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Romance Fantasy



Romance Fantasy



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I am a lovely doll without life

I can dance, jog, see and flip

I am born in California in luxury

Body builder sportsman's. query

Amateur lovers patron me for ever

They make me survive as their lover

Get ups, make ups,wigs are my

Pals which beautify my body entity 

Deep thoughts make me doubtful

Whether I am a show boy or a girl.

While I look at my limbs in mirror

My body always shakes with fear

While I welcome my human partner

In my house I feel always gladder

As he brings me attractive gowns

To be worn at night to bed me once

In the morn he combs my wigs on

Hair perfume is sprinkled thereon

He changes my night dress eagerly

Converse with me everyday husbandly

But I only guess myself as luky doll

And stare at him with my blue -eye -ball

He drains off dirts of my bowl of last night

Which is a token of his masculine lusty gust

Often I act as if his infertile better half

And a silent observer as blind and deaf

Every Sunday I pray Almighty to bless me

With love for converting me into an alive one

"O Master Creator of the Universe and Love

Incarnation, please transplant a human soul

Inside my hollow chest chassis evergreen

So that I can feel my heart's jolt with fun

Please Lord give me the power of listening

To my life partner's fomenting warm cling

O' God make my nose a sensitive one

Whereby I can smell the love rose one

Gifted by my better half on my birthday

Celebration at this villa with covered-pay

Please make my lips alive like a damsel

So that I can put the token of my love gel

On his glazy cheeks the reddish lipstick

Which can last ever long there on fleek

Please Lord make my limbs strong like

Any woman that can move with much perk

I must put on bangles on my both wrists

And wear sarees and blouse as a spouse

Though I am born and seasoned American

I feel proud of being kept of a true Indian

Follower of good moralities is my husband

Who being a bachelor has kept up his stand

As per Indian customs he managed himself

Without touching any girl's hand losing self

Of course he bought me to quench his libido

As well as maintaining me with more ado

O God I admit I am a foreign made sex doll

But I must serve sincerely my husband of Indian soil.

Had I been a living doll I must have married to an Indian young man,

Further I must have acquired all the

Human moralities as a housewife of

Yours O Lord of the Universe as I Ipray.

( A full fictitious poem written on a tentative basis. Topic- An Indian young man bought a Sex Doll curiously to experience its efficacy and usefulness during his bachelor life as he himself was. a sexologist established in California )

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