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I've Returned Home

I've Returned Home

2 mins

I’ve returned home, after a gruelling wait,

I’ve journeyed across oceans and into the storms,

I don’t know why I left, and to where,

But there was no happiness to be had there,

And now I’ve returned home

To the singsong of the birds in our garden’s tree

To the sound of the raindrops, that puts me to sleep

I left all alone and I left you all,

I went with my body but had left my soul...

…behind with you all.

I spent years in darkness, in the search for light,

And there was none to be found in the empty skies

But I’ve returned home,

To a splendidly lit sun that shines on my house

To the golden glow of your love that still shines on my soul

I’ve returned home,

To my father and his waiting arms,

To the warmth of my mother’s touch,

To the pink strawberry fields and the golden farms

I’ve returned home,

To our little son and his crying tantrums,

The last time I saw him, he was still in his pram,

But now he’s learnt to walk

I’ve returned home,

To the fun to be had in the way that he runs

And the way that he talks

I’ve returned home, most of all for you

I know that I left you in love and I left you to grieve,

But it was destiny that I’d had forgotten, my heart on your sleeve,

I roamed around to find something better than love,

And I failed to see the mirages, with my heart still in your trove

Now I’ve returned home

To where my heart’s always been

I want it back to love you, just like before

And to live out the dreams that we’ve always seen

I’ve returned home

To start a new life,

But tell me are you willing

Or are you taken aback?

It’s true that I was young and wild and carefree,

And I roamed the seas and deserts unnecessarily,

But now it’s true that my home is wherever you will be,

I’ve returned home...

….to love you till eternity


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