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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Rathna Nagaraj

Abstract Drama


Rathna Nagaraj

Abstract Drama



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Flowers, flowers you flowers

You all flowers have bosomed

On each and every stem of the plant

Seeing people moving around you

Like touching ears to ears

What is that you laugh ?

Be aware the teenager

Will pluck you separate you

And adore it on her head

 And display her beauty


You are trying to please God

That is why you all are running

So fast to prayer hall

In the hands of devotees

You are a repose in their hands

See you soon, God bless you          


You rush to the marriage hall

Your fragrance intoxicates

You will crumbled in love crush

And will be gloat in emotional    


Are you the flowers that decor the house

The very touch of you will have the

Feel of the baby cheeks

If you grow weeds and bushes

Around you, be aware they will

Trim you up to appear better up

Don’t blush up like a beauty queen.       


Will you flowers garland the statues

You will dry up in the hot sun

 The wind will shake and try to lift you up

Don’t feel that you are an orphan

Yet the statue tries to hold you tight


In the hands of guest you are a bouquet

Within a week time in the vase

You will have fungal and may die

Don’t assume that you have committed suicide


Are you living on the road side

The rogues will pluck and smash

And dump you aside

Don’t grieve, feel that you are

Freed from this cruel world


Are you flowers feel heavy burden

On the dead bodies

You are the one who will weep 

Over the grave till the last moment 

And immerse in the soil

Like that of our bosomed girls.  

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