Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Ria Mukherjee

Classics Fantasy Inspirational


Ria Mukherjee

Classics Fantasy Inspirational

I Am

I Am

2 mins

Someday maybe

I was a woman known

Or unknown to you

Were you able to see

Who I was then?

Did you recognise me?

I have been once a dark night,

A bold and dusky Rajani,

I have been a bright star

A beautiful Kritika or Ashwini.

For so many centuries

You have waited for me.

I was Jeunet’s Amelie,

I was Tagore’s Nandini.

You loved me sometimes

As Amit, Ranjan or Nino.

For millions of years

I was Charulata, Bonnya, Juno.

There were times when I was Durga,

Aditi, Parvati, Kali and Lakshmi,

Hera, Athena, Minerva, Electra,

Chandramukhi, Antigone.

All of these women were me.

In so many guises and shades

I have been near and far

In different personas,

Through the decades

I have appeared over and over.

I have come to you so many times

As Rosalind, Viola or Portia,

You saw me as Nora, Elisa, Raina,

Isabella, Venus and Hippolyta!

From Desdemona to Olivia,

Beatrice to Cordelia.

It was always me

who you did see.

I was Miranda, I was Celia,

I was Juliet, I was Titania!

Did you not recognize me

In truth, honestly?

Or did you refuse to know me

By your own will, purposefully?

I am a dancer, a painter.

I am a Goddess, a whore.

I satiate you, fulfill you.

I keep you longing for more.

A writer, a singer, a poet I am,

An actor, a mother, a stripper.

Ignore me if you can!

I am joy, I am sorrow.

I am the laughter that knows no tomorrow.

I am the tears of melancholy,

Madness, passion and victory,

Yesterday was only about me,

Like today and tomorrow will also be.

I am love, lust, loneliness.

I am death, defeat, darkness.

I am anger, separation and sadness.

I am light, longing calmness.

I am soft, sweet stillness.

I am the dark cloud of monsoon skies.

I am the sweet sunshine of sunrise.

I am the abundance of springtime

I am the familiar tune you swear by.

I have been forever

Everything you longed for,

A woman of your dreams

who might have been.

I am and will always be.

A figment of your imagination

Your reality.

Your creation. Your woman.

Know me for who I am.

I am She.

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