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Ritu Sama



Ritu Sama


Embracing My Finality

Embracing My Finality

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How do I write about

What I know not

Heard, seen, dreamt, but unfamiliar

Guarded by Angels perceived

For all thy being or only the chosen ones

A new hand to hold

When leaving many behind

Do thee bow and the chains unleash?

Souls that were trapped

Now with joy they scream?

Messengers only too happy to abide

At the end of my life

Gladly collecting their prize


Am I eager to be thrown?

The surreal me out of my real zone

Different as it may seem

It still feels the same

Each world repeats the tragedy

In life renounced by others

And in death by my own mortality

Is it longer than the journey called life?

The reach to the final street

Is it a gold medal finally

For all the missed opportunities?

What for the sins I left

Would the oceans rise to accumulate?

Let me leave the disgraced

And only what fit into tranquility

Would the angels finally gift the wings

Alive I was but never could get

The distant breaths of being free

What life couldn't give me

Would I finally have when I...

Embrace the finality?

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