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Geeta Gahlot



Geeta Gahlot


I Agree

I Agree

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 I agree the time is tough,

I agree the food on table is not enough,

The road we are asked to walk is very rough.

I agree that I will stay indoors,

Because it is necessary not only for me but everyone around.

I agree that it is my life,

But I cannot live with the guilt to be the reason of someone's death.

This time requires patience,

I agree empty pocket leads to frustration,

Money can be earned,

Pockets can be filled,

Only when our precious life will be left to be lived.

Think about your elders,

Who is at greatest risk of infection,

Look towards your children,

Who want nothing from you except care and affection.

Whenever your heart forces you,

To do something not safe and can harm you,

Talk to it and make it understand,

Life is precious and nothing is more exquisite,

Then the indispensable and irreplaceable soul inside.

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