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Nikhil Sharma

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Nikhil Sharma

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Feeling Of A Tree When Being Cut

Feeling Of A Tree When Being Cut

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In this thankless world stood a caring tree

Giving shelter to this world selfless as you see

But man found it worthless, said it is wasting a piece of land

And thus it should be cut down, with an axe in his hand

With first stroke the poor tree cried

All the days of sacrifice were flashing up his mind

The first tear which fell on the hand of the woodpecker

He was startled at that sound, asking what was the matter?

The tree replied to him, it's me the tree you are cutting

Not amused by the talk, woodpecker again started cutting

The tree said, o my dear friend please do hear

For a little while, please be all ears

All these years around, I have been standing here silent

With no desires and demands, seeing this world so resilient

I gave you the shades when that sun was cruel to you

You bothered not giving me water, I didn't complain to you

When it rained , you protected yourself under me

But never took notice when I was withering , that little care to tender me

I gave you the fruits, after which you did smile

You did hurt me with stones, did I say anything meanwhile

You shared emotions under me, and I kept all the secrets

Then you carved my barks, did you ever had regrets?

You polluted the air, I was there to clean it

You always talked about greenery, did you actually mean it?

I brought you those rains, for which you thanked god

Did I ask for a thank, did you ever noticed me o lord?

I stood here silent, giving shelter and comfort

Today you are going to kill me and asking my worth?

Be happy and use my every piece of wood

Which I know you would

But never ask a tree of its worth

Because one on this earth

Is with might of that kind

Who can tell a tree's worth to this thankless mankind.


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