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Debasish Majumder

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Debasish Majumder

Classics Others



2 mins

Birds do have fear

Moment they tend to explore above us the infinite firmament

Without having experience of flying in the air

They do feel their predicament!

Moment they expand their wings

They enjoy the freedom of flying

Birds eyes are immensely appreciated, many do appease

From top they can have a glance at the bottom at ease!

It is the nature's gift which endowed by nature on them

They trigger a sense of inquisition in chorus, surely without having an aim to cause mayhem

Hardly we can fathom we do have an alacrity and we unknowingly making it vociferous

To cause huge catastrophe to our fellow beings at random!

Hurling bombs at people from top and forced them to go into oblivion

We brazenly claim we are supreme which exists and prolong

Out of all living creatures which is constant since centuries long regime

We do have a passion for fly which emerge as our dream since infinite time

We perhaps first to learn the state of art to fly

To bring jeopardy to our fellow beings with a heinous cry!

If birds may experience fear, if they do possess mind

I wonder whether electrons do possess any mind

If they too can be excited by the striking effect of light energy

Why we human beings are so impulsive when many are dying out of hunger and drudgery?

We human perhaps having the lowest form of memory

We are prone to forget

Which do not serve our immediate interest

How imbecile and ignorant too

Despite we claim we alone are supreme and forced many to pursue we only are intelligent

Only to prove out of all creatures we only are truly belligerent!

We neither know matter, nor we know about black matter

Majority of Universe is comprising of such enigmatic character

I wonder though we are so minute

Still we construe a domain out of our wisdom which is minuscule

Yet we love to be clouded with our wisdom

Not knowing nature is the only mentor paving the way for change

The only constant prevails in this Universe with an amazing trail!

I wonder if we suspend birds and bees to fly

How pollination and cross pollination will occur in our available milieu

With mellifluous cry

How honey will produce from nectar

How Royal jelly will be produced with sweetness and grand flavor

How our environment will appear as colorful

Going against nature will surely yield disaster which is utterly disgracefully!

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