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I am a Woman

I am a Woman

2 mins

I am a woman;

At times, I desired to be born as a man;

With struggles I was born;

I knew life was not easy for me.

I giggled, danced and hopped;

Dressed as a boy until I was told I am a girl now;

With my first periods,

My mom gave me a rule book.

Stop talking to boys because you are a girl;

I never understood why Mom said so?

But my male friends were better than the female one, I felt.

I made many friends and craved for a boyfriend.

You are fat no one will marry you, a friend said;

I was upset and often said to myself that I am beautiful;

You are fair and beautiful said some optimistic soul.

But my destiny had some other plans.

I was slaughtered like a sacrificial goat;

An independent woman became a victim of abuse;

Where has my education gone? I pondered…

Why I am submitting myself and wearing a mask?

It is my life;

I realized slowly and broke all the stereotypes around me;

I began my journey with no rules or norms;

I give no right to anyone to mock me or laugh at me;

She is a balloon of attitude;

Stubborn and strong-headed;

I don’t need any labels or your sympathy;

I have suffered and now I am fighting my own saga alone.

Yet, I am proud to be born a female;

I have stopped flushing out tears;

Erasing the fears;

Life is much clear.

I am not a colour that fades with the time;

I am a woman with my shine;

Not a perfect one;

Yet, I am a born winner.

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