took you just a minute to pollute it

indiscriminately; blowing obnoxious gases from your

vehicle; at a full throttle.

The soil took millions of years to preserve wells of

precious liquid; entrapping droplets of scintillating

water deep within its core,

And it took you just a minute to savagely plunder its

harmony; inserting your hydraulic and contemporary

drilling equipment to empty it; till it cried.

The cow wandering timidly on the slopes took loads of

agonizing time to fill the colossal buckets with its

milk; each globule of white oozing having the

fortitude to outclass the most ingenious of vitamins

single handedly,

And it took you just a minute to blend it with cheap

saliva; to augment its quantity; before you

commercially sold it to unsuspecting customers.

The old men and women spent their entire lifetimes to

incessantly worship and revere their culture and

heritage; sacrificed their heads to prevent even a

single blemish from infiltrating into their land,

And it took you just a minute to ruthlessly transgress

across them; satanically maraud their ideals; and

embracing alien winds just because they suited your


The World Trade Center took countless months to

construct; sheltered thousands of individuals; some of

the most innovative brains from all across the


And it took you just a minute to squelch it to bellows

of black dust; using your cowardly and diabolical mind

to smash it with airplanes; having innocent people

trapped inside.

It took more than times ever perceivable to harness

the spirit of love; spreading it like wild fire into

the heart of every human being walking on this soil;

every palpable entity gallivanting with a glimmer of

hope in its eyes,

And it took you just a minute to completely destroy

its mesmerizing essence; leaving it no scope at all to

flourish with all your killings; war and hostility.


Violent streaks of nail polish V IOLET,

circular shades of flaming I NDIGO,

fat smear of bright parrot G REEN,

thick envelope of heavenly cloud B LUE,

thin smudges of neglected dirty Y ELLOW,

peripheral paint lines of blazing O RANGE,

encapsulating outlines of deathly R ED,

prompted by brilliant sunshine in cascading rain,

sky patches of light blue,

sun ball shining in full heat at boiling point,

thin wisps of pale white cloud cover,

dispersed in distant boundaries of the sun,

shriveled to an iota of their traditional attire,

which is dark grey with blushes of black,

now discharging rain in sunlight,

forming a perfect VIGBYOR rainbow,

to the unconquered delight of living organism,

existing in spiceless moments of worldly life.


Flashes of red swept across my eyes,

blended with infinite dust particles of atmosphere,

as fireballs of sun blazed through the sky,

penetrating sapphire blue cloud covers,

falling in strong beams of light,

lightening dull patches of suspended moisture,

filtering stringently through transparent tree leaf,

submerging the entire galaxy with enchanting golden,

fumigating stale drain water with shades of boiling heat,

scorching naked stone pebbles strewn on beds of the

mountain river.

The car seat rocked violently,

tender bones of my body reverberated with mounting speeds,

curtain spreads of green rushed past my vision,

meandering curves of the valley descended towards the horizon, hordes of wild monkey occasionally danced on car roof, a camouflage of ripened banana hung from tall tree,

orphan splinters of ice cascaded down the valley,

a battalion of Christmas pine projected from terrain

trajectory, the tropical weather displayed erratic fluctuation,

vast layers of crystal sky developed blotches of dirty grey,

bright spots of sunshine were overpowered by

thunderous cloud ravishing smiles crept from angular corners of my mouth, i then stretched my feet in the cozy interiors of my

crimson Mercedes, as gigantic droplets of rain pelted in fury,

from the sky which now resembled, white canvas painted with pure deathly black.


The most inexplicably ghastliest and torturous of

diseases; got wholesomely cured; under its

Omnipotently fiery and divinely blazing rays,

The most acrimoniously venomous and meaningless of

prejudices; got disdainfully massacred; under its

handsomely unflinching and timelessly liberating rays,

The most indiscriminately massacring and terrorizing

of wars; became forever non-existent; under its

spectacularly virile and majestically emollient rays,

The most diabolically tormenting and unsparing of

ghosts; metamorphosed into nothingness; under its

Omnisciently royal and fearlessly invincible rays,

The most deliriously demented and sadistic of brains;

