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Bruce Nolan

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Bruce Nolan

Tragedy Others

Final Goodbye...

Final Goodbye...

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(Written for Henry Rodriguez/Godfather)

This final goodbye to everyone,

Especially the house to which I belong

To my loving wife whom now without me she has to carry on,

To my children for what I have taught them and the first time they said,” Daddy”,

The school, college, marriage and the time I became granddaddy,

All cherish memories I leave with you,

Waiting again in hope to meet you

I’ll be watching every step of life, like I always do

Guiding you, as if I was there with you, 

I know in your prayers, and within you, I am still alive

With my beloved wife, my kids, and grandkids that I left behind

I’ll be a part of the happiness and sorrow

I’ll be with you in your today and tomorrow, 

I thank you all for love and blessing that help through

Thank you for the jokes that I crack with you, 

I am still there standing beside you

Showing the way like a Guardian angel would do,

So my beloved family, my friends, and relatives, 

I thank you for being a part of the life I lived, 

Thank you for thy support and help

Thank you once again, God bless you all yourself...

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