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Happy Independence Day...

Happy Independence Day...

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Hey it’s our 70th Independence day

Let’s celebrate…….

Why not, its been a journey worth looking back,

So let us all rejoice and dance

Let’s celebrate what we see

Let’s celebrate what we hear and feel

Let’s celebrate the sight of bullying

Let’s celebrate the sight of eve teasing

Let’s celebrate her drenching day by day

Let’s celebrate our stereotypical society

Let’s celebrate our age old customs and traditions

Let’s celebrate the torture he went through

Let’s celebrate our demise

Come on let’s celebrate

There are several reasons to…..

Let’s celebrate the highest population we are

Let’s celebrate the cry of the women whose husband was found dead under mysterious circumstances

Let’s celebrate the shushed rage of a helpless father who saw his daughter die in the ICU after she was brutally raped

Let’s celebrate the independence of those monsters, walking freely on the streets

Let’s celebrate our selfish desires

Let’s celebrate the nature’s fire

If you really want to celebrate,

Celebrate the life you have

Celebrate by releasing your spirit

Celebrate by opening the cage

Celebrate by letting yourself free

For we live in a nation that got independence 70 years ago

But whose citizens still don’t know what independence is all about

We live in the fear of loosing something or someone all the time

We live in the doubt of reaching back home safely

We live in the fear of loving selflessly

Independence day celebration on its 70th stepping stone demands a restructuring

It demands a pledge to be taken

It demands the making of a sequel

Take a pledge to live by your dreams

Take a pledge not to jeopardize others interest

Take a pledge to respect and and love

Take a pledge to make people around you feel safe

Take a pledge to spread smiles

Above all take a pledge to be human!

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