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In every walk you take

There will always be a bad day.

When tears kept flowing

From failures and disappointments

From sufferings and broken heart

It's okay; no worries.

Everyone finds it tough.

Even if living is hard

You'll survive and you'll remember

How you've fought and not how it hurts.

Breathe in the laughter and cherish the tears,

Tomorrow may be the best day,

And today is only the beginning.

Just hang on and keep going.

Cry if you must and whine you can't

For every master is once a disaster

So don't give up.

Be brave and believe

For you are strong and you will fight

Be the champion of yourself

For you deserve nothing but the best.

Start living today and leave the past behind.

Say goodbye to sorrowful tears.

Keep going without hesitation.

You'll pull it off, just wait and see

One more time, one more try.

You'll see the Light

Wake up, stand up forgot all your failures and live life once again...

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