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I Crave For A Nation

I Crave For A Nation

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I crave for a nation,

Free from corruption,

If it’s a baby girl,

Why people are going for abortion?

From Satyam to Nirav Modi,

Thousands of scams,

What is the nation doing,

Isn’t this a matter of shame?

Thousands of rape cases,

Everyday I read,

But people over here are busy,

Transferring their sale deed.

For reservations in a recent past,

Many people opposed,

I agree with them,

Because this is the right move to be tossed.

Terror attacks all around,

To protect us, soldiers surround,

A sigh of relief, when they are there,

But families of theirs, always fear.

On politics, they only fight,

Had they been together,

This nation would have been in limelight,

And future would've always been bright.

A reform to the education system,

Is must in our nation,

We should be taught the real values,

And not, how to calculate the book values.

Let's unite together,

And make it happen,

To all the people of the world,

Let's hands be shaken.

No need for another world war,

Peace is all what I need,

And if you cannot let me have it,

This is not the chapter,

I want to read.

Ending with a happy note,

Sailing on my life's boat,

Happiness and joy is all that I wish,

And to have my favourite dish.

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