became righteously blissful; under its jubilantly

ecstatic and timelessly ameliorating rays,

The most insanely stinking and lividly battered of

shit; became fragrantly meaningful; under its royally

ubiquitous and interminably sweltering rays,

The most drearily remorseful and incarcerating of

blackness; became optimistic daylight; under its

triumphantly sagacious and unchallangably sacred rays,

The most intolerably gory and unpardonable of crimes;

got celestial salvation; under its universally

benevolent and indefatigably golden rays,

The most peevishly subjugated and imprisoned of veins;

became uninhibitedly free; under its magnetically

unabashed and extraordinarily flamboyant rays,

The most uncontrollably hedonistic and sinister of

obsessions; commenced to march on the path of eternal

truth and symbiotism; under its unconquerably

beautiful and unflinchingly dazzling rays,

The most sadistically perverted and sacrilegious of

imagery; transformed into a paradise of dreams; under

its gorgeously Omnipresent and undyingly benign rays,

The most vehemently vengeful and dogmatic of

stubbornness; became a gorge of infallible peace;

under its vivaciously inimitable and synergistically

unabashed rays,

The most ominously lethal and treacherous of

rebellion; became holistically compassionate

camaraderie; under its bountifully fathomless and

undefeatedly honest rays,

The most cadaverously jinxed and cursed of spirits;

became miraculously blessing freshness; under its

limitlessly extemporizing and spell-bindingly

captivating rays,

The most unfortunately unfinished and fretful of

desires; became the most successful reality of

tomorrow; under its unalterably glowing and

synergistically blessed rays,

The most cannibalistically atrocious and heinous of

impoverishment; became boundlessly inimitable

pricelessness; under its magically glittering and

regally insuperable rays,

The most wantonly lecherous and maiming of atheism;

became unassailably pristine devotion; under its

selflessly victorious and inexhaustibly incomparable rays,

The most disastrously delinquent and castrating

infertility; transformed into the ultimate seeds of

charismatic evolution; under its unceasingly

enlightening and impeccably godly rays,

The most bizarrely crippling and doomed hopelessness;

became the winds of exuberantly galloping tomorrow;

under its wonderfully effulgent and faultlessly fecund rays,

And inspite of all this; isn’t it strange; that you;

me and virtually every other human being on earth; ran

away from the everlasting firebody of the Omnipotent

Sun; worthlessly complaining that it was a trifle too

harsh for our skins; burning us; blackening us;

charring us; making us relentlessly perspire;

worthlessly slandering the Sun infront of the stupidly

lifeless air-conditioner; for salaciously tiring us;

whereas it was our sole reservoir of strength;

inspiration and power to survive; in veritable



Every bit of frigidly decaying feces; forever metamorphosed into

optimistically lush green meadows of perennially redolent; grass,

Every bit of hedonistically murderous lie; forever metamorphosed into the ultimate summit of gloriously unflinching and pristinely unparalleled;


Every bit of egregiously vindictive darkness; forever metamorphosed into cisterns of magically mitigating and endlessly blazing; golden light,

Every bit of deliriously raunchy sadism; forever metamorphosed into the fabric of celestially ameliorating and timeless priceless; selflessness,

Every bit of maliciously stabbing corruption; forever metamorphosed into a paradise of benevolently ever-pervading and timelessly unconquerable; honesty,

Every bit of bizarrely maiming poverty; forever metamorphosed into a sky of eternally resplendent and blissfully burgeoning; humanitarian richness,

Every bit of treacherously penalizing abhorrence; forever metamorphosed into a cistern of everlastingly radiant and effulgently compassionate; unity,

Every bit of sanctimoniously snobbish spuriousness; forever metamorphosed into a wind of beautifully egalitarian and wonderfully mollifying; humility,

Every bit of cynically ignominious bitterness; forever metamorphosed into a stream of unceasingly proliferating and majestically blessing; melody,

Every bit of venomously prejudiced war; forever metamorphosed into a heaven of inimitably priceless and triumphantly venerated; symbiotic harmony,

Every bit of unceremoniously flagrant atrocity; forever metamorphosed into a fireball of inexhaustibly vibrant and unimaginably emollient; compassion,

Every bit of inexplicably deteriorating sadness; forever metamorphosed into a garland of ardently unbreakable and victoriously ecstatic; felicity,

Every bit of disgustingly deplorable racialism; forever metamorphosed into a field of unassailably Omnipotent and royally unalterable; oneness,

