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Shikha Mishra

Inspirational Children


Shikha Mishra

Inspirational Children

Embrace Failures Too

Embrace Failures Too

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Failures are part and parcels of life too.

Without Failures, we cannot understand the role of Success in our lives.

Though how difficult it may sound to adapt to 

But, when Life introduces you to Failure embrace that too.

Failures are often a detour, it doesn't necessarily mean it's a dead-end too.

Don't let that stop you from trying again and again, 

Because often that bumpy road leads to a beautiful destination.

Don't let the fear of failure, prevent you from trying,

Because as long as you keep trying, you'll meet success at the end.

Failures just let us know we need to change our thought process and path, 

To reach where we wish to see ourselves.

Failures teach you more in life than actually, success does.

That's the reason behind every success, there is a failure story too.

It takes a lot of courage to embrace failures and take responsibility 

But once you learn to accept, that changes the whole game for you.

Life has a funny way of teaching important things in life

Sometimes the learnings come in form of Failures too.

But what is more important, are you ready to accept that too.

Don't lose your hopes, if you meet Failure on your path

But trust yourself, that this would eventually lead you to Success.

The foundation of success is built on the rocks of failure.

And that's why the building stays strong forever.

Nothing teaches you better than Failure.

Failure is still a sign you are trying to keep your spirits high and continue your hard work.

Embrace the failure, learn your lessons and keep moving ahead 

And one day, you'll find yourself in the arms of Success.

Remember, Failure is part of life too.

Don't ignore it, instead embrace it.

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