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Adya Ghoshal



Adya Ghoshal




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I am too lazy to pick up the broken ones,

I am too busy to sit and cry,

Maybe I will give my dreams some wings,

The rest can sit and watch me fly.

With everyday sun rise,

Start up a new life,

With pride in the eyes and the dreams begins to shine.

We all dream,

We all fail,

We all cry,

We all face,

Some choose to quit,

Some give a second try.

They patch up their wings and one day leave with a smile,

But the ones who quit end up blaming their lives,

Don't be one of them,

Be brave enough to kiss the sky.

You will break more than once in your life,

People will laugh,

Some will criticize,

Some will teach,

But think yourself,

At least you have tried and then you have cried.

Pain is a medicine,

Experience is life,

Passion must be winning,

Failing proves you have tried,

Faith must be in destiny,

Wings must be created to fly.

Your mind is a powerful weapon,

Use it for the right,

The ones criticizing you, will praise you one day,

But it is always up to you,

Because you are the sculptor and the world is your clay.

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