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Aziz Maaouia



Aziz Maaouia


I Had A Dream

I Had A Dream

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I had a dream you were inside my arms 

Wrapped so tight like it was war outside 

We're intertwined like it's the end of time 

Feeling each other, wishing it won't ever stop

Hugging you close like it was so cold 

Chanting I love you's for the first time right 

Craving for more cause it felt so good

Smiling so bright as you warmed my heart

Praying for the lord to keep you by my side  

Forever and always cause you shine like stars  

I had a dream you were crashing my heart like a glass of wine 

Leaving me behind as I cry so loud 

Begging you to stay but you never there 

Walking away with my faded pain

Leaving my soul like a haunted house

You saw right through me like a creepy ghost

You left me lonely like an old high road

I had a dream it has all disappeared 

Faster than a crashing storm 

But when I woke up I found lying next to me

Breathing so heavenly that it gave me chills

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