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Anne Benita



Anne Benita


Faith Coming Up...

Faith Coming Up...

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Dear diary,

Awoke from bed with the crying

Of my baby, woke up in a confused state,

Unable to open my eyes, 

She cried loudly.

Crawled to the other end of the bed

To her papa, he too woke up,

And got down from bed

With the little one.

Boiled milk and fed her,

Started my day with the cutie;

For unusualness, my idli batter

Was about to pour out.

Remembered, it's the hot summer;

She slept on her father's shoulder,

They moved to the bedroom

To sleep again and I started my works.

Cleaning, cooking, all went on

As usual, to my surprise

I got Storymirror mail from Neha

To the date extension on dairy writing.

Dairy, you're my soul. 

I'm back to you,

I'm in you, I see me in you,

Ahh, here is me.

I was asked to prepare sweets

By my dear ones, 

My laziness stopped to prepare,

And I slept well today.

Heard the news that Paris church bell

Rang again after a year, 

Gave me the thought

The reformation started again. 

All slept, I'm also going to bed

With that happiness in heart,

And I started to be with you

My dear diary.

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