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Anaika pathak



Anaika pathak


How I spent My Sunday

How I spent My Sunday

2 mins 182 2 mins 182

I woke on a Sunday up as cheerful as ever,

I had a bucket list .. I thought I was so clever.

Washing clothes cleaning room,

Tidying the house with a cloth and a broom.

These were the easiest things on the list,

I had to abide by the watch on my wrist.

I had no time to loose on a Sunday,

These were the chores which could no suffer any more delay.

So I started with tying my hair,

I already felt tired so to me a nap seemed fair.

So I slept at 7 and woke up at 10,

Then I grabbed the to do list and a pen.

I struck off the things that could wait another week,

Then I saw my favorite show on t v so I took a peek.

That wasted , I suppose , another 1 hour,

And now at 11 it was time for my shower.

I had absolutely no guilt inside me,

As if to do work, free time grows on a tree.

After the shower I realized it was 2 o'clock,

So I decided to go for an afternoon walk.

As I was walking I felt tremendous hunger,

So from a cafe nearby I grabbed a burger.

Walking down the street I saw a shop that said "SALE",

I rushed inside like the dog being followed by its tail.

I shopped till the clock struck four,

Now to leave the store I opened the door.

Just then another sign board caught my eye,

"FREE DINNER FOR FIRST TEN" and I rushed like a fly.

Since I was early I had to wait for another hour,

By now I desperately needed another shower.

The food was undoubtedly very tasty,

While returning home I grabbed a pastry.

I returned home at around 8 o'clock,

And with an expression of failure I opened the lock.

I was too tired to do anything but sleep,

I knew I should never have gone for the walk.

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