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Yashasvi Raikwar

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Yashasvi Raikwar

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This is our Earth's letter, expressing her pain.

Appealing us to make her condition better, instead of running after useless gains.

Extreme weather conditions is now becoming a problem, and there is an increase in wildland fires...

This news we often read in the newspaper, column but have you ever thought about the reason of this problem...

Behind the rocks there was a big river, flowing with all its might.

But it is no longer visible, as it has been converted to a dumping site.

Over-fishing is making our maritime friends disappear, but they too are the part of this planet and not distinct.

We have to conserve them now because their condition is severe, or else soon they will be extinct.

The soil is losing its fertility day by day, and roar of lions are no longer heard anywhere.

The water cycle has been disrupted today, because forest are continuously shrinking which once gave us clean air.

Due to global warming Earth is becoming warm like a ball of fire, warming from north pole to south pole.

Because of this, sea level is rising higher and higher, and the greenhouse gases are giving birth to ozone hole.

Air and water are now polluted, and natural food chain is now disrupted.

So let's make people aware of this and plant more trees,

so that we can make this Earth pollution free.

If we didn't took care of this Earth, then soon colours of life will be pale as death.

Then there will be no life and no death on Earth, because no one will be left to breathe.

It is truly said by someone, live eco..... leave ego.....

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