Every bit of deplorably shriveled weakness; forever metamorphosed into a mountain of intrepidly fortified and synergistically mellifluous; strength,

Every bit of cadaverously morbid ghost; forever metamorphosed into the chapters of beautifully uninterrupted and vividly euphoric; existence,

Every bit of hopelessly shattered faith; forever metamorphosed into an apostle of perpetually Omniscient and miraculous blessing; peace,

Every bit of dreadfully cancerous disease; forever metamorphosed into the elixir of sensuously charismatic and tirelessly virile; life,

Every bit of diabolically fretful indolence; forever metamorphosed into a waterfall of ebulliently enthralling and adventurously poetic; freshness,

Every bit of traumatically ghoulish night; forever metamorphosed into a

valley of altruistically benign and insuperably godly; Sunshine,

Every bit of disparagingly delinquent boredom; forever metamorphosed into a forest of inscrutably mesmerizing and fearless unfettered; adventure,

Every bit of profanely criminal imprisonment; forever metamorphosed into the leaves of ubiquitously uplifting and bountifully charming; freedom,

Every bit of insanely victimizing mania; forever metamorphosed into a cradle of impeccably boundless and exotically unmatched; fantasy,

Every bit of baselessly debauch chicanery; forever metamorphosed into a smile of innocently unconquerable and spell bindingly holistic; childhood,

Every bit of mundanely decrepit manipulation; forever metamorphosed into a pathway of passionately fertile and infallibly princely; righteousness,

Every bit of lividly worthless betrayal; forever metamorphosed into a hive of Immortally blessing and Omnipresently coalescing; love,

Every bit of wretchedly anguished death; forever metamorphosed into a cloudburst of unceasingly resuscitating and jubilantly euphoric; breath,

With just a singleton beam of brilliantly uninterrupted golden; with just a singleton spark of undefeatable golden; with just a singleton wand of magical golden winking from the heavens; with just a singleton ray of free and blessed Sunshine from the Omnipresent sky


"Green" is enchantment unparalleled; transforming every beleaguered

bone on disdainfully crackled earth; into a festoon of undying

replenishment till times beyond eternity,

"Green" is the ultimate magicians wand; perpetuating every speck of

the atmosphere with a tranquil so victorious; that it became the smile of each symbiotic countenance alive,

"Green" is the most everlastingly compassionate caress of nature

divine; royally accommodating infinite organisms of different shapes, sizes, color and charm into a blanket of invincible frolic and togetherness,

"Green" is the most pricelessly inimitable definition of freshness;

incessantly spawning into the undefeated dazzle of optimistic dawn; to enlighten the entire Universe with the colors of brilliant newness,

"Green" is every sore eye's perpetual delight; wholesomely shrugging

off every wretched insinuation of monotonous commercialism; with the effervescent new-born foliage of earth divine,

"Green" is the most supremely mollifying tonic to the incarcerated

soul; alleviating the most inconspicuous of its sorrow with undying enigmatic whispers; which reverberated till beyond the infinite,

"Green" is the most fragrantly uninhibited dance of every organism

alive; as the unsurpassable buckets of rain; pelted unfettered from the belly of fathomless sky,

"Green" is the most pristine shade of prosperity at its unbelievable

hilt; shimmering like a new born child replete with only happiness in every flamboyant ray of the sun and the equally royally moonlit night,

"Green" is the destiny which never ever dies; astoundingly

proliferating into a boundless landscapes of blooming life; which made the most parasitic robots as the greatest poets till as long as God's earth survived,

"Green" symbolizes the most blissfully perfect truce between austere

white and diabolical black; where the winds of majestic moderation transit every living being to the paths of bountiful righteousness,

"Green" nullifies the very non-existent roots of anarchic depression;

profoundly enthralling one and all in the neighborhood with the

tantalizing vivaciousness of a fairy; who'd descended down solely to magnetize rustic soil,

"Green" evokes unconquerable desire in every ingredient of the blood;

to be one and in perfect unison with Mother nature; let the unbridled beauty of her endless creations harness every aspect of impoverished


