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Even broken things are beautiful to look at,

There is beauty in a face that doesn't smile.

Not everything is meant to be perfect,

Sometimes imperfections are perfectly designed.

Look beyond, look above,

There lives a soul without life,

Tell her, make her believe that she is alive.

Despite all the negativity

And all the fruitless efforts,

She smiles; yet believes that she is no good.

After all that has happened,

Her hope died, but her desire to live remains.

Make her believe, even broken souls are beautiful too.

Her life all messed up, her destiny all tied,

She feels that she has no beauty,

Because life took away her smile.

Make her believe that a face that doesn't smile is happy too.

She claims she is imperfect,

She has never done anything right in her life,

Talk to her, make her believe,

That she is flawless even in her imperfect life.

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