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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Bhawana Kathuria



Bhawana Kathuria


Dreams Of A Girl

Dreams Of A Girl

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Dreams of a girl are never understood,

She’s not allowed to follow them even if she could.

No one reads her eyes,

Her smiling face at times lies.

Boys are always given the freedom to choose,

They achieve their dreams, they have nothing to lose.

Girls are killed before they are born!

The moment they get to know the seed sown.

Why she has to sacrifice her dreams for others?

Why only she has two mothers?

Boys have the choice to live with their parents or alone,

Girls are not given any choice from the day they are born.

They are conditioned in such a way,

That they will not have anything to say!

Even when the question is about them and their dreams,

Others have the right for them to decide, it seems.

Though the times have changed and we talk

About women empowerment, but it’s not a cakewalk.

The irony is that our beliefs are so strong,

That even women at times don’t find this wrong!

Girls are not given a chance to move ahead and go ahead with their mission,

They still need someone to seek their permission.

Girls are so strong that they even they don’t know,

Cause people around her have always made her feel low.

Don’t let people around bother you.

You don’t owe them anything due!

Get up and move ahead,

Gone are the times when girls were lead.

Don’t let your dreams shatter,

Don’t keep them to be fulfilled later.

Don’t let others expectations make you drown,

You are the QUEEN, just wear your CROWN. 

Take your life in your hands, and live your dream,

Let others have their own deem!

Don’t you sacrifice one more time,

You are your own sunshine.

Just believe in yourself and move ahead.

Fulfill your dreams and paint the town red.

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