"Green" makes you the most unabashed artist alive; as you

bewilderingly fathom for the starting point and the horizons; on the

infinite canvas of the Lord's panoramic sanctuary,

"Green" makes you the most passionate lover on trajectory of the

endless planet; damning all inhibitions to the corpse as you fervently rolled into grasslands of desire—breath intermingled with the breath of your beloved,

"Green" is an ever-pervading rainbow; which charms even the most

deadened of mortuary with its rustle and innocent grace; sprinkling quintessential ounces of vibrant life wherever it mystically crept,

"Green" is the ultimate harbinger of all peace and unity on the

distraught globe; as it vanquishes every sinister trail of the

barbarously marauding devil; with the freshness of love; creation and

blessed fruits of the divine,

"Green" radiates an unshakable aura of optimism to the farthest

quarter of the world; maintaining the most unbelievably perfect

equilibrium between the sky; the earth and diminutive man trespassing in-between,

"Green" represents the free spirit of every continent; race; wind and

space under the sky; immortally continuing the chapters of God's

sacred creation; by timelessly proliferating into an infinite more of

its color and kind,

Therefore what are you waiting for. Go Green. Plant a tree in every

barren bit of space that you could lay your hands upon. And then

witness your sown children become the most undivided race of

togetherness; friendship; love and peace; even centuries after you

were dead.


As it kissed the frigidly shriveled leaves of the tree; they suddenly simmered with boisterous currents of rhapsodic life; abruptly ending

the era of all that was rotten with adulterated man-made filth,

As it kissed the lackadaisically stagnant swamps of water; they

suddenly metamorphosed into a fantabulous effervescent river; charming

one and all with its undulating ripples of unparalleled ecstasy,

As it kissed the sullenly polluted particles of dust; they suddenly

became the most poignantly enthralling breeze of victory; mesmerizing

living kind of all ages and shapes with the freshness of priceless life,

As it kissed the rocks miserably eroded with ominous bomb; they

suddenly stood with their chests unflinching and high; with an

alacrity now undefeated by any sinful artificial man or machine,

As it kissed the parsimonious layers of brutally pulverized soil;

they suddenly transformed into an uninhibited womb of procreation;

now feeling relieved of all angst; fertilizer and robotized greed,

As it kissed the disdainfully trembling roots of the tree; they

suddenly started to glow in anticipation of a fearless next life;

forming the most blissful bonds of perpetuity with royal crusts of

sacrosanct soil,

As it kissed the lividly lame weeds aimlessly squandering on the ocean; they suddenly sprang up with an untamed leap towards the sky; saluting the Almighty Divine with every euphoric rise of the frosty wave,

As it kissed the silken webs shattered by barbarous prejudices of man; they suddenly coalesced together in the most perfect rhyme of all times; with each of their strand being an everlasting testimonial to the spirit of a united living kind,

As it kissed the sinister dungeons fretting and fuming in labyrinths of dark; they suddenly blazed in the full fervor of optimistic existence; yearning to lead each instant of life with an untiring exuberance to embrace and not to jail,

As it kissed the pockets of clouds scattered into a boundless bits;

they suddenly radiated in the true Omnipotent Light of the Lord;

blessing an infinite raindrops of goodness upon every deplorably estranged territory of planet divine,

As it kissed the eyeballs submerged into a corpse of gruesome

blackness; they suddenly experienced the unparalleled fieriness to conquer each aspect of holistic existence; with the rays of compassion; peace; love and truth,

As it kissed the wavering eerie mists of the penalizing night; they suddenly beamed into a whole new chapter of a brilliantly lit tomorrow; whose rays enlightened the entire planet to unite in threads of perennial friendship,

As it kissed the non-existent shadow of the raunchily marauding devils; they suddenly entered the scepter of a new-found blessed life; whose aura of immortal love vanquished every trace of sin & lies-- forever and ever and ever,

As it kissed the umpteen blades of squeamishly fetid moist grass; they suddenly started to emanate the scent of victory; miraculously rising in unison towards the heaven---in the most vibrantly united fortress of green,

As it kissed the irately squabbling religions of Hinduism; Islam;

Christianity; Buddhism---they suddenly became the most bountifully unconquerable religion of humanity—a religion which was made for one and all by the Omnipresent Lord Divine,

As it kissed the woefully wounded---wailing every moment to somehow escape the grave; they suddenly levitated into bits of open blue sky; united hand in hand under just one Omnipotent Light of truth from the


