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2 mins

Those sleepless twelve o'clocks turning into frightening three in the morning,

Days were there when this soul was still ,in your memoirs, burning.

Do you care to drop a look at this ripped heart!?

Do you hear the sound of my hopes breaking in bits and parts!?

Pillows soaked in the dreams of your happiness, our togetherness ,

My innerself swears that those feelings for you have always been more, never less!

Did you even try to feel those untold words of hurt!?

Did you ever ponder whether my pain was this much in lot!?

Admits my soul, this beating of my hollow chest, was solely mine,

It was and had always been me, never did you ever pass away a feel or any sign!

Why did you tend to shower those unasked concerns!?

Why didn't you just leave me alone, caressing upon my burns!?

Years passed, and this stubborn piece of my mind stick out to be the same,

Still shedding over salted drops, being envious on seeing you with any other frame!

Was that you who walked past me in that coffee shop, without any glance!

Was that you with whom I've always yearned to have an all night long silly dance!?

Peers have had their lots, trying to delete you out of this system,

Dumb I've always been, but these years have leeched off me of all my tiny sprinkles of wisdom!

Will I ever be this insane for someone, now that you are gone!?

Will I ever let this heart to open its doors and allow someone else to dwell upon!?

Dark lines around my eyes, and those dried lips are yet to be faded,

Aboding anyone but you, my heart is quite afraid!

Can I smile at your silliness just the way I used to do!?

Can I just hold you in my arms, the way I had dreamt in my sweet nothings about you!!?

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