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Archana Prem



Archana Prem




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My heroine is very much like me.

Except she lives in my head..

It is therefore difficult to break us.

Because we have two very different,

Distinct worlds of our own.

I face the mundane routine life,

Feeding us, keeping us healthy,

And she keeps all our books.

Some days she takes control,

I spend the whole day,

With wildly beating heart

And a mind set on fire.

I might be sitting passive,

Listening to another boring conversation,

And there she goes all around,

Dancing all over my head.

She is my drug, my rage,

The eccentric juice that fills my blood..

She keeps me sane,

In an insanely boring world,

While I try to sleep,

Restlessly turning around on bed,

She breaks free,

Roaming in the dark,

Climbing trees, splashing in water,

Running madly, her hair let loose,

Her laughter shattering windows..

Some days I am on the edge

Of the fine line of sanity,

Some days she pushes me over.

She grows, spreads,

Zooms larger than life,

With every story in my life,

The ones I read, and the ones I live.

One day I will surrender,

For her to be born,

And I will cease to exist…

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