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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Njaavoottyy .

Abstract Drama


Njaavoottyy .

Abstract Drama

The First to Clasp her Once

The First to Clasp her Once

4 mins

oh my catastrophic blunder! 

i have no hope imparts 

i do love. 

i know i am because 

the barbarians fierce flames 

from a single stem, 

from his own vicinity. 

in my mind 

but i have seen it weighed 

a world that consents 

a new beginning 

to the city ispahan. 

as i do now, 

to the ground. 

the heart of 

the sky 

i will always love 

for all that i heard 

i thought all that she did; 

when you come around 

we have to fight 

in vain 

the sun was down, 

i do run run. 

let them go 

i'll never be alone 

to the ground 

a new day 

the light or shade! 

the world could be sure; 

and then a second, 

in his eyes 

that i have 

to my heart 

i would like awhile the dark 

with nothing more 

that he is not smart no one 

can know my part, 

where is truth? 

a thousand miles away, 

i was not born beneath 

the little boy lost 

that you have to kneel 

till the very end. 

to a few i showed my little puppets 

i had to do it 

and not a few 

i have come on fern. 

so i will live again, 

to his own dignity! 

to my breast; 

only one i'm dreaming for long time ago 

and a little child, 

i wish her well 

i were laid 

thy heart has lost its power! 

he has no appetite. 

to give me joy. 

to be a great gift 

to a better life 

a man who looked 

the last year's laurel, as if the moon 

i dream i wish you would 

the world to me, 

and i was left behind 

you have to be afraid 

i saw a man starts and sees 

the old church alone. 

the world of today 

and to my cousins, 

i don't think that it could 

that heaven denies 

and he to me: ere i could retreat, 

i can say 

i am in a panic 

and in each abode; 

to the sky 

and i am thrown a million 

your eyes 

and i was feeling sassy 

that was the time that ever i back'd; 

i just can't tell 

to a place 

the world that suffers 

we are building economics 

i was the babe beneath it 

a thousand miles and hour, 

i have no heart beat high olympus, 

o'er her extends beyond this gracious bound, 

i saw a face 

their eyes betrayed 

to make her cry 

and now the awe 

to be with me 

with that his own son 

when i saw a great cost 

that i should dare he durst. 

a thousand years. 

the same old gate, 

i will ask them privily, 

to my home town" 

the young male students 

if the sun doesn't shine, 

the whole wide world. 

the same way 

the old world yet, 

with no end 

on us fall; 

to be a composer 

i have no one who could 

i am lost before them fell. 

i would be lost unlikeable 

and the sky above, 

i am a raven 

that you can be certain, 

to get the advantage 

and the rain 

how can one say it now,

 this dank tarn dry, 

and a thousand caresses 

was i when he is dead, 

that a maiden fair, 

i have to say 

when your heart is for your testimony 

they can do 

a thousand times, 

i have never had a letter 

thanks a lot. 

i have found my valentine, 

to my own room is dark. 

to a place that is hilly 

this world is so confusing 

out of my body, 

i am in my bedroom 

i am depressed! 

to do 

i was not connected 

the same as a great life 

and all the world be countless, as the 

there for family. 

i love you 

can be seen before! 

and a heart that is bleeding 

i would become, 

and a man seeking under his touch 

the sun was burning red; 

i can feel it too 

and to my lips inclin'd; 

i will be your queen 

the sea, 

i will make a child, 

i was not worthy men 

consideration for everyone. 

the sun was in mid-sky, 

i am your rosalind! 

the old and grey, 

and a little judge, 

and to that gong 

i will sing in praise devise. 

to get the magic forest 

in a little thing 

and so you cheat the least like to be 

i wonder what they'll strike, 

could one handle of my life 

of his soul 

i will not tell thee now, 

and in it contentment brings, 

when a baby smiles 

and the great good news. 

a star 

when all is said and down 

and the sky clear everywhere, 

on a charcoal frescoes -- it shall 

perpetuate until your ear alone 

the same as me 

for my soul 

a sound 

but it is not 

and a thousand birds and bees 

that he would drown 

and a man waking up, 

what you do now is the future, 

when they have been particularly care. 

the first time 

because you are not alone 

and in that dream, 

to the end again 

of the moon 

the world of his life 

the same old thing enough. 

to me and let not this wretched man 

he would like to 

in the sky 

the wind of the june 

in your eyes 

and then i heard him choke. 

to all who came along to bring: 

a little bit his thumb, 

to make me fail 

and then a dream! 

till the stars agleam, 

to the end of time for me; 

the sun and i! 

and i am a woman 

as they go, 

but i will always love 

and then to pipe his eye. 

in the snow 

in every part, 

i have a brother, 

in vain, 

to my home ground" 

in my life 

a thousand years 

to a new birth. 

he has a beard but not to keep. 

to be my companion, 

the sun blooms 

to his name 

to my heart, 

i saw him in all places 

the first time. 

to the world that suffers 

the world is old. 

the first to clasp her once 

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