As it kissed perverted minds rampantly ravaging the fabric of

impeccable humanity; they suddenly started to resound in the song of togetherness and calm; charring most insouciant iota of devilry to the invisible ashes,

And as the "Sunlight" simultaneously kissed my heart whilst kissing all of the above; I suddenly became one in mind; body; spirit and till the very last breath of my existence; with every element of the atmosphere; earth; sky and Universe around me; and with every single one of them


You unsparingly spat leftovers of your food on its innocent body---yet

the same tree granted you the most tranquil contentment under its

branches; as the afternoon glare fiercely torched even the last bone

of your creaking spine,

You ruthlessly plucked a plentiful of its leaf without any reason or

rhyme---yet the same tree enamored you with boundless an untold story;

as you slumped your entire weight in tiredness; across its majestic


You barbarously scratched it to express frustration for your penurious

life--- yet the same tree healed even the most inexplicably bleeding

of your wounds; as you perched in its magical shadow which radiated

immortal love,

You inhumanely dug a countless nails into its body to hang your

belongings--- yet the same tree stood like an infallible fortress

between you and the storm; perpetuating nothing but rejuvenating

friendship into every pore of your frigidly shivering skin,

You insidiously drilled a hole through it to keep sight of your

enemy---- yet the same tree transformed each of its tears into

blessings just for you; to give you new direction and fortitude to

righteously pursue chapters of a truthful life,

You venomously reduced it into a practice punching bag as you pummeled

its form with your daily morning kicks and blows--- yet the same tree

imparted supreme enlightenment to your waveringly beleaguered vision;

with its entrenchment of vivacious green,

You insanely emptied all brutal lead in your gun into its unflinching

body as it served as the best target range---- yet the same tree

provided royal shelter in its top branches to your trembling form; as

you hurriedly scampered up to escape the satanic wolves,

You cannibalistically slit its throat an umpteen times to crackle up

your night with that quintessential firewood---yet the same tree

welcomed you with the most everlasting embrace of its swishing arms

and leaf; as every of your beguilingly merciless kin had deserted you

to die of solitude,

You vindictively defecated; vomited; urinated at its stem; to show you

give a damn—yet the same tree blessed and showered you with a festoon

of feathers; leaves; raindrops and goodness; with every single draught

of gusty wind; and made you feel like an ultimate prince,

You diabolically whipped it with your waist-belt and walking stick to

release the volcanic energy of your numb shoulder and palm---yet the

same tree befriended you with kisses of love; as you clung to it like

a child when the devastating earthquake struck,

You hurled on it every abuse you'd learnt in the process of your life

as you knew it hadn't the power to retaliate---yet the same tree gave

you the ultimate pillow to sleep on every night in its compassionately

protruding roots; when the hole in your tattered pockets grew larger

by the minute,

You indiscriminately butchered its body many a time to get rid of

unkempt weeds that loitered your spurious courtyard---yet the same

tree blossomed once again in due course of time taking its strength

from mother earth; only to bless you with that everlasting shade; cool

and mid-summer siesta,

You ominously inscribed many an enthusing shape on its body with your

knife only to woo your girlfriend to profess---yet the same tree saw

to it that your friendship immortalized into the truest of love;

courtesy its now gruesomely bleeding countenance split into livid


You tyrannically subjected it to all kinds of electricity; just to

assert how ingeniously you'd proved that it too had life---yet the

same tree gave you a roof for your house when it'd blown away;

chivalrously gave you its fruit to eat when your bowels were on the

verge of spewing famished blood,

You belligerently stripped it of all its flower every morning to

empower your flower shop with its lifeless roots and scent---yet the

same tree gave you that much missing whistle in your monotonous

existence; tantalizing you to fantasize about all goodness on this

fathomless planet,

You sadistically burnt every bit of its charm on the spurious pretext

that ghosts were stuck to it---yet the same tree once again evolved

into a kingly assortment of flowers; leaves and silken branch; to

comfort you in your bizarre sadness and prove that it was nothing but

nature's ultimate gift to all mankind,

You greedily snatched its newborn tendrils each day to farcically

brush the already shines whites of your teeth--- yet the same tree

bore the brunt of every heinous sword; stone and bomb on its naked

body; singlehandedly wading off the fanatic mob; invincibly guarding

you as you snored,

You unthinkably let countless of it felled down to read your books on

lavish paper instead of switching over to e-books--- yet the same tree

continued to enlighten your nostrils with its scent of a united earth;

