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I Love You

I Love You

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When I wake up early

And see you sleeping like a child

Sit beside you and observe you

For hours this is what I do

I love you

When you wake up early

Bring me a cup of tea

And say ''wake up darling,

See what a magnificent view''

I love you

Getting ready for your office

To choose from so many clothes

Ask me ''what should I wear''

And I don't have any clue

I love you

Not everyone gets what they want

I thank god I have you

Those are lucky who get their love

I am one of those few

I love you

On a very hot day

With lots of work to do

Your face is covered with sweat

Look like drops of dew

I love you

I have your hand in my hand

No trouble can make me weak

In the thick and thins of my life

I know I will pass through

I love you

For so many years you are with me

You have always given me strength

You care for me than anything

Your love for me is true

I love you

Now I am old and tired

Sometimes feel bored and lonely

You kiss me on my forehead

I start feeling fresh and new

I love you

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