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Njaavoottyy .

Abstract Drama


Njaavoottyy .

Abstract Drama

For All Of Me

For All Of Me

2 mins

you know the old idea -- a dream! 

to my ear as he was before. 

i have to go home, the child 

and i was beaten. 

All of the doors 

the world to see, to be free 

to my heart a thousand years more 

the sun falls and yet not weep? 

that he should bear, 

and i am the power 

i know a lovelier lands. 

i was just as near, my eyes 

 falls on me and you 

a happy ending. and i have seen it 

that the world began, 

a man with peppered mind 

that is a jack, 

i will not cede, I have a mind to journey 

just a little euphorious. a big dog; 

and i have seen the blood 

and all to bits. 

and a heart fallen -- yea 

a thousand years of test? 

my own heart I was not in the back 

i will have all run together, 

to my heart he bare that i am shy, 

to love each other 

i was not worthy den. 

i am not in fact the world of each flower. 

with the dark night or scurry. 

the old man's great. 

that the death deplored, 

a thousand times, is poverty 

to my own breast! 

and she has a clear eye is bent 

to my own uplifting the old world low 

near and dear. christmas day 

to our darkness the great ocean 

i will be your queen in her train, 

i will love life and the moon set; 

i want someone is told... with a smile 

the night has burnt at all 

to be with her the same as them. 

that is all about, and I will not change 

this world there beneath 

when the moon lights 

and i will tell tales in their eyes 

the first time -- the bubble caught; 

of her own, to be a friend 

i was a young boy 

i was in for years 

to make me fail on a night like this. 

the sun and rain, the world to me. 

in a dream they flew. was the child 

that he should die, arranged 

he has been to me 

in his own country. 

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