as you fancily flipped through your novel pages extracted from its

pristine bark,

And even as you were about to criminally extricate it from its very

roots to make way for your new dwelling----the tree only asked you to

fulfill its final wish---that was to plant it at some place else;

where it'd once again catch root by the grace of God - continue to

bless you with unsurpassable cisterns of luck; happiness; contentment;

fantasy; shade and charm as it blossomed up towards blue sky,

So are you ready to forgive it as it had also forgiven you a countless

times; Are you ready to fulfill the Tree's one last wish ?


A garland of formidably handsome mountains ; royally decked

up in beautifully unparalleled tufts of emerald green vegetation ,

Dense and astoundingly profound clusters of clouds floating in

unfettered abandon ; kissing the farthermost epitomes of the

hills with untold stories of enamoring benevolence ,

Delightfully robust creeks weaving their way in an unabashed

freshness through the rocky swirl; as they eventually melanged

with sobriety atthe rock bottom of the river bed ,

Tantalizing waterfalls of immaculate white froth cascading

majestically into a mist triumphant optimism ; that thoroughly

charmed the spirit of a commercially depraved and

impoverished existence ,

Exuberant and curved lanes through the gigantic slopes that

rhapsodically led a beleaguered traveler to one of his most

cherished destinations ; in an adventure towards exhilarating

righteousness ,

Fiercely mischievous monkeys gnawing at fruits of myriad

shapes and proportions – feasting at those occasional

succulent crumbs hurled by children – without giving a trifle

damn to vehicles that whizzed past at whirlwind speeds ,

Sporadic thunderstorms accompanied with indomitably

passionate streaks of silver lightening ; that triggered

unmatched infernos of desire through the solitariness of

untainted valley ,

An instantaneous spell of torrential rain whilst sipping

marvelous hot tea in the garden ; which to the utter and

incredulous amazement yielded impeccable white pearls of the

seasons virgin snow,

An entire Herculean maze of tall trees that constituted the royal

approach to the spectacular city; an entrenchment so thickly

foliated; that it was here that wildlife existed to its unhesitatingly

glorious best ,

An unprecedented chill in the atmosphere as the night

romantically descended in the pristine gorge ; and the woolens

which had become so obsolete in the sweltering city now

snatched impromptu from the innermost corners of the


Unbelievably tall peaks clad in frosty coats of ice ; looming

large and phlegmatically into the distant horizons as the car

entered and swerved sharply towards the last motorable patch

on the extraordinarily tenacious rock ,

A gloriously golden dawn which brought alongwith it an

optimistic desire to excel for the cause of goodness and truth -

as the invincible fireball of Sun brilliantly empowered the

surface of earth with the light of love and friendship,

Gregarious grass buds sensuously draped in dew ; with frogs

joyously scampering through the plush lawns – as nimble feet

indisputably relished their compassionate stroll on the ground

after ages ; early morning ,

Tourists flocking from different parts of the globe ; at their

vibrantly colorful best ; cherishing the verdant landscapes and

that steeped to incomprehensibly surreal heights – ultimately

ending into bits of ebullient open space,

A veritable treat for true lovers who philandered and flirted in

compassionate desire ; on a land which was replete with

sumptuously ecstatic adventure and a serenity that befitted

perfect camaraderie ,

Poets , writers - described the town’s imperious beauty in

verses, essays, that stupendously enthralled - and artists ;

sculptors ; delivered their fantabulous best - amidst the aweinspiring

natural environment which mollified the tiniest of


A panoramically adorable facilitator of peace – making the most

spitefully vengeful wholesomely shunt war and abominable

hatred – embrace the fellow living being in the essence of true

brotherhood ,

The palatial house of my wonderfully impressive grandparents

where I spent some of the most victorious moment of my

childhood – without worrying or contemplating an ounce on the

vagaries of the pompously spurious society,

I salute my revered and sacrosanct birthplace – ‘ Dehradun ’

and the imposingly towering queen hills of Mussorrie .

The End

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